Friedemann Findeisen - THE HOOK CHECKLIST

Friedemann Findeisen - THE HOOK CHECKLISTTHE HOOK CHECKLIST (incl. “Reading Notation”) 7 Killer Techniques For Improving Your HooksIn this workshop, I do somet...
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Friedemann Findeisen - THE HOOK CHECKLIST

Friedemann Findeisen - THE HOOK CHECKLIST

THE HOOK CHECKLIST (incl. “Reading Notation”)

7 Killer Techniques For Improving Your Hooks

In this workshop, I do something I’ve never done before in a course and that’s fixing hooks that people have sent in.

So instead of just the theory and exercises, now you can watch me in action as I take apart melodies and rewrite them using the 7 Techniques taught in this course.

As a bonus, you also get a PDF summarizing the 7 points that you can print out as a reminder for the next time you’re writing songs.

And even better, you also get a 30-minute Quickfix class on how to read music. This course uses notation so you will need it and it only makes sense for it to be included.

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Friedemann Findeisen

Friedemann Findeisen is a music profiler, songwriter/producer and songwriting coach.

After spending some time at International Music College Freiburg, Friedemann realized that he had made a mistake studying jazz guitar. For two years he had spent every day trying to improve his playing technique - with no success. Rehearsing scales was not his thing. Instead, under the radar of his teachers, Friedemann wrote songs.

When he barely made his final guitar exam and his composition teacher (and creative director of the school) Bernhard G. Hoffmann heard his songs and told him “There is nothing more I can teach you”, Friedemann quit the program and moved to the Netherlands. Here, he studied MediaMusic and his songwriting exploded.

In the following four years, Friedemann played in front of over a 100,000 people with his band, conducted his music in front of a live orchestra, was featured on prime time television, won two composition awards, had his music going to Cannes Film Festival and worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. He has received recommendations from songwriters Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira) and René Merkelbach (Within Temptation), orchestrator Conrad Pope (The Hobbit, Harry Potter) and composer Jeff Rona (Traffic, God Of War III).

At 31, he now has written a best-selling book, has over 370,000 subscribers on YouTube and does music profiling for some of the biggest producers in the country.

Course Curriculum


Part 1: Introduction
  • 01 - Who am I? (4:50)

  • 02 - The 3 Pillars (4:41)

  • 03 - Memorability (3:16)

  • 04 - Interest (2:02)
  • 05 - Dancability (4:15)
  • 06 - Flow (5:53)
  • 07 - Emotion (2:55)
  • 08 - Standout (5:27)
  • 09 - Lyrics (15:27)
Part 3: Applying The 7 Rules
  • 10 - Feedback “Amen” (22:37)

  • 11 - Feedback “Too Comfortable” (15:43)


  • PDF Summary

  • QUICKFIX Reading Notation (27:46)


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