Gemma Leigh Roberts - Building Resilience as a Leader

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Gemma Leigh Roberts - Building Resilience as a Leader digital download. Info: [ Webrips 13 (Mp4) + 1 Document (PDF)]. In this course, psychologist and e...
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Gemma Leigh Roberts - Building Resilience as a Leader

Type: Digital download

Format: [ Webrips 13 (Mp4) + 1 Document (PDF)]



Building Resilience as a Leader

By:  Gemma Leigh Roberts

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 42m 55s

Released: June 20, 2019


Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can help you face challenges, navigate obstacles, and thrive in your role. But it can also help you lead your team and your business to bigger and better results. In this course, psychologist and executive coach Gemma Leigh Roberts helps you develop a resilient mindset, a resilient team, and a resilient organization, which can weather risk and change. The tips Gemma offers are approachable and actionable—designed for busy leaders who need an extra edge to survive and thrive in challenging times.


  • Creating a Leadership Edge
  • 1. Developing Resilience as a Leader
  • 2. Creating a Thriving Team
  • 3. Enhancing Business Resilience
  • Conclusion


Chartered psychologist and LinkedIn Learning instructor Gemma Leigh Roberts founded The Resilience Edge.

Over 2.5 million learners have watched Gemma's online courses on topics such as psychological resilience, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset. She works with companies like BP, Oracle, HSBC, Allstate, Microsoft, and Disney to help create resilient teams.

Gemma is releasing her first book in spring 2022. Over 350,000 people subscribe to her Mindset Matters LinkedIn newsletter. She regularly writes for and features in Stylist, the Guardian, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and Business Insider and has appeared on the BBC. She lives in Berkshire, UK.