Gini von Courter - Power BI (Business Intellegence) Features in Depth

Gini von Courter - Power BI (Business Intellegence) Features in Depth digital download. Info: [48 Videos (MP4) 54 Exercise files (PPTX,XLSSX,PNG,MDB,TXT,AC...

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Gini von Courter - Power BI (Business Intellegence) Features in Depth

Type: Digital download

Format: [48 Videos (MP4) 54 Exercise files (PPTX,XLSSX,PNG,MDB,TXT,ACCDB)]

Power BI (Business Intellegence) Features in Depth

By: Gini von Courter


Learn how you can easily search, access, and analyze data inside and outside of your organization in just a few clicks with Power BI—the business intelligence features that lie inside Microsoft Office. Author Gini Courter walks you through two toolsets: the self-service BI tools that only require Excel, and Power BI, which relies on Office 365. Using the Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map, and Power View tools in Excel 2013, you’ll learn to connect to local and remote data sources, model that data, and present your findings in the form of tables, charts, maps, and reports. Then Gini switches to Power BI to enhance and share the queries and reports you just created. As you’ll soon find in the course of these tutorials, Microsoft’s BI tools allow you to use the software you already know and love to analyze and share complex business data.

Topics include:

  • Understanding data analysis and business intelligence
  • Installing Office BI add-ins
  • Searching for online data with Power Query
  • Shaping data in the Query Editor
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Modeling data with Power Pivot
  • Enhancing PivotTables and PivotCharts with PowerPoint
  • Visualizing geospatial data with Power Map
  • Creating and formatting Power View reports
  • Sharing your data using Power BI for Office 365