George Hutton - Weaponized Hypnosis

Smash unwanted requests and suggestions. Obliterate attempted manipulations before they begin. Never agree to anything unless they’ve proven beyond a shado...

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Smash unwanted requests and suggestions. Obliterate attempted manipulations before they begin. Never agree to anything unless they’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt why it’s in your best interest. Format File:26 MP3’s & 2 PDF’s]

George Hutton - Weaponized Hypnosis

George Hutton - Weaponized Hypnosis

Your Mind Is Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Shot!

Why Learn Weaponized Hypnosis

The Necessity of Defensive Language

Why Assertive Communication Isn’t Enough

The Ancient Strategy of Dominance

Where To Use

Never Be Insulted Again

End Relationships Cold

Send Stalkers Fleeing In Panic

Destroy Subtle Slams

Jack Up Confidence

Non-Verbal Domination

Powerful Communication Energy

Step By Step Explanations

Know Exactly Why They Work

Understanding Faulty Human Memory

Leveraging Improper Maps Of Reality

Taking Advantage Of Shaky Attack Strength

Ancient Social Status Instincts

Why Might Makes Right

How To Defeat Might Makes Right

How To Knock Even The Mightiest Off Balance

How To Notice Implied Domination

How To Defeat Implied Domination

Simple Questions That Send Them Packing

The Undefeatable Neutral Gaze

The Unbeatable Neutral Stance

The Unanswerable Neutral Response

Subtle Dominance Games

How To Instantly Evaporate Negative Energy

Rapidly Vaporize Their Power

Digging Beneath the Surface

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The Most Vicious Language Pattern

Uncovering Embedded Insults

Defending Against Embedded Insults

Disarming Embedded Insults

Leveraging Common Human Fears

Deadly Ego Attacks

Generate Instant Fear

Create Deepening Worry

Install Unending Anxiety

How To Install Positive Beliefs

Develop X - Ray Understand

Read Everybody’s Mind

See Their True Intentions

When To Go Beyond Defensive

How To Effectively Hit Back

Leverage Common Human Fears

One Liner Ego Destruction Patterns

One Liner Anxiety Installation Patterns

One Liner Worry Amplification Patterns

How To Identify and Manage Enemies

Make Your Enemies Behave The Way You Want

Slowly Turn Your Enemies Into Friends

Collect Their Most Sensitive Areas

Powerful Verbal Assaults

Stories That Install Deep Horror

How To Make Them Wish They’d Never Met You

Absolute Plausible Deniability

Never Be Found Out

Get Everybody On Your Side

Secret Strategies Of Mental Destruction

Destroy Their Happiness

Wipe Their Memory

Give Them Nightmares

Create Havoc In Their Mind

Embedded Terror In Their Dreams

Hypnotic Horror Stories

Collection Mental Destruction Techniques

Serial Killer Pattern

They’ll Think Everybody Is A Killer

They’ll Fear Their Friends

Deep Mistrust For Neighbors

The Closet Pattern

They’ll Be Terrified At Home

They’ll Never Sleep Again

Their Life Will Unravel

Cannibal Rats Pattern

Terrified Of Sounds

Naturally Beauty Becomes Terrifying

Deep Mistrust Of Everybody

Satanic Murders Pattern

They’ll Fear The Thought Of You

They’ll Be Horrified At Your Voice

They’ll Tremble At Your Name

Memory Wipe Pattern

They’ll Forget Their Identity

They’ll Collapse Professionally

Instant Outcast

Public Torture Pattern

They’ll Believe Everybody Is A Killer

Instant Self Destruction

Sucker Punch Pattern

They’ll Fear You Completely

They’ll Avoid You Forever

They’ll Wish They Never Met You

Easy Practice Tips

Just Knowing Gives You Massive Confidence

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Belief Obliteration

Absolutely and instantly crush anybody who comes at you with a half-baked idea. Silently reach in and vaporize the minds of religious zealots, unwanted salespeople and those with oppressive political ideas. Keep your mind free from clutter and maintain your mental sovereignty.

Destroy Imposing Beliefs

Keep Your Mind Clean

Immediately Eradicate Falsehoods

Never Accept Lies Again

Devastate Illogical Suggestions

Extinguish Invalid Requests

Never Be A Sucker Again

Win Any Argument With Ease

Develop Unshakeable Conviction

Force Others To Use Facts

Realize Infinite Emotional Stability

Deadly Energy

Project an unstoppable sense of power and self control. Take in a slow, deep breath and watch them crumble in fear. Radiate micro-non-verbal communication that projects your confidence and energy.

Develop The Gaze Of Death

Look At Them Passively And Watch Them Crumble

Control Others With Body Language

Eradicate Arguments With Ease

Destroy The Most Belligerent Opponents

Deeply Subconscious Power

Hit Them With Vicious Pauses

Unleash Terrifying Tonality

Sit Back While They Destroy Themselves

Others Nervous Around You

Unshakeable Sense of Self

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Dominating Presence

Be the center of attention in any room. Prepare to speak and feel the hush of silence as they wait. Destroy any attacks before they begin with a stare of unstoppable domination.

Command Entire Rooms With Body Language

Persuade With Few Words

Stun Them With A Smile

Use Gestures That Make Them Weep

Make Powerful People Submit

Always Alpha In Every Situation

Others Beg For Your Approval

Infinite Confidence

Eradicate All Self Doubt

Always Own Your Space

Powerful Concentration

Imposition Elimination

Smash unwanted requests and suggestions. Obliterate attempted manipulations before they begin. Never agree to anything unless they’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt why it’s in your best interest.

Destroy Unwanted Approaches

Liquidate Unwanted Requests

Never Be On The Hook Again

Make Silly Questions Self Destruct

Pre-Manipulation Destruction

Become Impervious To Insults

Own Every Second Of Your Time

Demand They Justify Your Attention

Require They Demonstrate The Value To You

Be A Salesperson’s Worst Nightmare

Back Them Down With A Glance

Neutral Responder

Remain calm and collected no matter how emotional they get. Maintain your center and intellect to respond with strategic power and intelligence. Never be put off balance again. Be the adult to their child.

Always Remain Calm

Never Let Them Get To You

Maintain Total Evenness

Always Control Your Emotions

Maintain Relaxed Assertiveness

Save Your Energy For Important Matters

Make Any Imposer Feel Foolish

Always Maintain Presence Of Mind

Powerfully Persuasive

Irresistibly Seductive

Easily Destroy The Strongest Frames

Unbreakable Frame

Make your view of the world the dominant one wherever you are. Get them to voluntarily ditch their beliefs just to speak with you. Create a reputation of deep respect and admiration.

Never Lose An Argument

Always Be In Control

Others Beg To Enter

Win The Most Complex Arguments

Ever Present Social Domination

Always Ruler Of Your World

Talk Your Way In Or Out Of Any Situation

Be Treated With Utmost Respect

Radiate Royal Energy

Instantly Capture Their Attention

Speak Words That Alter History

Verbal Assassin

Obliterate any targets with ease. Crush their belief systems, their memories, or even their identity with deadly precision. If they come at you with insults intended to harm you or your reputation, return fire with deadly and obliterating force.

Quickly Destroy Their Minds

Obliterate Their Confidence

Crush Their Beliefs

Generate Deep Fear In Their Heart

Abolish Any Ill Intentions

Instantly Make Them An Outcast

Exterminate Any Desire To Harm

Freeze Their Brains Mid-Sentence

Demolish Their Self Respect

Instant Elimination From Your Life

Permanent Mental Erasure

Master Mix

Use to balance your destructive powers or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once. Use to resonate your inner assassin throughout your entire being.

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Pre-Game Confrontations

4V Theta Master - Quick Reprogramming

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Steady Growth In All Areas

Extreme Self Confidence

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