Gerald Soh - 50K eCom Profits - 50K Etsy Private Group Coaching 2018

Gerald Soh - 50K eCom Profits - 50K Etsy Private Group Coaching 2018.   “Discover Our New eCom Strategy That Generated$50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Da...
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Gerald Soh - 50K eCom Profits - 50K Etsy Private Group Coaching 2018

Gerald Soh - 50K eCom Profits - 50K Etsy Private Group Coaching Etsy and Shopify 2018



“Discover Our New eCom Strategy That Generated

$50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!”

This Is Your Shortcut To Generating $50K Per Month With A New eCom Strategy That Has Literally Zero Competition!

Hey, it’s Gerald here.

Give me just 5 minutes of your precious time and I’d like to reveal how we generated $50,539.47 within 30 days for our new Shopify store

- Without AliExpress or Alibaba

- Without Print on Demand

- Without Amazon

- Without eBay

By now you must be thinking, “Seriously? How is this possible?”

In short, lets just say I was fed up with the “typical way” of doing e-Commerce and decided to think outside of the box to find another new strategy.

My hard work paid off immediately as you can see from the video below that sales were coming in literally every minute and every hour (even when I’m asleep).

Here’s the truth.

We can get sales easily because our products are unique, special, rare, custom made, has high perceived value and most importantly.. zero competition! We’ve done extensive research, testing and created a system for this new strategy.

All you need to do is follow our simple step-by-step system to get sales every single day!

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, allow me to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Gerald Soh, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m an Internet Marketing Coach, Speaker and a full-time father 😉

That’s me speaking on stage at Internet Wealth Summit, sharing my life story to 200 people from all around the world.

My job is pretty simple - to help my students build profitable online e-Commerce business and to date, I’m blessed to be able to help my students to generate over USD$500,000 (RM2 Million Ringgit) in sales collectively. The best part is… they all started as a beginner!



Your Shortcut To Building A $50,000/Month e-Commerce Business With Etsy

Now this is not some 126-page ebook course..

This is a 3-hour private group coaching with me + 2 months of direct access to me + all the resources and bonuses to help you reach your goals within 90 days.

Just for your information, I charge $1,500 for a one hour consultation and my students paid me anywhere between $5,000 - $30,000 for a group or 1-on-1 coaching. My price is premium because that’s what you get - real results, all the resources that you need, proven strategies and my personal precious time.

When you invest to join our coaching program today, you’ll get access to our $50K Etsy Core System that reveals how I generated $50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!

You’ll also get access to proven methods, new tips and strategies and all the resources you need to reach your goals - from product research, to Facebook Ads, to workflow, processes, systems and much much more!

Earning Your First $10K Per Month Has Never Been Easier…

Now, the net profit of this new store is about $20K after all expenses, which is 40% of total revenue (slightly higher than industry standard because of the “unique products” advantage..

But let’s just assume your goal is to earn $10,000 in net profit within the next 30 days.

Let’s do some simple math and see how you can achieve it..

Just imagine that you have found 2 winning products (which you can easily find within just a few days) and your net profit per sale is $40.

To hit $10,000 per month in net profit, you just need 250 sales per month (about 8 sales per day).

And since you have 2 winning products, this means that you only need to get 4 sales per day for each winning products.

Only 4 sales per day!

I’m sure you agree with me that this is very realistic and achievable!

Now imagine this… in my coaching, I’ll also teach you how to scale your ads to many different countries. So if you can sell well in 5 countries, you literally just 5X your income - that’s $50,000 per month!

All I did Was…

- FINALLY helped you to build a business online that made a profit of $1,000 - $2,000 every month… would it be worth it?

- Helped you to find just two winning product that sold just 8 units a day for 2 - 3 years (that’s $10K per month)… would it be worth it?

- Gave you the confidence to know that you have the ability & the knowledge to eventually quit your job & create freedom… would it be worth it?

It would make sense to invest $10,000 to discover how to produce $10,000 - $50,000 every single month right?

But You Won’t Have To Invest $10,000…

The “official” investment in the group coaching is only $1,000..

However because you took your time to be here and are serious about building a successful e-Commerce business, we can get you started from just $600..

Join In Today & Get This Mega Combo Bonus Package

Bonus #1 - Hangout With The Experts Collection

This is a mega collection of “Hangout With The Experts” where I interviewed successful entrepreneurs, eCom experts, Facebook Ad Experts and marketers doing 6-8 figure in revenue per year. Collectively, the total net worth of everyone in this photo is easily over $100 Million Dollars. 

Some of them charge thousands of dollars for a 1 hour consultation and in our hangouts, they shared their inspiring stories, words of wisdom and proven strategies that have generated millions of dollars in sales for their businesses. 

This bonus is PRICELESS. Below are the list of speakers in no particular order:

1) Fred Lam - Built a $25 Million dollars e-Commerce empire within just a few years.

2) Nicholas Kusmich - World’s leading expert in Facebook Ads. His work has been responsible for generating tens of millions of new leads and hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

3) David Schloss - Social Advertising Expert (with the focus on FB and Instagram). Spends $3 Million dollars per month in advertising.

4) Steve Tan - 8-figure entrepreneur and created record for generating USD $2 Million in sales within 30 days with Shopify.

5) Lowell Rempel - Built multiple 8-figure companies, ranging from a retail store chain, to a marketing company (at the same time).

6) Manie Amari - Generated $371,000 within 5 weeks with Shopify.

7) Matt Schmitt - One of the biggest Shopify sellers on the planet!

8) Albert Leonardo - Facebook Marketing Coach & eCommerce Entrepreneur. Created history in TeeSpring for selling 20,000+ units of a t-shirt design.

9) Ben Malol - Facebook Marketing Expert. Built multiple 7-figure e-Commerce stores.

10) Peter Szabo - 19 year old wonder kid & Facebook Ads Expert. Spends $2 Million per year on advertising.

11) Nishant Bhardwaj - 7-Figure Multi Platform E-Commerce Entrepreneur

12) Darren Lee - Generated $100K in sales for 1 winner product with Shopify

13) Jonathan & Bridget - Started as beginners and generated $240K+ in sales within 12 months.

Bonus #2 - Secrets to $22K per day with Shopify 

In this private video call, our special guest (let’s call him Mr. X for now) revealed how he generated $22,000+ in sales within 24 hours. YES, you read that right - 24 hours. He revealed how he did the product research, how he run the ads and a lot of other golden nuggets. 

Note: This private call is not available publicly and is only for my existing students who invested $5K-$30K to join my other coaching programs. This component itself is easily worth your entire investment today.

Bonus #3 - $75K in 30 days Product Creation and Launch

In this full-fledged course, I revealed how we generated $75K in sales within 30 days of launching our digital product. We even got Alex Becker to support our launch! This was a memorable launch as we were awarded “Product of The Year” by Warrior Plus. Now this is epic 😉

Bonus #4 - Private Call With The $100 Million Dollars Underground Marketer
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