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Obliterate Shyness, Blast Away Social Anxiety and Destroy Anything Else That’s Stopping You From Easily and Confidently Talking to Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime!

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

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Dear Friend,

You don’t have nearly enough social confidence. And it’s ruining your life. It’s keeping you on the sidelines and out of the game. It’s keeping you from earning what you deserve, making the friends you deserve, and creating the relationships you deserve.

How Do I Know This?

Because I also know that you aren’t broken. You aren’t deficient. It doesn’t matter of you’ve tried every book, NLP program and hypnosis session on the planet. There’s not a problem with your brain. There’s no issue with your emotions. There’s absolutely wrong with your upbringing.

So What’s The Problem?

The problem is that it’s easy inside your mind. It’s easy to rationalize why you shouldn’t get nervous. But when you are put on the spot, when it’s your turn to get up and speak, when it comes time to walk across the bar and talk to that cute girl or guy, something happens.

The REAL Cause of Social Anxiety

Everybody has social anxiety. Not just you. Everybody. But most people will NEVER admit to this. Not to their buddies, not to their girlfriends, and certainly not to their coworkers. But it’s there.

How Do I Know?

Because social anxiety is just like hunger. If you’re human, you feel hungry. What does not feeling completely social confidence, all the time have to do with hunger?

Because large social situations filled with people you don’t know aren’t your natural state. Being surrounded by friends and family is.

And unless you are a secret X-Men or some kind of sociopath, you are not as confident as you want to be. As you can be. As you are going to be once you understand the easy and natural steps to get there.

Everybody Wants More Confidence

Yes, you read that right. Every-effing-body. But most people are good at faking it. Most people are good at pretending. Even world class actors get stage fright. None would ever admit it. But it’s there. It’s always there.

Not Any More!

The reason is based on how our brains work. How we think about people we don’t know. The ancient programming that runs our bodies, minds and emotions. That pesky fight or flight mechanism that kicks in when there is zero danger.

Giving a speech isn’t dangerous. Starting a conversation with strangers isn’t dangerous. Talking to attractive people and creating relationships isn’t dangerous. But your inner mind doesn’t think so. Every single time you do something that triggers the ancient and no longer useful fear of social rejection, that same fight or flight mechanism flips on.

That same fight of flight mechanism that keeps us scared of tigers thinks we’re going to be killed if we give a speech to a group of strangers!

Gee Thanks!

No More Social Anxiety

But you can trick your inner mind. You can retrain your inner mind. Not just temporarily, but permanently. With the step by step processes, exercises, and listening sessions in this course, you will soon be RID of that ANNOYING lack of Maximum Social Confidence in no time.

Just take a moment, now, as you are reading this, to imagine what it WILL be like when you are completely confident. When talking to strangers is as easy as talking to yourself in the mirror. When giving a speech in front of strangers is as easy as singing in the shower. When walking up and talking to the most gorgeous person in the room is JUST as simple as opening up your fridge to grab a cool one.

Your Benefits Of Maximum Social Confidence


  • Build Relationships Any Time
  • Build Relationships With Any Body
  • Give Speeches with Maximum Confidence
  • Talk to Powerful People Easily
  • Expanded Social Creativity
  • Massive Social Circle
  • Always Have Backup
  • Make Friends Anywhere Anytime
  • Easily Start Conversations With Anybody
  • Always Be The Life Of The Party
  • Ever Growing Contact List


Why This Course Is Different

Most ideas of increasing any kind of social confidence require that you face and conquer your fears. That you “feel the fear and do it anyway.” That you “fake it until you make it.” That you just swallow your fears and charge ahead, proving again and again how fake your fears are.

But we at Mind Persuasion say SCREW THAT! Who the heck wants to run directly into your fears? Not me! Luckily, we’ve come up with a much easier way to conquer whatever social fears or anxieties you have. By combining a cutting edge collection of visualization exercises, several different kinds of hypnosis sessions, you will do the OPPOSITE of what every other technique recommends you do.

Comfort Zone Expansion

No matter what you want to do, unless it exists on the INSIDE of your comfort zone, it’s going to be scary as hell. EVERYBODY has a comfort zone. Sure, some have bigger comfort zones than others, but one of the rock solid truths about human nature is NOBODY likes going outside their comfort zone.

And in this course, you WILL NOT EVER need to go outside your comfort zone. See, most courses force you OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, even if just a little bit. For thousands of years, that’s always been the go-to way to expand what you’re comfortable doing.

Stay Inside Where It’s Safe

But you are going to do the opposite. You are NOT going to go outside your comfort zone, EVER. Because YOU will be expanding your comfort zone FIRST.

Right now, there are things you’re comfortable doing, and things you’re not comfortable doing. But as you expand your comfort zone, using the combination of techniques and hypnosis sessions in this course, as you expand your comfort zone, you’ll expand the things that FEEL EASY.

Whatever you would like to do now, but are a little nervous about, they will become easy. Even things you are terrified to do now, will become easy.

This course will slowly transform how you see the world. Things that you want to do, like talking to strangers, giving powerfully persuasive speeches, collecting phone numbers like a master PUA, will seem incredibly easy. Just as easy as choosing which apple to buy at the supermarket.

Soon YOU will have MASSIVE SOCIAL CONFIDENCE. This will make you more attractive, able to earn more money, able to create better relationships, even expand what you think is possible.

What’s In This Course

This is a four part course. A written manual, and three different kinds of hypnosis sessions. Each one targeting a different part of your mind. Your deep, subconscious mind. The interface between your conscious and subconscious. And your higher mind. The four of these techniques combined will significantly expand your comfort zone as big as you want it to be. So big that you will see the world, and everything in it, as your own personal playground.

Written Manual

This will take you on an intellectual journey, step by step, and explain exactly why YOU and everybody else on planet earth has social anxiety. You’ll learn why it’s not your fault, it’s not an indication of any kind of deficiency, in fact, you’ll learn that having social anxiety, of any level, is completely normal.

What’s Inside


  • Why You Have Social Anxiety
  • The Reason For Social Fear
  • Why Everybody Gossips
  • Why We Fear Gossip
  • The Myth of Your Tribe
  • The Idea of Incongruent Instincts
  • Why Learned Instincts Can Be Overcome
  • How To Rewire Your Brain
  • How To Leverage Your Ancient Instincts
  • The Idea Of the Social Entrepreneur
  • How To See People As Resources
  • The Best Place To Safely Practice Talking To People
  • How To Slowly And Safely Improve Your Social Skills
  • How To Feel Popular Everywhere You Go
  • How To Always Leave Them Wanting More
  • The Secret To Building Lasting Relationships
  • How To See The Unfamiliar as Familiar
  • How To Feel That People Need You
  • How To Easily Collect Contact Information
  • The Best Places Where People Want Your Contact Information
  • The Secret Technique of Journaling
  • Your Top Secret Weapon To Reading People Like Books
  • How To Develop Super Human Social Intelligence
  • How To Hold Several Conversational Threads In Mind at Once
  • Much, Much, More


Deep Mind Programming

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

If you’ve ever used Mind Persuasion’s 256-voice hypnosis sessions, you know how INSANELY powerful they are. Each session contains over 200 positive statements, all being spoken by 256 voices at once. Far too many for your “conscious critic” to question. Because they are augmented with theta brainwave eliciting technology, they pass straight into your deep subconscious mind, reprogramming your thinking on a deep and permanent level. Just close your eyes, think of what you’d like, and let the sounds do the work. In addition to all the voices, the statements are spoken in first and second person (I and you) as well as male and female voices. This is to obliterate those negative beliefs with as much mental firepower as possible. Those old beliefs don’t stand a chance!

Conscious - Subconscious

Interface Programming

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

These target the layer just where the subconscious and conscious mind merge as one. You’ll hear four voices speaking at once, two male and two female. They are also backed by theta brainwave inducing sounds, which allow your mind to be completely open to new ideas. If you pay close attention, you can be able to understand what they are saying. And if you relax, you can simply let these slip into your subconscious.

These will be planted like seeds, in your memory, just on the border between your conscious and unconscious mind. So when you are in social situations where you want to feel more confident, you will have a conscious memory of not only these voices, but the strong positive feelings they naturally create. This will generate your own cheerleading team, always there with you, always supporting you, and always helping you remember you best self, in all situations. You’ll be able to easily recall these voices and supporting emotions everywhere you go.

Higher Mind Programming

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

These also contain four voices, two male and two female. But they are accompanied by gamma inducing technology, which will elicit extremely high brainwaves. These will awaken your higher mind and bring you to a completely new intuitive level understanding of human behavior. These sessions can be used while actually out and interacting with others. These will give you an incredible boost of confidence in the moment, almost like a powerful social anxiety killing drug, but without the drowsiness or side effects. These are specifically designed to make you feel positive, outgoing and feel absolutely safe no matter where you are or who you are with.

When you combine these gamma sessions and the exercises, your old anxieties don’t stand a chance. Just find a place to relax, journal and watch people, and feel those old social fears readily melting away.

Each of these three types of mind programming has seven different themes each, totaling twenty one separate sessions.

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

Session Descriptions

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

People Want You

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence
This will give you that “IN-DEMAND” feeling. That wherever you go people are secretly hoping that you will approach them and talk to them. This will replace any social anxiety you have with a deep knowing that people want you.

  • Feel A Deep Desire From Others
  • Approach With Massive Confidence
  • Feel Comfortable Around Strangers
  • Never Feel Shy Again
  • Easily Go Out Alone
  • The World Is Your Playground
  • Feel Magnetic Desire From Others
  • Always Be The Star Of The Party
  • Enjoy Solo Approaches


Gargantuan Self Esteem

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

This is to build a huge feeling of value. So when you even consider talking to somebody else, you will have a deep knowing that you have tons to offer them, and they will gain massive benefit from interacting with you.

  • Genuine Self-Confidence
  • Immense Self Worth
  • Bring Value To Any Conversation
  • Be Treated With Massive Respect
  • Never Be Embarrassed Again
  • Speak With Confidence
  • Genuine Charisma
  • Release All Doubt
  • Complete Self-Acceptance


Social Flirt

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

This will create the belief that you are person who walks up to people, makes them feel fantastic, and then leaves them BEGGING for more. You are the person everybody looks at with a hopeful expression on their face when you walk into the room.

  • Be The Life Of The Party
  • Playfully Flirt With Anybody
  • Touch Others With Perfection
  • Be Loved Everywhere You Go
  • Approach Any Group With Ease
  • Leave Desperate Smiles Behind
  • Always Be Remembered
  • Get Them Dreaming About You
  • Never Be Lonely Again


Strong Boundaries

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

Never again will you fear expressing your boundaries. If anybody ever steps over your boundaries even by one nano-meter, you will naturally and easily tell them so. And you will learn from experience that setting boundaries is one of the most attractive things you can do.

  • Massive Assertiveness
  • Easily Say No
  • Zero Fear Of Others
  • Obliterate Fear of Rejection
  • Gain Deep Respect From Others
  • Train People How To Treat You
  • People Desperate To Be In Your Circle
  • Easily Ask For Anything
  • Powerfully Protective Limits


People Person

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

This will build the belief that you are, and always have been, a people person. That you are comfortable meeting new people, that you feel comfortable around people. You will think more creatively about other people as resources, rather than obstacles or barriers. When you see people, you will feel a curiosity that compels you to find out more about them.

  • See People As Treasure
  • See People As Resources
  • Be Comfortable Around Anybody
  • Easily Talk To Anybody About Anything
  • Expand Your Creative Mind
  • Create Powerful Groups
  • Create Powerful Strategies
  • Be Hired In Any Industry
  • Easily Communicate In Any Style


Social Entrepreneur

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

This will create the feeling that you are an advanced human, having left your ego based fears behind. You will have a strong feeling of familiarity as you go into any crowd and see it FILLED with raw materials that you, the Social Entrepreneur can turn into wonderful things.

  • Always Be Building
  • Create Relationships With Ease
  • Have Friends Everywhere You Go
  • See The World Filled With Potential
  • Able To Create A Party Anywhere
  • Always Be In Demand At Social Events
  • Your Phone Filled With Numbers
  • Make Friends Anywhere
  • Think Outside The Box


Powerful Social Circle

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence

This will build belief that you have a huge group of loyal and supportive friends. Massive social proof that will radiate from you wherever you go. You will feel a deep connection to everybody on Earth, and everybody you interact with will sense this in your energy, and be desperate to be part of your social circle.

  • Supportive Friends Everywhere
  • Always Be Included
  • Develop Deep Relationships
  • Network Like A Pro
  • Always Know Who To Call
  • Powerful Problem Solving
  • Unlimited Romantic Options
  • Powerful List Of References
  • Unlimited Employment Options


Master Mix

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence
Each mind programming levels comes with its own Master Mix. All sessions mixed into one powerful session to give you an equal dose of each theme.

  • Deep Mind Master Mix - 1792 Voices
  • Conscious-Subconscious Interface Master Mix - 28 Voices
  • Higher Mind Master Mix - 28 Voices

George Hutton - Maximum Social Confidence