Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

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GMB Rings Two: Leverage Holds and Transitions

The workouts are quite tough, but they aren’t unreasonable. During R2, I got the can opener in three months and I’m really happy with my progress. I can’t say enough good things about GMB.

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

GMB Rings Two

R2 is an advanced-level program for building up to difficult gymnastic rings skills like levers and the iron cross.

Strengthen Your Joints for High-Torque Training
Build High Levels of Upper-Body Strength
Perfect Full-Body Tension and Control
Learn Dynamic Ring Movements

5+ months of systematic ring training that will take your strength far beyond that of the average gym-goer.

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  • Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two
  • Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two


R2 requires plenty of strength. You should be able to perform at least 5 strict muscle-ups and a solid RTO L-sit on the rings.

Program Goals:

After training with R2, you’ll be stronger than ever. Depending on your starting point, you could be well on your way to mastering the levers and training for the iron cross.

Is R2 The Right Program For You?

Additional Options to Consider:

If you’re just getting started with your training, we recommend beginning with Parallettes One

If you need more practice to meet the pre-requisites for R2, you should check out Rings One


Rings Two Builds Next-Level Ring Skill for the Strength Enthusiast

In the years since we released Rings One, a lot has happened.

Information on ring training is a lot easier to come by, and there are a lot more people teaching ring skills than before. Unfortunately, there’s still a shortage of programming the average person can follow to apply this information safely and effectively.

We’ve seen thousands of people apply the methods in R1 to build stronger bodies and impressive skills.

Along the way, we’ve listened to their feedback and refined the GMB Method to balance the necessary hard work with proper recovery so you can progress at the ideal rate for your own needs.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to crystal clear instruction of the fundamental basic components of each movement, because mastering the basics thoroughly is essential before beginning advanced practice.

This program is our answer to those of you who have asked us how to take that foundation to the next level.

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

A Clear Path To “Advanced” Gymnastic Ring Skills

Notice the quotes: “advanced”

There’s a world of difference between what’s advanced for the average fitness enthusiast versus a competitive gymnast.

For a gymnast, skills like the iron cross are not considered advanced at all, but they don’t live in the same world you and I do. That’s a specialized sports environment, and I don’t think you want to train twenty hours a week.

Rings Two teaches you solid progressions for handstands, rolls, kips, front levers, back levers, and even progressing towards the iron cross. And if you’re properly prepared for the training, you can complete the program in as little as five months.

Don’t get us wrong - this is NOT a shortcut program.

Skills like the iron cross require massive tendon strength that can only be developed over many months of training.

Trying to move too fast will only lead to injury and frustration, but R2 will build up your strength methodically, so after each run through the program, you’ll have made clearly visible progress on increasingly difficult skills.

R2 is designed from the ground up to provide the most efficient way for non-gymnasts to build strength for general fitness.

How GMB Programs Work

Our coaches have worked with thousands of recreational and pro athletes, and our clients span all ages and backgrounds, so our programs are accessible to a variety of needs.

Systematic Skill Progression

There are no shortcuts when it comes to progressions for higher-level gymnastic ring training. R2 provides incremental steps in skill and joint conditioning that make it more accessible to non-gymnasts.

Integrated Attribute Development

Knowing how to perform an iron cross isn’t enough. Your muscles and joints must be prepared for the torque of high-leverage holds. R2 prepares your body for years of exploration and practice.

Completely Adaptable to Your Needs

The skills in are completely modular, so you can practice it either as a unified program or just use the lever progressions to supplement another training program. The choice is yours.


A Program that Grows with You

Unlike some programs that give you a single workout to repeat forever, GMB recognizes that you’ll require different strategies as your strength and skills develop. That’s why Rings Two includes four program phases, each building on the previous one to keep you making consistent progress.

1. Attribute Development

The skills we’re aiming at require not just strength, but specific joint preparation to prevent tendon injuries. Phase 1 lays the foundation for the intense work to follow.

3. Flow Acquisition

With the basic movements in place, you’ll practice mini-routines that increase the intensity by stringing more moves together with less rest

2. Skill Development

As you continue to strengthen your body, you’ll also work on transitioning smoothly and fluidly between the movements to build combinations and more complex skills.

4. Flow “Mastery”

Finally, you’ll put all your new strength and skills to good use in performing the complete flow routine, by which you’ll refine and polish your abilities.

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

Impressive Movements Made Accessible

Here’s what a few of our clients say about Rings Two:

I’ve recommended the Rings Two program to others already, and do it at times with a partner when I can get one. It’s a lot more ‘user-friendly,’ compared to the imperious attitude of some other online courses. Thanks again.

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two
Manny Weiss, Tennessee

The R2 training program has a clear structure with defined exercises, repetitions and sets. The clear and simple structure minimizes a mental overcharge (overthinking). This helps me simply focus on every rep in every set, without getting fatigued by having to think about what is still unaccomplished. Since every move is taught in a gradual progession, it is possible to follow the training program and get progress step by step.


Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two
Giuseppe Zimmermann, Switzerland
Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

High-quality video and on-screen coaching cues make R2’s tutorials the best in the business

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

5 Months worth of sample training charts

About the Materials - Here’s what you get with your downloads:

We know that providing great information isn’t enough on it’s own. After all, the internet is loaded with info, but here you are looking for something more organized and easier to use.

The videos and instruction manuals you’ll download in R2 are arranged to make the program and exercises as clear as possible.

  • All videos are filmed in HD quality and compressed to a reasonable download size without losing detail.
  • PDF manuals look beautiful and are easy to read. All the required theory is explained in plain language you can easily understand.
  • We’ve completely spelled out five months of sample workouts with charts that allow you to choose the appropriate set/rep ranges for your level.


No other program displays this much attention to detail in terms of either production quality or learning experience. We’ve refined our approach based on feedback from thousands of clients and updated the program to reflect the best methods.

R2 is not only a great program - it’s a quality resource you’ll love learning from.

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings Two

Take Your Strength & Skills to the Next Level with High-Leverage and Dynamic Gymnastic Ring Moves

Rings Two will not turn you into an Olympic gymnast - nor will any other program.But if you’re looking to add higher-leverage holds to your routine for the strength benefits, R2 is a program designed to give you solid progressions that work outside a gymnastics context.


Download R2 when you’re ready to get massively strong.