Glen Murray - SEO Secrets V2.1

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Glen Murray - SEO Secrets V2.1 digital download. Info: [Document (PDF)]. ‘SEO Secrets’ is a comprehensive DIY search engine optimization (SEO) guide for...
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Glen Murray - SEO Secrets V2.1

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SEO Secrets (Ebook)

When you've read this book, you'll know MORE about SEO than I did when I topped Google!

I knew next to nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) when I reached no.1 in the world for "copywriter". Really! It sounds unbelievable, I know, but it's true. And you're about to find out how I managed it…

My business was struggling

You see, back in 2003, I was struggling to keep my business afloat. I had a website, but nobody saw it. I had ads in the Yellow Pages, but I got only one call. And I had Google ads for a while, but I simply couldn't afford to keep them. So the only work I had was sourced through cold-calls - more than 1000 of them in a year!

As you can imagine, there wasn't much time for anything else. I could only just squeeze in the small amount of work I managed to win, never mind researching how to do things better. Then things got worse…

I ran out of money

My wife was pregnant and we really needed to be accumulating some savings. Instead, I’d spent every last cent on the business. And it had paid us almost nothing in return. So I had to bite the bullet and go out and get a job. Fortunately, I was able to get a 3-month contract as a Marketing Coordinator with an IT company in Sydney.

When I was interviewed for the role, I was told I'd be looking after their copy, and that I needed to know how to optimise it for search engines. That was fine; optimizing copy is fairly straight-forward. Even back then, I knew how to do that. But SEO copy is only part of a high ranking – the first step. It’s certainly not enough – on its own – to get you a high ranking. I told my boss that, and he said that was ok; someone else would be looking after the rest of the SEO. Then, the very next day, he changed his mind. He wanted me to manage all of the company’s SEO, after all. (And we’re talking a multi-million dollar company, here, not some backyard setup!)

I thought I was in real trouble

I knew absolutely nothing about SEO except how to increase the keyword density in the copy. I thought it was going to be a very short-lived contract.

But it was a lot easier than I thought

Luckily enough, I managed to stumble across a few SEO specialists on the Internet who were very helpful, and who spent a bit of time educating me. And as it turns out, the fundamental rules of SEO are quite simple. I managed to learn most of them within a week or two. And by the end of my contract, my employer was ranking no.4 in Australia for its keyword phrase, “disaster recovery”.

I worked on my own site at night

While all this was going on, I was applying what I learned during the day, to my own site, at night. And I do mean at night. I was out of the house from 5am to 7pm, most days, and my wife was edging closer to delivery-day, so she needed quite a bit of help around the house. By the time I was able to make my way to the computer to focus on Divine Write, it was usually around 9-10pm. (And on a dial-up Internet connection, no less!)

Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a hard-luck story. The point is that I had hardly any time or resources to dedicate to my own SEO. And let’s not forget, at this stage, I only knew MOST of the fundamentals of SEO – not all of them.

I ranked no.1 in Australia within 6 months

Despite knowing only the fundamentals, and having only an hour each day to put that knowledge into action, I ranked no.1 in Australia for “seo copywriter”, “website copywriter” and “advertising copywriter” within 3 months. And I ranked no.1 in Australia for the big one – “copywriter” – within 6 months. Within a year, I was no.1 in the world for “seo copywriter”

Then there was no looking back

Once I started popping up in the search results, business grew rapidly. (And not a moment too soon; our son was born soon after!) I stopped having to chase work, and it started chasing me. And once I achieved a no.1 ranking for my primary keyword, it started chasing me in earnest.

My only problem was handling all the work!

Very soon, I was inundated with work – more, in fact, than I could handle by myself. And I had to start outsourcing some. (A nightmare operation, as it turns out, but that’s a story for another day…)

And I did it all with very little knowledge, time or resources

Looking back – knowing what I know now – I’m amazed at how quickly it all happened. Considering how little I knew, and how little time I had to implement that knowledge, I think it’s fair to say that it was an ‘overnight success’.

You can do the same!

I’m not particularly gifted. I’m not super-duper intelligent. There’s nothing special about me that made this success possible. It was simply that I had a little bit of knowledge and the motivation to put that knowledge into practice.

And virtually everything I now know about SEO is in this e-book. By the time you've finished reading it, you'll know far more than I did when I reached no.1. So you can do what I did. And hopefully, within 6 months, you’ll find that more and more prospects are chasing you for work.

Hopefully, like me, you’ll have more work than you can handle!

Glen Murray - SEO Secrets V2.1

‘SEO Secrets’ is a comprehensive DIY search engine optimization (SEO) guide for small business owners, bloggers and SMB marketers. It details a practical 10-step process that will get you to the top of Google. It's more than tips & tricks, and more than advice. It's a comprehensive process you can start implementing NOW.

'SEO Secrets' V2.1 includes:

  • 212 pages
  • Understand what SEO means (5 pages)
  • Choose your keywords (7 pages)
  • Develop your website right (36 pages)
  • WordPress V2.7 blog optimization (30 pages)
  • Optimize your web content (9 pages)
  • Link baiting (26 pages)
  • Other link building methods (13 pages)
  • Monitor your progress (4 pages)
  • The future of SEO (9 pages)
  • 207 references in the bibliography!