Gait Analysis & Training: Solutions for Painful Musculoskeletal Syndromes and Neurological Conditions

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A deviance to gait can have significant impact on a patient’s independence.  They’re no longer able to do the things they love and worse – are at higher ri...
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Damien Howell
5 Hours 34 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jul 20, 2020


A deviance to gait can have significant impact on a patient’s independence.  They’re no longer able to do the things they love and worse – are at higher risk for falls that can lead to significant hospitalization.

Analyzing human gait can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We will explore why you see what you see during gait - and how you can improve function for long-term success. You’ll have thought provoking discussions and labs during this seminar that will teach you the ins and outs of real-time gait analysis and gait deviation.  And best of all – you won’t need expensive equipment to get life changing results!

Drawing on decades of experience, Dr. Howell will provide you the skills and techniques you need to:

  • Quickly identify and correct gait dysfunction
  • Reduce fall risk
  • Enable patients to run/walk farther and faster, injury free
  • Decrease use of adaptive equipment

You will learn interventions that are both fun and rewarding that will ultimately improve the lives of your patients.

Walk away with advanced gait techniques that can be implemented immediately within your practice.



Exploratory discussions and labs throughout!

Quickly Identify the Issue: Real-Time Gait Analysis

  • Best practices for capturing 2D video 
  • Software apps, smart phone app and editing 
  • Privacy, documentation, EMR 
  • Individualized evidence-based practice- working hypothesis

Spot the dysfunction!  

Hands-On Guide to Gait Deviation vs Gait Compensation 

  • Kinematic and kinetic gait parameters 
  • Associated pain syndromes 
  • Symptom modification approach 
  • Therapeutic exercise 
  • Adaptive Equipment

Strategies for Regional Pain Syndromes 

  • Geriatric gait fall risk 
  • Piriformis gluteal tendinopathy syndrome 
  • Post-op: joint replacements 
    • Knee osteoarthritis 
    • Hip osteoarthritis 
  • IT band syndrome, patella femoral arthralgia 
  • Stress fractures 
  • Achilles tendinopathy 
  • Plantar heel pain 
  • Hallux limitus 
  • Metatarsalgia

Tools You Need for Pain Syndromes During Gait 

  • Verbal cues for gait training 
  • Implicit vs explicit motor learning 
  • Wearables 
  • Orthotics, shoe therapy + adaptive equipment 
  • Side effects of interventions 
  • Principles of analysis applied to neurological conditions


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Damien Howell PT, DPT, OCS is experienced in academic, clinical, and continuing education teaching. His graduate studies were at University of Pennsylvania; Virginia Commonwealth University; and Washington University St. Louis with Academic appointments at Indiana University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Howell is an active clinician who is eager to share what he has learned from his extensive clinical experience. He has presented on gait analysis and gait training to nearly 1000 health professionals across the US.  He also has a history of professional leadership roles with the American Physical Therapy Association, Virginia Physical Therapy Board, and Virginia Board of Health Professions.  Damien has received several prestigious awards including: Virginia Physical Therapy Association Jack Echternach Research Award; APTA State Legislative Leadership Award; Virginia Physical Therapy Association Beb Cash Award for Clinical Excellence. Dr. Howell continues to provide evidence-based, client centered healthcare in an innovative engaging way to clients, while mentoring, teaching, and leading peers to transform the way physical therapy is practiced.