Gordon Gecko - Heads up Poker MasterMind

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Gordon Gecko - Heads up Poker MasterMind digital download. Info: [37 Videos (ogg) + 27 Articles (pdf)]. Joining Heads Up Mastermind will be the smartest...
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Gordon Gecko - Heads up Poker MasterMind

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Format: [37 Videos (ogg) + 27 Articles (pdf)]


Heads Up Mastermind

Hi, I'm Gordon, the leading professional coach for online poker players.

Joining Heads Up Mastermind will be the smartest decision that you will make in your poker career.

Watch the FREE sample videos and read below about poker players like yourself who successfully

completed the heads up poker course and crushed the games.

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(12:05 mins) 

How much does Heads Up Mastermind cost?

Before i created Heads Up Mastermind, friends have paid me over 20.000 Euros (per person!) to mentor
and teach them everything i know about heads up poker (i got a small share of their profits).

If you book 1-1 coaching sessions with me, it will cost you at least 5.000 Euros to learn what i teach in
Head Up Mastermind.

No worries, you don't have to pay 20.000 or even 5.000. Although, it would be a no-brainer even at that price.

Heads Up Mastermind will be available for a limited time only at 697 Euro 497 Euro.

I want this course to stay exclusive, so take advantage of this offer before its to late.

What you will learn & Table of Content (duration): 

Preflop Strategy: Basics
BTN – 100% Button Raise
BTN – Minraise / Folding
BTN – Minraise / Folding 2
BB – 3 betting
BB – 3 Betting 2
BTN – Defending 3bets
BTN – 4 betting
BB – Call
BB – Fold
Preflop All-in
Preflop Practice – Bonus
Preflop Practice – Bonus 2
Flop Strategy: Basics
Continuation – Betting the Flop
Continuation – Betting the Flop 2
Continuation – Betting the Flop 3
Check – Calling the Flop
Check – Folding the Flop
Check – Raising the Flop
Donk – Betting the Flop
Turn Strategy: Basics
Barreling the Turn
Check – Calling the Turn
Check – Folding the Turn
Check – Raising the Turn
Donk – Betting the Turn
Donk – Betting the Turn 2
River Strategy: Basics
Betting the River
Check – Calling the River
Check – Folding the River
Check – Raising the River
Donk – Betting the River
Bonus Video: 3bet Pot Part 1
Bonus Video: 3bet Pot Part 2