Gary Brodsky - How To Be A Gigolo

Gary Brodsky - How To Be A Gigolo digital download. Info: [ 2 CDs - MP3, e-Book-PDF ] | 65.31 MB. Imagine a life-style where pretty rich lonely women bu...

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Gary Brodsky - How To Be A Gigolo

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 2 CDs - MP3, e-Book-PDF ]

File size: 65.31 MB



I Gary Brodsky was a gigolo!

You got it right a gigolo. I had women paying me for sex and fun. I'm not kidding. In the mid eighties to the early nineties, women, rich sexy women paid me to have sex with them.

I've never went public with this information before but now I'm finally breaking loose and I'm willing to teach you HOW TO BE A GIGALO in my 2 CD set. I'll put you on the path to the greatest life-style money can buy, and the best part of your new lifestyle will be that you won't pay for it, your rich clients will pay for you, gladly.

  • You will get laid and paid and love it
  • You will really feel alive like never before
  • You will be seen as God's gift to woman
  • You don't have to ever worry about dating again
  • You won't have any of the normal worries people have in relationships
  • You know you're going to have sex at the end of the date and get paid for it
  • The worst relationship you will ever have in this is if some woman's check bounces
  • I will show you how to get them to notice you want you and allowing them to know you as your business
  • What to say and get clients and the benefits you will reap

When I was a gigolo I took cash, checks and credit cards. Today you can even take PayPal!

And if you don't want to get paid for sex, you want to give it away for free - HOW TO BE A GIGOLO will teach you so much about women from a unique perspective that only a few men have ever known.

The stories are true and they are incredible and you can have your own-right away!

Imagine a life-style where pretty rich lonely women buy you things, cosigning loans, and give you cash, checks, cars, what ever you want. Think about it, most guys work so they can get laid. Getting laid was my work and the money was pure profit.

You have to admit its one hell of a lifestyle. I lived it I know!

Did you ever notice how many lonely women out there? Well there are tons, all the hot ones you see that don't want a real relationship, married, or busy with careers-those are all potential clients.

These are the only CD's that teaches you about a hidden world of women, money and sex that most men have never seen.

It is easier than you think.