Get Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer

Get Organized Gal - Life And Goal OrganizerA motivating system of checklists, prompts & ideas to help you take charge of your life, organize your goals, and f...
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Get Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer

Get Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer

A motivating system of checklists, prompts & ideas to help you take charge of your life, organize your goals, and free your mind.

What Is Life & Goal Organizer?

Life & Goal Organizer is a motivating system of checklists, prompts, and ideas to help you take charge of your life, organize your goals, and free your mind.

It includes an overview of life areas so you can keep a big picture view, while also being able to click through and drill down to more detailed checklists. There are hundreds of big and little ideas for life goals and projects.

It’s like a giant, 340-page checklist of things you might like to do, broken down into 12 Life Areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Health & Fitness
  • Business & Career
  • Recreation
  • Technology & Social Media
  • Home Organization
  • Personal Style
  • Happiness
  • Money & Finance
  • Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Family.

Who Is It For?

Life & Goal Organizer is perfect for:

  • People who have a range of goals and plans across life areas
  • People who want to actively plan and work on their goals
  • People who want to free their minds with a single place from which to manage goals.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

Henry David Thoreau

What Do You Get?

Life & Goal Organizer is an interactive PDF of more than 340 pages and includes:

  • Easy Menu to help you clarify your priorities at a high level
  • 12 Life-area Inventories for goal planning by life area
  • 200+ Project Worksheets to prompt you to plan and act on your goals in more detail
  • SMART Goal Planners for setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-framed goals.

What Will You Gain?

Life & Goal Organizer helps you transform your life as you take action on dozens of goals, including:

1. Personal DevelopmentGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Reading and learning
  • Growing your comfort zone, trying new things, overcoming fears
  • Courses, education and training
  • Improving personal habits
  • Spirituality, mindfulness and uplifting surroundings
2. Health & FitnessGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Food and emotional eating
  • Creating an exercise program
  • Dealing with excuses and motivation
  • Health, wellbeing, looking and feeling good
  • Self-care, stress and energy
3. Business & CareerGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Optimizing work, performance and relationships
  • Getting promoted
  • Finding a new job or career
  • ing a business
4. Fun & RecreationGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Sports, activities, hobbies, interests
  • Creative expression
  • Personal or family projects
  • Holidays and travel
  • Entertainment - books and movies
5. Managing TechnologyGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Computer files, software, backups
  • Emails - processing, filing, streamlining
  • Gadgets - cell phones, PDAs, iPods
  • Internet and Web 2.0
6. My HomeGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Creating a home you love, room by room
  • Clearing clutter
  • Organizing household systems and paperwork
  • Sorting car and garage
  • Simplifying home and life
7. Personal StyleGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Dressing for your life and what suits you
  • Having an organized closet
  • Skincare, grooming, poise
  • Handbag, briefcase, diary, wallet
8. HappinessGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Creating a happiness mindset
  • Optimism and beliefs
  • Goals and happiness
  • Research-based strategies for happiness
  • Releasing barriers to happiness
9. Money & FinanceGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Debts, bills and expenses
  • Savings and investment
  • Budgeting and financial records
  • Insurance and protection
  • Advice and knowledge
10. My RelationshipsGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Taking stock of relationships
  • Finding new relationships
  • Reducing energy drainers
  • Meeting people, communicating better, handling conflict, being more assertive
11. Time ManagementGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Analyzing your schedule
  • Streamlining your schedule
  • Hidden time wasters and self-sabotage
  • Creating an ideal schedule
12. My FamilyGet Organized Gal - Life And Goal Organizer
  • Supporting your spouse/partner
  • Helping/coaching your children with school and home challenges
  • Planning actions and conversations with family
  • Celebrating family occasions

PS Why I Wrote This

I love being able to capture all my goals and plans in a single, ordered place, so I wanted to create a goal-management system that allows you to get everything out of your mind and into a place like that.

I also wanted to have ideas, prompts, and suggestions right where you need them, as you’re thinking about your goals.

Like a beautifully organized cabinet for your mind!

Your Instructor

Get Organized Gal

Get Organized Gal

More than 80,000 people around the world use Michele’s programs to set goals, get rid of clutter, organise their home, be more productive, take charge of their career, systematise their business, and manage their life.

Course Curriculum

Life and Goal Organizer
  • Download the Life and Goal Organizer interactive PDF
    Getting ed with Life and Goal Organizer (4:40)

    Module 1: Personal Development

    Introduction to Personal Development
    1: Reading and learning more
    2: Fostering my personal growth
    3: Taking courses, education and training
    4: Improving personal habits
    5: Spirituality & mindfulness

    Module 2: Health & Fitness

    Introduction to Health & Fitness
    6.:Improving nutrition
    7: Exercising regularly
    8: Improving health
    9: Loving my body
    10: Practicing self-care

    Module 3: Career & Work

    Introduction to Career & Work
    11: Current job
    12: Getting promoted
    13: Finding a new job
    14: Changing career
    15: ing business

    Module 4: Fun & Recreation

    Introduction to Fun & Recreation
    16: Sports & activities
    17: Hobbies & interests
    18: Finding creative expression
    19: Planning projects
    20: Holidays & travel
    21: Books, movies & DVDs

    Module 5: Managing Technology

    Introduction to Managing Technology
    22: Organizing your computer
    23: Managing emails
    24: Managing gadgets
    25: Internet
    26: Social networking

    Module 6: My Home

    Introduction to My Home
    27: Creating a home you love
    28: Clearing clutter
    29: Household systems & paperwork
    30: Car & garage
    31: Simplifying your home and your life

Module 7: Personal Presentation
  • Introduction to Personal Presentation
  • 31: Expressing your best self
  • 32: Organizing your wardrobe
  • 33: Grooming, poise & confidence
  • 34: Handbag & briefcase
Module 8: Strategies for Happiness
  • Introduction to Strategies for Happiness
  • 35: Happiness mindset
  • 36: Creating a happy life
  • 37: Strategies for happiness
  • 38: Releasing barriers to happiness
Module 9: Money & Finance
  • Introduction to Money & Finance
  • 39: Debt
  • 40: Savings & investment
  • 41: Day-to-day financial management
  • 42: Protecting your family, your assets and yourself (insurance)
  • 43: Advisers & knowledge
Module 10: My Relationships
  • Introduction to My Relationships
  • 44: Taking relationship inventory
  • 45: Nurture needed - worksheets (W/S)
  • 46: Reducing energy drainers - worksheets (W/S)
  • 47: Enhancing relationship skills
Module 11: Time Management
  • Introduction to Time Management
  • 48: Analyzing your schedule
  • 49: Streamlining your schedule
  • 50: Stopping time wasters
  • 51: Creating a ‘template’ (ideal) schedule
Module 12: My Family
  • Introduction to My Family
  • 52: Supporting your spouse/partner
  • 53: Helping and coaching your kids
  • 54: Other family members
  • 55: Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and family stuff
About the Author
  • About Michele

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