Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One digital download. Info: [31 Videos (M4V) + 4 Documents (PDF+TXT)] | 1.652 GB. You’ll get immediate access to the intr...

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Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One

Type: Digital download

Format: [31 Videos (M4V) + 4 Documents (PDF+TXT)]

File size: 1.652 GB



GMB Parallettes One: Essential Pressing Strength Development

Parallettes One is our beginner/intermediate introduction to pressing strength and inverted skills. It’ll build muscle and control through your entire body and make you feel absolutely solid.

This video outlines the essential information:

Since its initial release in 2010, P1 has been used by over three thousand men and women of all shapes and sizes. The most recent update makes it even easier to use with a simple course format and accessibility on any mobile device.

P1 is the most fun I've had in forever.

It gave me a specific program... and some cool challenge moves to work towards, but also lots of stuff that was within my reach that I could rock out on.

Really cool progressions. I'm still amazed at how the first month sets up the second month, and how things like tuck-swing-to-L-sit are getting doable, which seemed totally impossible two months ago. In fact, everything seemed totally impossible when I started, but I’m doing it now, and that's really awesome.

Anyway, I’m having so much fun with the pbars. Thanks again for putting together literally the most fun and accessible program out there. I already bought Parallettes Two, even though it's a long ways off. =)

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One
Josh Hillis, Author and Fat Loss Coach

Parallettes One Creates Full-Body Strength & Stability

Let’s just go ahead and be honest: there are hundreds of exercise programs out there… What sets P1 apart from the rest?

In a nutshell, it’s one simple thing:

P1 is the gateway to a whole world of exercises that don’t just make you sweat; this program actually teaches you to be better at using your body.

Yeah, you’ll get strong and your shirts will start fitting different because of the extra muscle around your chest and shoulders, but more important, you’ll develop greater control over your entire body in any position, from regular pressing exercises to inverted balancing and more.

It also includes bodyweight-only lower-body exercises so you don’t end up with the dreaded chicken legs.

So, that’s all cool and everything, but you might be wondering what exactly the deal is with parallettes and why you should bother with them in the first place.

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One

3 Big Advantages of Using Parallettes

You’ve probably seen videos on YouTube of people using P-bars like glorified push-up bars… well, those people are doing it wrong. Here’s what parallettes are really great for:

Increased Leverage

The bars give you greater leverage to control the distribution of your body’s weight over your hands and work your muscles in different ranges of motion. That means more options for adjusting the difficulty of each exercise for continued challenge.

Extra Ground Clearance

A few extra inches makes it easier to practice certain skills you might not have the strength or mobility to perform on the floor. You’ll especially appreciate the extra room as you challenge your shoulders to press down during L-sits…

Neutral Wrist Position

Stiff, sore wrists are a common complaint in bodyweight workouts, but gripping P-bars puts less stress on your wrists, so you can get more training without damaging your joints. Over time, your wrists will get stronger without the damage.

These simple advantages allow more rapid strength increase without overstressing joints as well as more efficient skill acquisition while your strength catches up.

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One

Don’t Get Stuck – Programming Designed for Continual Progress without Stalling

Unlike some programs that give you a single workout to repeat forever, GMB recognizes that you’ll require different strategies as your strength and skills develop. That’s why Parallettes One includes four program phases, each building on the previous one to keep you making consistent progress.

1. Strength Development

Strength is the foundation of increasing your movement capabilities, so P1 begins by building your strength in the basic movements everything else is built on.

2. Skill Development

As you continue building strength, Phase 2 introduces more skill focus and complex movements that will ingrain new motor patterns, developing balance and agility.

3. Flow Acquisition

Once you’ve developed the basic level of body control to execute each skill, we begin building combinations that offer even greater challenge and stimulation.

4. Flow “Mastery”

After several weeks of strength and skill practice, you’ll work to smooth out the transitions and cut down the rest time for more efficient applied movements.

Great Programming Gets Great Results

Here’s what a few of our clients have achieved with Parallettes One:

So I've been doing calisthenics for a while now (Al Kavadlo's and Steve Kamb's programs mainly) but after I got P1 a couple of weeks ago I knew I found something awesome again. I've been following GMB for at least 4-5 months now and I've learned a LOT from you guys but never really wanted to go "full gymnast." Especially since the first phase of P1 seemed pretty easy: kneeling push ups, plank holds for 5 secs etc. That's way too easy, right? Wrong.

It was surprisingly humbling to complete my first p-bar workout. So I decided to put aside my intense calisthenics routine and focused solely on P1. I never thought I'll have to start something again from the very basics but I love it!

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One
Gergely Peter, Hungary

I've currently tried the Parallettes One program and it has helped me in a few ways.

For one, I've noticed great gains in my strength in pushing exercises. Ive also noticed that my core strength has increased a lot since the beginning. It helped me to gain skills that I've never done before as well, such as the swing to tuck. I really struggled with it in the beginning but now I feel comfortable. I think that overall though, what it really helped with the most was to help me to understand how my body moves in space and that this carries over to each different skill so I can improve more quickly.

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One
Alexandra Tijerina, Washington

There’s nothing quite like starting a program unable to perform a movement, only to find ownership of that movement (and quite a few others) just weeks later. You can’t say that about many programs, as many have you starting and ending the program with the same movements, only increasing reps or sets, decreasing rest or a combo of both.

P1 has dramatically increased my strength.

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One
John Belkewitch, Day 1 Fitness Solutions

Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One

We know that providing great information isn’t enough on it’s own. After all, the internet is loaded with info, but here you are looking for something more organized and easier to use.

That’s why we put just as much work into how we deliver the program as we put into writing it. Here’s a few ways our online course format helps you get results:

  • Professional video production and delivery means clear, reliable display on any size screen. Streaming videos adjust to suit your internet connection speed, and you can even download all the tutorials for offline use.
  • Extensive charts and printable sheets lay out exactly what to do for more than three months of workouts – all the exercises and set/rep ranges you can adjust to your own level.
  • Integrated FAQ for each section based on years of providing support to over three thousand clients who’ve used this program so far. Chances are, somebody has asked your question before, and we’ve already got it answered for you.

No other program displays this much attention to detail in terms of either production quality or learning experience. P1 is not only a great program – it’s a quality resource you’ll love learning from.

Start Building the Essential Strength Foundation for Advanced Pressing and Inverted Balancing Skills


Formidable upper-body strength and stability…

Inverted balance and comfort in unusual positions…

True core strength and control for any athletic activity…

Choose from the options below:

You’ll get immediate access to the introductory materials and first phase of P1, and subsequent phases will become available as you progress.

Though P1 is scheduled as a three-month training cycle, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, so even if you can’t start immediately, or if you need to take things slow, that’s just fine. You can start when you want and take as long as you want. Your membership includes all future updates.