Gary Fields - Bottom Line Management

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Gary Fields - Bottom Line Management digital download. Info: [ eBook (PDF) ]. Bottom Line Management presents a new approach to management. It will help...
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Gary Fields - Bottom Line Management

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Format: [ eBook (PDF) ]



Bottom Line Management

By: Gary Fields

Publisher: Springer (2009)

Pages: 106

Format: Ebook (PDF)

  • The author has been an Ivy League teacher and professor for more than thirty years and is very active in consulting

  • New and very focused approach to managerial decision-making

  • Helps being better at making decisions, managing others, and contributing to organizational success


Bottom Line Management presents a new approach to management. It will help you if you are a senior manager in an organization and have a seat at the table where key decisions are made. It will help you be a valued employee recognized as doing the good work of the organization.

What makes you valuable to your organization? You’re valuable if the organization would lose out if it weren’t paying you for your input. The head would have significantly more to do if you weren’t there. Without you, less would be produced. In your absence, poorer decisions would be made.

But in order for you to be valuable, your input must truly be valuable. Your input cannot be valuable if you do not know what the organization is trying to achieve and what strategy the head of the organization and the other leaders have adopted to try to achieve it, or if you cannot contribute to the making of good, sound, purposeful decisions.

Bottom Line Management will help you understand the organization’s bottom line and contribute to it.

Bottom Line Management gives you essential tools so that you can truly be valuable to your organization.

Table Of Contents

  • Bottom Line Management: An Introduction
    Pages 1-9
  • Purposeful Behavior: What Are We Working Toward?
    Pages 11-21
  • Five Types of Organizational Bottom Lines
    Pages 23-33
  • Benefits, Costs, Profits, and the Good Work of the Organization
    Pages 35-48
  • Making Decisions to Maximize the Bottom Line
    Pages 49-60
  • Three Good Decision Rules and Many, Many Bad Ones
    Pages 61-75
  • Making Investment Decisions: Rate of Return and Net Present Value
    Pages 77-89
  • Making Interdependent Decisions: People, Process, and Technology
    Pages 91-102
  • Bottom Line Management: An Executive Summary
    Pages 103-106