George Martin - Kaleidoscope & 3D Landscape Animation Videos

George Martin - Kaleidoscope & 3D Landscape Animation Videos digital download. Info: [WebRip - 25 AVIs, 4 MPG, 3 WMV, 1 MOV] | 1.842 GB. A series of 18 m...

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George Martin - Kaleidoscope & 3D Landscape Animation Videos

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 25 AVIs, 4 MPG, 3 WMV, 1 MOV]

File size: 1.842 GB



A series of 18 multi-colored videos that resemble what might be seen through a kaleidoscope. The videos are seamless loops so there is no noticeable start and end point in the video. The colorful and complex nature of these videos in addition to the seamless looping make them ideal for watching over the course of a session. These videos work well in start/pause mode or in brightness control such as with BxShadow. Sound can be provided by BioExplorer’s MIDI sounds or by MP3. These videos may work best for training focused on lowering arousal and calming.

The Neon ball video is a special case. It has a neon ball (surprise) that floats up to the top of the video window. It is used for a value such as coherence that has a standard value. The position of in the video can be set to match the values from the threshold. That way the ball floats up and down reflecting the value of that parameter.

A series of 15 3D videos containing fly-over animations of realistic and alien worlds, as well as several explorations of 3D fractals. Some of the landscapes are viewed from a distance while others the point of view is up close and personal. As with the kaleidoscope videos, these videos are seamless loops. The movement and 3D nature of the videos make them quite engaging, without being overly arousing. Some of the fly-by videos were the ones used in a successful study with juvenile felons. They were engaging enough to keep the boys involved throughout the sessions. Includes 22 minute journey across space.