Golden Inspiration - Life Transformation Course

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Golden Inspiration - Life Transformation Course digital download. Info: [3 MP3s, 5 PDFs] | 485.36 MB. Transformation means changing form, long term chang...
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Golden Inspiration - Life Transformation Course

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Format: [3 MP3s, 5 PDFs]

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Life Transformation Course
(Designed By A.Senthivel & Govind Babu)

Golden Inspiration - Life Transformation Course


We are India’s oldest and most respected law of attraction & mind power training company. We have been delivering live workshops and seminars across India for over a decade. We specialize in delivering Mind Power & Law Of Attraction Workshops and Courses. We are very passionate about helping people improve and take charge of their life. To know more us browse through this website.

About Absolute Freedom

Transformation means changing form, long term change can happen only when one fully understands that the root cause of all behavior is conditioning, which has kept us all as prisoners. Until one learns how to transcend the limitations of one’s conditioned belief system, life feels powerless and out of control. Conditioning is always changing and hence cannot be a benchmark for right behavior, whereas aligning one’s belief, behavior and attitude to nature’s ways of Functioning, which is always constant and consistent is the only solution to creating life altering and long lasting positive changes in one’s life.

This course explains step by step how one can bring about long lasting and positive transformation in their life by aligning to natural laws that govern all of us.

Topics Included In This Course

Life transformation course includes 2 parts with a total of 3 cds.


Contents of CD1:

  • Chapter 1 : Are you your conditioned mind or the Real You
  • Chapter 2 : Self scoring
  • Chapter 3 : What is conditioned mind
  • Chapter 4 : What is the real you
  • Chapter 5 : Real you is love
  • Chapter 6 : Real you is cause and effect
  • Chapter 7 : Real you is “as you think so you become”
  • Chapter 8 : Real you is “As you sow, so shall you become”
  • Chapter 9 : Real you is self honesty
  • Chapter 10 : Real you is “you are Unique”
  • Chapter 11 : Real you is “you are responsible”
  • Chapter 12 : Real you is “you are responsible for your 3 houses”
  • Chapter 13 : Real you is that you are energy/ spirit with a body
  • Chapter 14 : Conclusion

Contents of CD2:

  • Chapter 1 : Understanding the system helps you make use of the system
  • Chapter 2 : What is the mind
  • Chapter 3 : How your mind works
  • Chapter 4 : Mind is a compulsive goal achiever
  • Chapter 5 : Mind as an internal reference mechanism
  • Chapter 6 : Mind as a pattern builder
  • Chapter 7 : Mind as an automatic response system
  • Chapter 8 : Mind as an obedient servant
  • Chapter 9 : Tools needed to deal with your mind
  • Chapter 10 : Mental pictures
  • Chapter 11 : Affirmations
  • Chapter 12 : How to quicken results
  • Chapter 13 : 1 Major decision governs 1 million small decisions

Contents of CD3:

  • Chapter 1 : Success in human relations
  • Chapter 2 : As you sow, so shall you reap
  • Chapter 3 : The law of attraction
  • Chapter 4 : Love is the most powerful practical tool
  • Chapter 5 : Ego
  • Chapter 6 : You are your thinking self and not your mind
  • Chapter 7 : Thinking is choice making
  • Chapter 8 : Thought alignment
  • Chapter 9 : Learn to love yourself
  • Chapter 10 : Practice forgiving
  • Chapter 11 : Have patience, understand graduality


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