Goals & Resistance Tele (Mar 30 - May 10, 2020) (Release Technique)

Goals & Resistance Tele (Mar 30 - May 10, 2020) (Release Technique) digital download.

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Goals & Resistance Tele (Mar 30 - May 10, 2020) (Release Technique)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Release Technique

ReleaseTechnique - Goals & Resistance Tele (Mar 30 - May 10, 2020)

ReleaseTechnique - Goals & Resistance Tele (Mar 30 - May 10, 2020)

The Goals & Resistance Live Tele-Course is an advanced course has been the next step after taking the Release Technique basic course. The tools that you have already learned are powerful and the course will help you incorporate The Release Technique even more into your daily Life.

The course deals with everyday life resistance that people are faced with the fast paced world today.

Everyone has subconscious resistance, which we hide from ourselves. The course was created to help you knock out the resistance, thus allowing you to start winning more in life!

You will move closer and closer towards freedom and make releasing more consistent and powerful.

This brand new Live Tele-course is a six week course that meets 6 consecutively weeks. The advanced course was designed to help you identify your goals and the underlying desires so you can fully Release them. It is facilitated by The Release Technique Instructors.

Lester Levenson said have the Best of Everything in Life. Identify and Release the underlying feelings keeping you from having everything on your wish-list. Resistance to having something is just a feeling you also learn to recognize and let go. Get all your goals with ease - by Releasing Only! Be a Winner!

This is your very next program after the Abundance Course or the Change Your Life Tele-course if you are pursuing Freedom by Releasing!

Lester Levenson said desire is underneath each of our goals, and knew that to have no attachments or aversions meant letting go of that desire.

The course is newly-created and fresh since the last time we did this course live over 7 years ago.

The teachers will personally guides you through the Goals & Resistance Course exercises and concepts .

You can get a telephone partner to release with (upon request), along with workbook and assignments.

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