Glenn Livingston and Howie Jacobson - The Last Ad Standing System

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Glenn Livingston and Howie Jacobson - The Last Ad Standing System

Glenn Livingston and Howie Jacobson - The Last Ad Standing System

Dr. Glenn Livingston announces an extremely profitable way for AdWords marketers to spend 87-minutes this week..

Unfair Adwords Advantage
Got 87 Minutes? Increase CTR and
Impression Share. Slash Costs!

New creative breakthrough helps use competitors’ ads to increase YOUR click-through-rates, impression share and most importantly — conversions. All while slashing your advertising costs as much as 30% or more!

As you know, the more competitive advantages you have in AdWords, the better. If you have an UNFAIR advantage, better still.

And, one of the quickest, easiest ways to gain an “unfair” advantage is to write better ads—so prospects click on your ad before they click on anyone else’s.

At this point, most people cringe after reading that last sentence. And you know what? I understand. That’s because one of the biggest frustrations I keep hearing from clients and students is this:

“I have a difficult time coming up with new Google ads because I’ve run out of ideas. I’m stuck-in-a-rut. How do I come up with more and better ideas for new ads?”

Now, if you’re asking the same question more or less, let me explain why you’re stuck-in-a-rut. First, it’s possible you’re thinking the same thoughts repeatedly. For example, let’s say you mention “Free Shipping” in your Ad copy. How many different ways can you write the “Free Shipping” benefit in your ad?

Obviously, there are a limited number of things you can say about “Free Shipping” and ways to say it. And, by now, you’ve probably said them all. My point is, if you write six ads with “Free Shipping” in the copy, you’re not really testing six different ads. In reality, you’re testing the same ad… six times!

Last but not least, it’s possible you’re using your brain in ways that actually inhibit creativity. And, unless you use a new model of thinking, you’ll keep writing the same old kind of AdWords ad.

Here’s the thing: Creativity can solve almost any problem. And to create super-effective ads, you must be able to come up with great ideas—quickly and easily. So if you want to make coming up with great ideas for your ads a sure thing, I have some exciting news for you.

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn about a breakthrough system for awakening and unleashing your natural-born creativity in AdWords. As a result, you’ll soon have the ability to come up with more and better ads faster than you ever thought possible… and with a whole lot less effort.

Better yet, ads that get immediate attention and, therefore, higher click-through-rates.

How to Quickly Generate All the Great Ideas That You’ll Ever Need to Write Attention-Getting Ads….