Glenn Osborn - The Force

Glenn Osborn - The Force digital download. Info: [8 tapes - 16 MP3s] | 444.50 MB . Eric has a gift. He effortlessly piles on 10 or 20 NLP strategies. L...

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Glenn Osborn - The Force

Type: Digital download

Format: [8 tapes - 16 MP3s]

File size: 444.50 MB



Eric has a gift. He effortlessly piles on 10 or 20 NLP strategies. Layers of NLP is what makes people react like he HIT 'em over the head with a club. Cave Man Style. HOWEVER... You may not want to STUDY 10 years. Spend 30,000 smackers. To get the SAME Result.

TESTIMONIAL - What happens when you use NLP in layers... (The subject of this auction - by the way.)


Hi Glenn,

I liked your "offer by voice" for more NLP wisdom if the red nosers provide testimonials. I won a beer on this one... ------------------------


My first trip ever to Hooters occurred a couple of weeks ago, I had been working all day on a car that my son and I bought for a project. I was dirty, smelly, greasy, and unshaven. A buddy of mine (kenny) showed up on his Harley and says, let's go get somthing to eat...

His kid John was with him, so my son Scott, and John took off in Scott's car, to whereever, and Kenny and I are left to our own choices.

Its about 8pm, and I don't feel like cleaning up, so Kenny says lets just go to Hooters and we'll fit right in. We go in my truck, so we don't have to worry about gettin teased for driving a wimpy car, and I don't have to hug Kenny on the back of a Harley.

Outside there is this huge guy, maybe 400 pounds, walking in front of us. Kenny is a trouble maker, and starts making cattle calls. Kenny is 47 years old, and always is trying to pick a fight!

The guy turns around, and I quickly say, "Wow, I like your hair!" . This fine example of a brahma bull has a mohican haircut with a purple stripe down the middle. He replies with a high pitched voice and a big lisp, "Oh it is just soooo much trouble, I just hate it!". Kenny laughs out loud and I quickly add, "don't mind him, he is 2 gallons of beer into a keg...".

We walk in and sit down, and a really sexy waitress comes over and asks what we want. Kenny smirks at the request, I am a bit embarrased. We order beer and look at the menu. Without looking up, I say to Kenny, "betcha I get her phone number before we leave..." Kenny says "your on, loser buys the beer".

She comes back, her name tag says Elvis. I say, "Hey Elvis, can you help me?" She says sure, and her real name is Amber, she just forgot her name tag. "Ok Amber, if you were stuck on a deserted island, and a storm washed one male survivor up on the shore, who would you want it to be?"

She blushes, puts her finger to her mouth, and starts some really provocative gestures with her finger. My hands are washed(that was all!), so I stick my finger up just like her, and tilt my head the same way. Kenny is about to bust he is trying so hard not to laugh. His eyes look like they are going to pop!

Then I look back at Amber. I swear her eyes rolled back in her head and she started shaking. She came closer and says she needed to think about it, but could I wait just a minute? I said "sure, but one more thing. This guy that just washed up, what can he do that will really make you happy?" . ( I changed the tense of the verbs on purpose, and mixed together a couple of Glenn's trance questions)

She dropped her order pad and put her hand on my shoulder. She was staring at me and confused, almost frozen. I pointed to her pad on the floor and said "Don't forget your pad!". She grabbed the pad and went towards the kitchen. In a minute, Amber brings us a pitcher of beer. I look at Kenny, like, did you order this? He shrugs his shoulders NO.

Every time she looks over, I put my finger up to my mouth. Amber comes over each time and asks if we need anything. Kenny is laughing out loud now, having a great time. I say, "Amber, if I need to get in touch with you, should I call your cell or your home number?

She disappears, and then comes back with a piece of paper. She hands it to me, and on it are her home and cell phone numbers, and her email address!

Kenny is telling her now "what are you doing? This guy just got out of jail! How can you give him your phone numbers!?" . He is obviously trying to save his bet. Amber replies "sometimes I like a bad boy...".

Ok, now I know I am in trouble. Kenny and I have the "what happens at Hooters, stays at Hooters" talk. A while later we ask for the bill. 2 beers and 2 burgers are all that are on there, the extra pitcher magically never appeared.

I was too chicken to call her. I knew I would end up in more trouble, so I lost the piece of paper in my paper shredder. Nothing like a piece of paper to ruin a perfectly chaste 20 year marriage!

I got a free beer and a burger though...





How A Las Vegas Millionaire Uses THE FORCE To Get 22 Exotic Dancers To Follow Him Out of Men's Clubs Into His LIMO

We KNOW what he did cuz the LIMO driver couldn't STAND IT after the 1st 10 or 15 girls piled into his LIMO. He ASKED, "How the heck are you getting all these girls?"

  • #1 - The multi-millionaire uses THE FORCE to sell consumer electronics for his biz.
  • #2 - Wade flies in with 2 Gorgeous Girls. One on each arm.
  • #3 - My LIMO driver friend meets him at the airport.
  • #4 - Wade asks, "Which are the Top Go Go Clubs for men? Take me there.
  • #5 - Wade goes in with 2 girls - comes out in � hour with 6 women.
  • #6 - Next Club - Goes in with 2 - comes out with 5 hot women.
  • #7 - 3rd Nightclub - Wade comes out with 7 dancers. He Keeps entering clubs with 2 - leaving with 5 or 6 or 7 of the TOP girls. Until he fills the stretch limo with 22 tantalizing women.
  • NLP Quiz: How does Wade DO it?
  • HINT #1 - Not one dime changes hands to get the girls to leave the clubs.
  • HINT #2 - The FORCE secret is right in front of you. Wade is the ONLY guy going into the club with 2 hot girls under his arm. You'll FIND OUT more later in our "How To Tap Into THE FORCE of NLP" letter.

NLP Guide on How To Use THE FORCE To Make Women HIGH

Dear friend,

As you can see, I stuck TWO Case Studies about THE FORCE at the top of this letter.

Why did I DO that?

3 Reasons:

Reason Why #1 - You have the attention span of a dizzy mosquito - about 2.5 seconds - SO we wanted to ATTRACT your attention JIFFY-QUICK to an idea SO GOOD & SO Hi-PROFIT that it's worth 100 TIMES more than whatever you bid and win here.

Reason Why #2 - You've - no doubt - read Thi__ & Gr__ Ri__ by N.Hill and Ri__ Dad Po__ Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Both of these Best Sellers Torture readers. Tease and tantalize you. We're imitating their example here. WATCH CLOSE - cuz 75% of the wild and wooly Case Studies in this letter and on the tapes/CD's - imitate the Vegas Millionaire's use of THE FORCE.

Reason Why #3 - To Make Sure you See THE FORCE more clearly than billionaires Star Wars George Lucas and his friend Steven S. allow in their series of Unbelievably profitable movies.

Let's Connect the dots.

Here's what it's ALL about:

You get to Have Fun & Make Extra Cash - at the same time.

FORCE Point I - George used WEIRD robots, a WEIRD green midget named Yoda, a WEIRD shiny BLACK Helmut-Mask BAD GUY named Darth AND a gun toting - ODD-Ball no-underwear-toga-wearing Princess - to GRAB attention.

FORCE Point II - Wade the multi-millionaire did something Totally WEIRD to apply the FORCE. He took 2 lovely women dancers into 7 or 8 Clubs packed full of Barbie doll perfect sun tanned ladies. (HINT #3 - You know whose heads SNAPPED around, don't you?)

FORCE Point III - I couldn't find a 3 foot tall Star Wars Darth Doll or Green Yoda Puppet to put under my arm. We wanted to test out THE POWER of the FORCE - slowly. AND a GoGo Dancer on my arm would CHASE women away in a big retail store or Mall. NOT attract them. (We don't live in Vegas.)

Think About How REALLY WEIRD Big Eared, Green, Hairy, Leather Skinned, Web Footed Yoda is!

We needed to go into training. Start with a training collar - but without the Labrador retriever dog.

So we began testing THE FORCE with a 1 � foot tall

Pink Hippopotamus-Metal Chicken Sandwich.

Then Tested BIGGER.

With a

3 foot Purple Rubber Elephant

named Sheila under one arm.

And followed up with

Clarice - the 3 foot GREEN FROG.

OH YES - "The Power of the FORCE" was with me. (You want PROOF? See the Greased Pig SPEED WRITING outline later in this letter. 25 pages worth. We over-did it. You get 8 HOURS of NLP FORCE info. Not 6 - as we usually do. You get a 6 month supply of Hi-Profit Milton Erickson type FUN.)

Here's what happens when you wield THE FORCE blindly (As we did at 1st):

How YOU Can Avoid Some Becoming a cat scratching post for the FORCE. Yikes did me make some LULU Mistakes.

RULE I - All 5 yr old little girls in pink dresses should be REQUIRED to stand on the floor when you FLASH one of our 5 FORCE Objects. THIS little girl got SO excited. She stood up on her chair in a restaurant. Then Fell into her food. Both knees and one elbow. When I flashed a 2nd FORCE Anchor object. (Her mother and grandmother were too busy to kick me. So I scooted out of there.)

RULE II - ANYTHING can happen when women, kids and even men get Drunk on Adrenaline - HIGH as a kite - EXCITED. A coed cashier stuck her hand in my pocket. Wouldn't take it out. Until I gave Trance FORCE Gifts to 5 of her coed employee friends. (One of my MOST embarrassing 5 minutes. Having dozens and dozens of shoppers pointing and grinning. SHEESH. I had to get that shirt dry-cleaned. I was sweating big-time.)

RULE III - Please BE CAREFUL with your 5 Hide-in-Your-Pocket-size FORCE Objects. I had a man next to me at a buffet - Turn, Look and CHOKE. Trip. Stumble. Then fall to one knee when he spotted me showing a young lady one of my Trance FORCE objects.

RULE IV - Do Not. Ever leave your FORCE Objects out on a Restaurant table. I had TWO accidents this way. #1 - A waitress GRABBED one of them. Wouldn't give it back. #2 - A little coed waitress carrying a tray of dirty dishes saw a FORCE Object on my table - next to my plate. Got to laughing, giggling - choked and tipped the tray. Splashed soup and coca cola all over my pants.

RULE V - Practice with one Trance FORCE Object at a time. I've been using them 3 and 4 at a time. The Drunken-HIGH effect is Explosive. Unpredictable. Results - Change from woman to woman. AND sometimes pushes the girl away. 1 is fine. 2 - she runs away. PRACTICE deeper Rapport skills before you layer and combine FORCE Objects and Trance Questions.


You have been warned about some of the side effects of playing with THE FORCE.

You also get many ADVANTAGES. You won't have to wear lithium battery asbestos gloves. Or disco in a suit of armor. No electric piano burns. Or induction bruises. You'll learn how to set up an invisible fence system. Target NLP FORCE like a laser.

Here's the twisted nicon path that led us to our TESTS with M & M size pieces of THE FORCE of NLP...

It All Started While I was Testing a 3 Billion Dollar Subconscious Copywriting Strategy That 2 Mentors Developed

We've combined their ESP, psychological NLP words in direct mail tests discoveries.

COINED a name for what they did to sell 3 billion of stuff with sales letters - "Buried Interactive Emotional PROOF." Laser printer - ed it all out. Read it out loud.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I can hear you say, HUH? But hey - If Gary Halbert can practice copywriting tests in bars. I can practice NLP WORD F-o-r-c-e Power out loud or even in Malls and stores.)


We were playing around with these 168 (ancient chinese) billion dollar NLP weirder than kahuna concepts. Weren't getting any closer to the GOLD until:

  • A - We noticed THE FORCE connection btwn George Lucas movies:
  • B - The Las Vegas Millionaire's usage of the FORCE.
  • C - The FORCE hidden In The "Buried Interactive Emotional Proof Copywriting concept.
  • D - Our Fathers Day Experiments with the Pink Hippopotamus Metal Chicken
  • E - It came like a FLASH bulb that this is like ham radio. A new under the fence way to test written copy. Face to face.

BE CAREFUL when you try this yourself. It's a bit like wearing a dog's Shock collar. (I really did ease into it bit by bit. NLP FORCE is a 2-way connection, after all.


EDITOR'S ESP Note: MORE proof that a single NLP WORD - just ONE WORD - can make a BIG difference. We advised a reader of our igb dre sone girn e*Zine to add the word party to his Headline. He reports that in the 1st 6 hours his sales are Double last years.

Hey, if T. Robbins and Tupperware can gross a billion - PARTY is a power word.


The Pink Hippopotamus Metal Chicken FORCE Sandwich

I know.

I know.

This sounds WEIRD.


BUT - Did you see the new 12,182 dollar "Throne Toilet" for hypnotists - in the Wall Street Journal?

The GE Refrigerator with a radio shack TV in the front?

The Portable Washing machine in Playboy magazine that comes in the shape of your mercedes car.

The kitchen time distortion cooktop that heats with magnets.

You gotta' take WEIRD to a whole NEW level (As Napoleon Hill did. Not many of us are talking mind to mind - yet.) before people pay attention to you at all.

Just yesterday - 2 Re-Max realtors in an elevator were wearing a cell phone on their right ear. Blue and green - like jewelry. I quizzed these 2 Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes. YUP. The phones come in colors so they can match color of phone to their out-fit for the day.

Don't you think designer cell phone EAR jewelry is WEIRD? (Edgar Cayce would be proud.)


You know - we're just trying to figure out the more than subliminal FORCE of the Star Wars WEIRDNESS that gets millions of custom built chopper riding customers to line up at midnight to watch a movie. Full of imaginary MIND CONTROL green puppets and WEIRD digitally created characters.

Listen to that again. A digital animated puppet is using NLP mind control on movie watching people. That really does sound NUTS.

So Bear with me. IF we hadn't accidentally discovered a PROVEN way to ZAP people (not just women) into a DEEP DEEP Trance - IN SECONDS - (And made 100's of goofs you get to laugh at) we couldn't have made Your FORCE experiences dishwasher safe.

While shopping for a replica kit gift for Dad's Day. I came across this dusty metal chicken. About 1 � feet high. Full of � inch holes - like someone had shot the hen with a shotgun. Long legs. 3 toes. One wing on a hinge. So you could see into the hollow metal belly of the chicken.

As a Kid, It Was My Fathers Job to Kill A Chicken for Dinner

To this day he doesn't eat Chicken.

He says each chicken would turn it's head to look at him accusingly. Just before he lopped off their heads.

It bugged him.

So my trash compactor reasoning was that a metal chicken with it's head still on would be a great Fathers Day gift.

Immediately - The FORCE was with me - when I left the store.

The world was the same. Sky, sun, colors, the breeze, the waterfront house stuck in the tree.

The FORCE changed how people treated me.

  • People stared at the chicken - cleared a path in the store.
  • A lady held the door as I left the store.
  • A little boy pointed excitedly thru the car window in the parked truck next to my car.

This FELT odd. VERY different. (Like putting an ice maker in your mp3 CD player.)

Or racing across the stage without any pants at a toastmaster speaker event.

So naturally I began to personality TEST how to "Boost" the metal chicken's EFFECT on people.

How I Held The Metal Chicken Made a BIG Difference

Cradled like a rocking chair In my arms - no good.

Held like a football - Under one arm - no reaction.

Up-side down - hanging from my left hand. GREAT reaction.

The WEIRD Chicken Hunt is Based on A big Money Copywriting Concept


Admit it. You thought All this was ME.

Nope. Some coffee-to-the-gills- magnifying glass toting -writer discovered that WEIRD words Combined will GRAB the readers Attention on an Unconscious level.

You Might Read... "The Pink Hippo-Metal Chicken Copywriting Hand Book"

You'd BE Curious.

You'd start to read it.

You'd BUY it if it's good writing and a good value.

The FORCE is what got you to START reading. Like the words Dungeons and Dragons. The words tell what it's about. Yet leave a Huge amount unsaid.

You can't tell very easily now. But - All this ridiculous stuff started out as a way to TEST money making words - OUT loud. In business presentations. For professional speakers. In person. Trying to imitate - in front of a group - how George Lucas uses the FORCE.

You can see, however - it's gone well beyond that.

I began to go from store to store. Looking for something fish finder WEIRD to put INSIDE or on or around the neck - Gold necklace maybe - of my metal chicken.

I couldn't find a vegetable that looked good. No zipper on an Apple, a velcro bananas. I stuck both in. Everything banged around inside. A bottle of Spring water DID fit. But it didn't have PIZZAZZ.

In a Mac Store. No PDA was lying around loose. In a childrens toy store - I experimented with putting a whole family of tiny people inside. But I needed some kind of oriental rug. (The metal belly cavity is slippery.) Or glue to keep the little people in one place.

On line I found a buffalo meat and cow hide site. They had a steer horn made into a flute. A mite pricey at 800.00. (U gotta admit. Metal chicken/Buffalo horn flute. Odd-ball combination!)

I found a charm bracelet. The Mall cart owner got RED in the face from laughing. And her magnetic link bracelet - stuck to the iron leg in an ugly sort of way.

Old Folks Over 70 Gawped Like a Fish. Must be Stress.

When we asked their opinion. Retirees didn't say a word. (Very strange.)

They acted like were wearing a sleep mask.

Kids and babies were better. Hip hop scaters in the Mall got into it. One little girl with a blanket like Linus - in the peanuts strip pointed and STARED. Hopped up and down. Laughed and grabbed her mom's leg. She got to see the UP-side Down Metal Chicken too.

With women - something ELSE began to happen.

Women & Clerks Would LOOK Then Shake Their Heads As If To WAKE UP

Again and again - the metal chicken - Pink hippo combo - and my REASON WHY story - made women smile. Then laugh. And - some quickly looked woozy. Like they had had massage therapy or a reiki treatment. Held their heads slightly crooked like they were using a cell phone.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you think that the combo of seeing, driving and talking on a cell phone creates a sleepy effect too? That would explain some of the ping pong driving I've seen done by chatty cathy phone users. Maybe we came across a way to OVER-tax the senses.)

This is how I feel (SLEEPY and bored) the instant someone hands me a fishing rod. (I'd rather jump in and harpoon the fish.)

At each store - I'd tell about my Father's Day gift. HOLD up the metal chicken. ASK, "What do you suggest I put inside the belly of the chicken?"

I visited a candy store. But didn't wanna spend 50.00 to fill the belly of my metal chicken with chocolate that might MELT. The Big Jewelry store had an antique pocket watch. But putting a 2K watch inside a 10.00 chicken for a NLP test - seemed like going over-board.

The video store. The CD's wouldn't sit up - so U could'nt see them when You raised the Chicken's wing.

I Hit Pay Dirt In At Wal-Mart. Right next to the National Enquirer

Dan Kennedy says to look in their for headlines. So I always look at the ads. NOT the articles.


I turned my head and there was a display of those little stuffed animals. Kermit the frog. Snoopy from Peanuts cartoons.

Sitting next to Batman was this fist-sized grinning PINK Hippopotamus.

The little PINK fellow fit perfectly. When you opened the chicken wing - There he was. Grinning at you.

Walking around the store - we showed the Chicken and the PINK Hippo to 3 clerks. 18 to 50 in age. ALL smiled, Laughed. Said, "oooh that's SOOOO CUTE."


When we told the Father's Day Gift story. Explained his job as a little boy. Showed the Metal chicken.



Popped open the Doorway inside the Chicken so they could SEE the PINK HIPPO.


Gales of giggles.

Hysteria. Calling over of other clerks. Even some women shoppers. To See the PINK Hippo inside the chicken.

The FORCE of That Little PINK Hippo Pushed Ladies into Never-Never Land Like a Billiard Ball into the side Pocket

Red in the face - almost choking.

Bent over. Bent double.

Tears streaming down their faces.

Leaning on each other. Adjusting each others headbands and hair barrettes. Laughing and giggling - on and on.

Oh - yeah. Some of the older ladies started coughing. And giggling. And hacking. And laughing. To keep their balance they grabbed BIG handfuls of each others blouse. Or shirt or work jacket.

When I asked, "Are you ok?" - they laughed harder.

Well. THAT really got my attention.

I'd found a short-cut to an Instantaneous DEEP HAPPY Trance State.

Metal Chicken P-o-w-e-r of THE FORCE in a crowded Restaurant on Father's Day.

I carried my surprise into the restaurant in a plastic bag.

Ta-DA. Unveiled the metal chicken while Dad was sitting down. (Seemed safest)

Then lifted the hinged wing. Showed him the PINK HIPPO. Handed him a Father's Day card. He grinned. Laughed and turned red.

We didn't have much time alone.

Our waitress Marie thought the little hippo was "SO CUTE." She began talking about it to her other patrons. Soon we had a parade of parents and little girls going by.

Laughing, smiling, giggling and pointing.

Then it happened.

Remember Obi-Wan's Comment About The FORCE Giving You Control Over Some People?

A brunette stopped to see the metal chicken.

I told her about my Father's Day gift chicken.

The FORCE struck like lightening.

She talked for 20 minutes!

I hinted she should leave. Over and over and over. No soap. (Dad kept his head down. Tried to ignore her.)

I was looking right into her EMPTY eyes.

She didn't see me. Dad and I weren't there.

I waved my hands in front of her eyes. NOTHING.

  • She told us her mother had 16 chickens.
  • Then got 300 more. Put up a cement block chicken house.
  • Mom got 6000 chicks.
  • But she never knew what happened cuz she got married.
  • She told about her grandfather.
  • About her son. On and on and on.

Her mind went bye bye.

Eventually I got her back to her table. Where she just stared out the window. Ignoring her husband and young son. (Kinda' embarrassing. Hi. Nice to meet your wife whatsername. G'bye.)


You'll be happy to know. ALL of the stuff - just above isn't totally new. Dr. Milton Erickson - the father of modern hypnotism and p sychology - did a lot of this. BUT - nobody knows HOW he did it. HERE - we're decipering DETAILS you too can use. 100's of details and Case Studies make it down-right EZ.

For the last 6 months we've been testing.

  • #1 - Short 1 or 2 sentence NLP stories
  • #2 - Anchored with NLP FORCE Objects

You'll be happy to hear we've come up with 4 Pocket sized FORCE Object anchors. AFTER testing some that were 3 FEET LONG.

All by themselves these 4 Trance FORCE Objects make women slightly drunk or HIGH.


IF you use the dozens of Trance Questions or short Reason Why NLP stories - we give you - FIRST. Then flash the FORCE Object at a shock & Awe NLP anchor. The result in 100TIMES stronger.

You have the Power of THE FORCE - Instantly.

No fuss. No muss. You don't even have to practice to get a good result. (A fantastic FORCE Effect will take practice.)


(EDITOR'S NOTE: "As usual Mr Phelps. The Mission Impossible head office will disavow your actions if you choose to use this to EXPLODE your income. As we do.)




P.S. - We'd like to thank Bob Proctor for saying something in a book that made us BELIEVE that we could do something IMPOSSIBLE like test "THE FORCE and "Emotional Copywriting - while walking thru Malls and retail stores.

P.P.S. - WARNING: Before you get to the Pocket-sized FORCE Tests - below. You should know that the "Pink Hippo Metal Chicken" experiment is very MILD compared to the GIANT Purple Elephant and the 3 Foot GREEN Frog Tests of THE FORCE.

Your No-Risk 100% Moolah Back 365 Day Guarantee Order Form

You'll LOVE the WEIRD FORCE of our Guarantee.

You know how we usually ask you to DO something? Try something? Try a bit of seduction and Test something? Listen to the tapes or CD's - then take ACTION?


Not this time.

The Trance FORCE Objects enclosed with your NLP program are SO POWERFUL. All we ask is that you SHOW 2 or 3 of them to your waitress, your lady clerk at the food store. Your girl friend. Your boyfriend.

You don't do NUTHIN'.

You "let the FORCE be with you." Show some girls and boys your NEW hypnotic TOYS. IF you aren't pleased at their reaction, send everything back for a 100% refund. How's that for a WEIRD 365 day Satisfaction Guarantee?

HOWEVER -- We can't STOP you if you INSIST on doing something. Adding the UMPH power of the FORCE info on our SEE THRU NLP Program.


EDITOR'S NOTE - As you MAY have guessed. Exploring the POWER of "The Force" requires as much brain-power as we can get. AFTER your purchase -- You can JOIN our "Big Red Nose Ring" of NLP testers. All you do is share what you are doing. We'll send back what we and others are doing. We ALL get better and better at applying THE FORCE. Cuz we're sharing SUPER FORCE BRAIN-Power.