George Hutton - Sex Transmutation

Obliterate any first level worries. Feel complete trust in yourself to pay the bills and rent on time. Destroy any short term monetary worries. Bind your s...

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Obliterate any first level worries. Feel complete trust in yourself to pay the bills and rent on time. Destroy any short term monetary worries. Bind your sexual energy to a deep faith in your ability to keep yourself fed, clothes and with adequate shelter. Format File:26 MP3’s & 2 PDF’s]


George Hutton - Sex Transmutation

George Hutton - Sex Transmutation

Transform Your Unlimited Energy Source for Increased Intelligence, Magnetic Social Skills and Endless Prosperity

Conscious Training

Level One

This concerns our most basic needs. Food, shelter, survival. Our most basic fears and worries about money. Of getting or not getting enough to eat. Of being able to or not being able to pay the rent. These most basic needs must not only be satisfied but we must be confident they can be satisfied before we can even think of anything else.

Ancient Tribal Needs

Understanding the Reproductive Drive

How To Build Food Trust

Naturally Move Away From Fear

Feel Spiritual Hope

Recognize Your Spiritual Spark

Biological Cycle of Life Meditation

Infinite Cycle Breathing Exercise

Metaphysical Trust Building

Exercises To Believe Before Seeing

Anchor Sex Energy To First Level Appreciation

Level Two

Once we get our very basic needs met, food, shelter, safety, we can start to enjoy these things. As soon as we have enough food, our interests turn to how we can enjoy this food. How can enjoy our shelter and our clothing. After all, we want to live in a cool house and look nice when we go out!

Secrets of Easy Enjoyment

The Power of Charity

The Subtle Border of Surplus

Food Shopping Meditations

Architectural Appreciation Meditation

Hidden Level Two Spiritual Dangers

The Truth of the Seven Deadly Sins

Secrets To Choosing Well

True Authenticity

How to Avoid The Debt Trap

Elicit Subconscious Appreciation From Others

Level Three

After are most basic desires are not only taken are of but enjoyed, our next place to focus our attention on is ourselves. Who are we anyway? Are we good or bad? How the heck do we know? What kinds of things can we do to make ourselves better?

Develop Genuine Self Confidence

Why We Are Terrified of Introspection

How To Love Your Thoughts

Radiate Irresistible Sexual Charisma

Develop a Deep Drive To Share Yourself

Elevated Raw Sexual Power

How To Define Your Frame For Others

Anchor Sexual Energy To Your Truth

Recognize Your Inner Spiritual Observer

Access Deep Peace In Any Situation

Leverage Your Inner Infinite Resources

Level Four

Once we’ve got a decent idea about ourselves, we turn our focus on all those other people in our world. Who are they? Are some of them like us? Will we enjoy their company? Will we enjoy theirs? Wouldn’t it be cool if could find a bunch of people just like us and be able to enjoy each other’s company?

How We Feel About Others

The Deep Drive For Social Status

How To Escape The Status Contest Game

The Ancient Reasons For Organized Religions

The Creation Of The Ego

How To Out Frame Your Ego

How To See The Spirit Self In Others

The Secret of Einstein’s Paradox

Develop Comfort With Uncertainty

How To Safely Radiate Sexual Energy

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Unleash Infinite Interpersonal Charisma And Magnetism

Level Five

Now we’re cooking with gas! We’ve found some cool people, now it’s time to figure out what’s on their minds and share with them what’s on our mind! This is the stuff of society, of togetherness, of starting to realize this crazy life actually might have some meaning!

Subconscious Persuasion and Influence

The Power of Collective Hallucinations

How Thoughts Become Things

How Our Ideas Mix With Theirs

Leverage The Sex of Ideas

Idea Reproduction and Evolution of Ideas

How To Manifest Metaphysical Ideas

How To Collectively Build Metaphysical Ideas

Spiritual Oriented Hallucinations

Sexually Charged Metaphysical Ideas

Deep Enjoyment of Being The Center of Social Situations

Level Six

This is when things start to become magic. We’re well fed and we look good. We’re surrounded by cool people who think we’re cool. We’re all vibing with one another and we’re starting to come up with some big ideas. Ideas that are bigger than us. Ideas we can look and feel like there really is something important going on here. Ideas that can transcend even the thought of us, and them, a metaphysical binding force that silently resonates among all men and women.

Big Picture Ideas

Long Range Spiritual Plans

See Yourself In Relation to The Metaphysical

Secrets Of the Gold Rush

The Development of Natural Laws

Why Hallucinations Can Be Infinitely Compelling

Why We Are Obedient To Ideas

Origins Of Heavenly Laws

Origins Of Spiritual Hierarchies

How To Contemplate Spiritual Laws

The Divineness of Sexual Energy

Level Seven

Some of these big ideas are cool, but some of them are just….wow. How can you even express them? We all know these are there, but simple human words just cannot describe this things, bigger than us, bigger than life, that we all know and share, but can only imagine. Just sitting together with our family and friends, contemplating the mysteries of life, the universe, who we are, why were are here…

How To Live Beyond Your Life

Our Inherent Drives For Legacy

Impact on Society

Live To Your Highest Potential

Truth Of A Self Actualized Life

The Meta Life Intelligence Theory

The Spiritual-Physical Oscillation

The Enlightened Orientation

The Infinite Presence of ycles

Appreciating Mental Approaches To Infinity

Sexual Energy Approaches to Self Actualization

Subliminal Programming

Level One

Obliterate any first level worries. Feel complete trust in yourself to pay the bills and rent on time. Destroy any short term monetary worries. Bind your sexual energy to a deep faith in your ability to keep yourself fed, clothes and with adequate shelter.

Obliteration of First Level Fears

Complete Faith In Safety

Eliminate All Money Worries

Complete Trust In Your Health

Opening of First Level Sexual Energy

Opening of First Level Spiritual Energy

Release All Financial Fears

Complete Self Trust

Release All Disbelief and Lack

Level Two

Learn to appreciate material things separate form social status concerns. Feel the connection with your earning potential and how well you satisfy your basic needs. Maximize your earning creativity to enjoy the good things in life with your infinite sexual energy.

Awakening of Creative Energy

Multi-Faceted Sexual Energy

Infinite Imagination

Unbounded Innovation

Deep Appreciation of Physical Sensations

Leave Behind Lack Completely

Appreciate Surplus of Energy

Recognize Surplus of Power

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Increasing Boundaries of Self

Level Three

Look inward and love what you find. Develop genuine self confidence and appreciation. Learn to radiate true self love, powered by your infinite sexual energy.

Awakened Self Esteem

Genuine Self Love

Infinite Self Appreciation

Recognition of Spiritual Self

Connection With Divine Presence

Discover Unending Validation

Radiate Powerful Self Assurance

Attract Genuine Admiration

Sexually Charged Self Confidence

Level Four

Develop a deep appreciation and respect for others that comes from your authentic self. Trust that you will find plenty of people to commune with. Radiate your inner truth and find as many soul mates as you like.

Appreciation Of Others

Easy Interpersonal Interactions

Express Yourself Openly and Naturally

Become Truly Authentic With Others

Develop Deep Relationships

Encourage True Friendships

Radiate Irresistible Sexual Magnetism

Become Mysteriously Attractive

Naturally Magnetic Social Skills

Level Five

Communicate with elegance, persuasion, and deep subconscious rapport, powered by transmuted sexual energy. Become magnetic and charismatic, and enjoy deeper relationships with others. Leverage your infinite sexual energy for irresistibly attractive personal sexual magnetism.

Infinitely Persuasive Communication

Effortless Influence

Natural Conversational Skills

People Readily Agree With You

Insanely Attractive Energy

People Naturally Drawn To You

Powerfully Attractive Sexual Energy

Subconsciously Radiant Sexual Power

Become Instantly Recognized As Authority

Level Six

Create big ideas with others who are on the same wavelength. Understand the process of leveraging transmuted sexual energy to move a collective idea from the metaphysical plane to the physical plane. Become part of something much bigger than yourself.

Commune With Big Picture Ideas

Become One With Big Plans

Easily Visualize Long Range Goals

Unleash Unstoppable Motivation

Commune With Spiritual Self

Feel Essential To Society

Recognize The Importance of Your Life

Radiate Your Significance To Others

Communicate With Wordless Appreciation

Level Seven

Learn to contemplate the infinite. Merge your sexual energy, your emotional energy with the true nature of existence, as you contemplate it. Feel a real connection to the divine through sexually powered visualizations.

Feel Your Lasting Impact On Society

Feel Universal Sexual Power

Deep Meditative Insights

Feel Eternal Resonance

Achieve Infinite Peace

Understand Your Purpose

Appreciate Deep Beauty In All Things

Access Universal Knowledge

Resonate With Eternal Spiritual Truths

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your sex energy or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once. Use to resonate your sex energy throughout your entire being, both physical and spiritual.

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Slow Growth In All Areas

Divine Sexual Meditation

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