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Get Organized Gal - Design Your LifeDesign Your Life A Motivating, Achievable Way To Have The Life You WantDon’t Let Life Pass You ByThe Design Your Life cour...
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Get Organized Gal - Design Your Life

Get Organized Gal - Design Your Life

Design Your Life
A Motivating, Achievable Way To Have The Life You Want

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

The Design Your Life course is a comprehensive self-improvement program that delivers ongoing structure, motivation and accountability for taking action.

Quite simply, it’s the easiest and most practical way to create the life you want - week by week, step by step, action by action.

It spans 12 life areas - so you know everything that matters is covered.
It’s structured - so you don’t have to work out where to , or what to do next.
It’s broken down into easy, manageable chunks - so you make regular progress and gain confidence.
It’s delivered in weekly lectures - so you’re automatically prompted to take the actions you need to take.
How To Design The Life You’ve Always Wanted
Is This You?

Would you like to:

Feel confident and fulfilled
Look and feel great
Enjoy meaningful achievement
Rediscover your old spark
Feel on top of technology
Enjoy order and harmony in your home
Make over your appearance
Get happier
Take control of your finances
Get and give more love
Have more time for the people and things you care about
Enjoy your family time ?

If so, read on, this is the program for you…

What You Get

With the Design Your Life Program you get:

A comprehensive 1-year program for changing your life across 12 important areas
An interactive workbook every 4-5 weeks to use on your computer or to print out and write on
Weekly lectures that step you through the workbooks, week by week
E-booklets to accompany 3 of the modules:
How To Be Wise & Happy (with Happiness Strategies module)
How To De-Clutter Your Life (with Home module)
Inbox Zen: 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email (with Technology & Social Media module)
A 20-page Program Guide detailing your 12-month syllabus
A 122-page interactive Action Planner for setting and reviewing your week-by-week action steps
How It Works

The Design Your Life Program is a comprehensive 1-year program for achieving your goals, organizing your life and being your best.

We cover a great deal over the course of the program, but I’ve broken it down into weekly, bite-size activities so it’s simple and manageable, never overwhelming. And we focus on a one area at a time, so you gain momentum and insight.

Here’s How it Works:

Each 4 or 5 weeks you commence a module for one of 12 important life areas - the areas most people target for self-improvement.

12 Modules

The 12 life areas we cover are:

Personal Development
Health & Fitness
Business & Career
Fun & Recreation
Technology & Social Media
Personal Presentation
Happiness Strategies
Money & Finance
Time Management

“So this exercise was my ground zero moment in untangling the roots of my behaviors… You truly help us with these guided introspective looks at our behaviors and motivators. Thank you again!”

- Gail P.

1. Personal Development

In this module you’ll create your customized personal development program, including personal growth, courses & training, personal habits and spirituality & mindfulness. In some ways this module is the core of your self- care program.

You’ll be prompted to consider the challenges you want to take on as well as ways to building your skills and broadening your horizons.

2. Health & Fitness

In this module you’ll move step-by-step through eating and exercising challenges and create a personal plan. There’s a strong focus on emotional and motivation factors - since they’re often what fail us when it comes to our bodies.

You’ll also be prompted to consider broader areas of health, wellbeing and body care, as well as reducing stress, increasing energy, and making time for health.

3. Business & Career

In this module you’ll assess your career. Activities include making the most of your current position, seeking a promotion, changing career, finding your passion and ing a business.

You’ll be prompted to take a strategic, organized approach to your career aspirations, whatever they may be. This will help you take effective actions and make smart decisions concerning your career and business goals.

4. Fun & Recreation

This module is all about ‘sharpening your saw’ - refreshing and rejuvenating yourself. You’ll be prompted to consider ways to replenish your energy stores as well as recover the old spark that gets worn out without regular R&R. And it’s about fun!

The exercises in this module will help you gain more energy for work and family, too.

5. Technology & Social Media

Forget any fear of technology. In this module you’ll move through very simple but important steps for staying on top of your computer, document files, emails, cell phone and gadgets, as well as blogs and social networking - if they interest you.

You’ll feel a whole lot better about technology after this module.

Bonus eBook with this module: Inbox Zen | 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email

6. Home

For some people this module is the most work and the most rewarding. It takes you through your home, room by room, and prompts you to create the home environment you want.

An important part of this module is letting go of stuff you don’t want or need. This can lead to greater clarity in other areas of your life too. Some people even find that losing clutter helps them to lose weight.

Bonus eBook with this module: How To Declutter Your Life

7. Personal Presentation

In this module you’ll address your appearance and closet. Far from being superficial, these activities will help you feel good about yourself from the inside out - a natural result of making the most of your assets. For the most part, this module is equally relevant for men and women.

You’ll be prompted to consider your clothes, accessories, purse, briefcase, closet organization and grooming.

8. Happiness Strategies

This module is a fundamental part of the program and a source of great personal growth for many people.

Most of the material comes from my happiness research and thesis, where I learned we can do a lot to boost our own happiness level. As someone who wasn’t ‘born happy’ but has learned to be, I use these strategies daily.

You’ll be prompted to look at ways to be happier and release barriers to happiness. Bonus eBook with this module: How To Be Wise & Happy

9. Money & Finance

In this module you’ll work your way through your financial life - from debts, savings and investment, through budgets and record keeping, to insurance and contingencies.

Since most people know what they ‘should’ be doing, you’ll be prompted by these activities to take action, get organized and raise your financial self-esteem.

It’s a module that brings peace of mind to many people, as they finally do the things they’ve been meaning to do for ages.

10. Relationships

In this module you’ll take inventory of your romantic relationship and friendships as well as your own areas for improvement. This is another module that leads many people to big life improvements - not surprising, considering that relationships can make our lives joyous or miserable.

You’ll be prompted to examine the people and relationships in your life, how to improve them and how to boost your own relationship skills.

11. Time Management

In this module you’ll by seeing whether your time expenditure matches your priorities. It usually doesn’t, but don’t worry - that’s a good ing point for change.

You’ll be prompted to streamline work and home tasks, use time better and target time wasters like busywork, distractions, self sabotage and dull recreation.

You’ll also complete an exercising leading you to create your ideal schedule.

12. Family

We often say family is what matters most, but it can be what we proactively think about least. In this module you’ll look at ways to support your family, deal with issues that concern you, and also celebrate the good family times.

You’ll be prompted to consider your partner, children, parents, siblings and other family members in turn.

“Thanks! I desperately needed this! It was worth it for yesterday alone! I never allow myself “wiggle room” and it was such a revelation that my needs/desires/etc can and should change over time. Why wouldn’t I want to work on different things and make time for different things! I know it sounds crazy…but I think I get so wrapped up that I don’t see past the pile on my desk! Thanks again!”

- Donn

Monthly Workbooks

The workbooks are interactive PDF files of around 40 pages each that you download and save to your computer. You can type onscreen and save your file, or print out and hand-write. Choose whatever’s most motivating and enjoyable to you.

Each workbook contains a dozen or so ready-made goals, projects and activities relating to that area - like creating an exercise program under Health & Fitness, reducing debt under Money & Finance, or sorting out your closet under Personal Presentation. You complete the ones relevant to you and the life you want.

Each workbook also contains SMART Goal Planners for you to work on more personal goals. You’ll plan out these goals and make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-framed (SMART!).

For some modules there’ll be lots you want to work on. Perhaps you want to a business, lose weight or declutter your entire home - then you’ll probably spend a great deal of time on the Business & Career, Health & Fitness or Home Modules.

But for most people this will balance out against other modules where you’ll choose to spend less time. In fact the program is designed to give you this sense of big gains interspersed with smaller successes - so you won’t get overwhelmed or burned out.

Weekly lectures

“If you commit 10-20 minutes, most days to following this program, you will radically change your life.”

You can go through the workbooks at your own pace, but most people prefer to follow the set schedule - it means you only have to do the assigned amount and you’ll stay on track.

This schedule comes to you via your weekly e-classes. These are short overviews of the projects for the week, plus tips and strategies to guide and motivate you. Sometimes there’s an optional video as well.

But don’t worry - it’s not a hefty set of readings. In fact, the e-classes only take 5-10 minutes to read. This program is all about giving you the tools and structure to take action. Because action is what will make the difference.

Bonus: e-Booklets

Some modules also include short e-books:

How To Be Wise & Happy (with Happiness Strategies module)
How To De-Clutter Your Life (with Home module)
Inbox Zen: 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email (with Technology & Social Media module)

These are optional materials that provide extra strategies, tips and motivation.

“Love, love, LOVE the Get Organized Wizard site, and the brilliant lists. You made me a very happy girl today!” - Merije Vink, The Netherlands

Your New Life s Here!

By following the Design Your Life e-program, you’ll gain benefits across 12 life areas:

Feel confident and fulfilled You’ll tackle comfort zone, personal growth, habits and spirituality [Personal Development]
Look and feel great You’ll address emotional eating, exercise, excuses, energy and stress [Health & Fitness]
Enjoy meaningful achievement You’ll tackle promotions, performance, career change and ing a business [Business & Career]
Rediscover your old spark You’ll address interests, hobbies, creative expression and travel [Fun & Recreation]
Feel on top of technology You’ll tackle your computer, gadgets and social networking [Technology& Social Networking]

Enjoy order and harmony in your home You’ll address decluttering, organizing, paperwork and simplicity [Home]
Make over your appearance You’ll tackle clothes, closet organization and grooming [Personal Presentation]
Get happier You’ll address thinking, mood boosters, self talk and happiness barriers [Happiness Strategies]
Take control of your finances You’ll tackle debts, bills, savings and investing [Money & Finance]
Get and give more love You’ll address romance, friendships, energy drainers and communication skills [Relationships]
Have more time for the people and things you care about You’ll tackle priorities, streamlining, self-sabotage and schedules [Time Management]
Enjoy your family You’ll address partners, children, parents, siblings and celebrations [Family]

“Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but somehow I know that you understand the difference you make in sharing your insights, ideas and strategies that you have implemented in your own life . You have made a difference in mine, I understand I take the steps to do the work but with your guidance. I like you being part of my team.”

- Fiona

Your Instructor

Get OrganizedGal

More than 80,000 people around the world use Michele’s programs to set goals, get rid of clutter, organise their home, be more productive, take charge of their career, systematise their business, and manage their life.

Course Curriculum


How the Design Your Life Program Works

Module 0: Getting ed

Getting Set Up For Success

Download the Design Your Life Program Guide
Download the Design Your Life Action Workbook
Module 1: Personal Development

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:33)

1: Reading & Learning More
2: Personal Growth
3: Courses, Education & Training
4: Personal Habits
5: Spirituality & Mindfulness

Module 2: Health & Fitness

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:36)
6: Improving Nutrition
7: Exercising Regularly
8: Improving Health
9: Loving Your Body
10: Practicing Self-Care

Module 3: Business & Career

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:31)
11: Improving Current Work Situation
12: Getting Promoted/Promoting Your Business
13: Finding a New Job/New Business
14a: Changing Career
14b: ing a Business

Module 4: Fun & Recreation

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:32)
15: Sports & Activities
16: Hobbies & Interests
17. Finding Creative Expression
18: Planning Projects
19: Holidays & Travel; Books, Movies & DVDs

Module 5: Technology & Social Media

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:31)
20: Organizing Your Computer
21: Managing Emails
22: Managing Gadgets
23: Managing Internet & Social Media

Module 6: Home

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:31)
24: Creating a Home You Love
25: Clearing Clutter
26: Household Systems & Paperwork
27: Organizing Car & Garage
28: Simplifying Your Home & Life

Module 7: Personal Presentation

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:33)
29: Expressing Your Best Self
30: Organizing Your Wardrobe
31: Being Well-Groomed, Posed & Confident
32: Streamlining Your Handbag & Briefcase

Module 8: Happiness Strategies

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:30)
33: Having a Happiness Mindset
34: Creating a Happy Life
35: Developing Strategies for Happiness
36: Releasing Barriers to Happiness

Module 9: Money & Finance

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:32)
37: Reducing Debt
38: Improving Savings & Investment
39: Organizing Day-to-Day Finances
40: Protecting Your Family & Assets

Module 10: Relationships

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:33)
41: Taking Relationship Inventory
42: Nurturing Relationships
43: Reducing Energy Drainers
44: Enhancing Relationship Skills

Module 11: Time Management

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:39)
45: Analyzing Your Schedule
46: Streamlining Your Schedule
47: Stopping Time Wasters
48: Creating a ‘Template’ (Ideal) Schedule

Module 12: Family

Download the Workbook and Module Guide (0:33)
49: Supporting Your Partner
50: Helping & Coaching Your Children
51: Managing Other Family Issues
52: Celebrating Important Family Events

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