Frederic Patenaude – Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Frederic Patenaude – Savory Raw Dinner Recipes digital download. Info: [DVDRip - MP4, 1 eBook - PDF] | 1.699 GB. Ultra-low fat, ultra simple recipes. The...

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Frederic Patenaude – Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

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Format: [DVDRip - MP4, 1 eBook - PDF]

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Who Else is Tired of Eating Fruit All Day
Long and Is Craving Something
Substantial and SAVORY at Dinnertime?

Here’s How to Overcome the Last Hurdle Towards Succeeding on a High-Raw or All-Raw Lifestyle With Delicious, Low Fat, Savory Recipes for the Dinner Table

By Frederic Patenaude

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Beat Your Dinnertime Cooked Food Cravings With Amazingly Easy, Low-Fat and Delicious SAVORY Recipes. How about a low fat raw vegan burrito?

Do you find it easy to eat raw during the day, but difficult at night?

Do you find that when dinner arrives, you crave something more savory than a simple fruit meal or a smoothie?

Do you find that literally all of your cravings for cooked and/or unhealthy junk food occur after 5 p.m.?

If you’ve tried to eat all raw or mostly raw, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Let’s be clear: eating raw food is a breeze during the day!

If you’ve tried eating raw, you know that changing your breakfast isn’t that hard. If you’re like most people, you’re probably not even that hungry for breakfast, so switching to a fruit meal, a smoothie, or a glass of fresh juice isn’t difficult.

But do you find that even when you’ve eaten a lot of fruit during the day, you want something different for dinner?

For dinner, the idea of eating yet another piece of fruit or a smoothie can be downright demoralizing.

You want to sit down and enjoy what feels more like an actual meal — and not something just sweet… you also crave something savory, right?

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

“If you can learn just 7 to 10 Dinner Recipes That You Love, Then You Will Find It EASY to Stay Raw”

And I’ve found that the SECRET to eating raw is having your own personal collection of delicious, low fat, savory recipes that you can enjoy for dinner.

Usually, 7 to 10 recipes that you never get tired of eating are what you need. More variety is appreciated, but I find that I usually go back to these 7 to 10 recipes and then add in a few extras occasionally.

But WAIT! You have to make sure that these recipes meet these criteria:

  • You must LOVE these recipes. They can’t be just “so-so”, you have to be absolutely satisfied after the meal.
  • These recipes should make you feel GREAT. They should be balanced so they don’t contain too much fat, but plenty of flavor.
  • The recipes should be NUTRITIONAL BOMBS, and provide you with nutrients you might not find in just fruit.

I’m proud to present to you an amazing new system for beating your cooked food cravings at night with delicious savory recipes. It’s called:

Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

In this collection, you will discover:

  • Dinner is the toughest time to eat raw. How about a series of absolutely DELICIOUS and low-fat SAVORY recipes you can enjoy at dinner time?
  • Never get tired of eating raw meals with completely different, never-seen-before savory recipes that are both low in fat and delicious

Here are some important highlights that make this series completely unique:

The recipes are absolutely delicious, yet low in fat.

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Typical raw food recipes usually fall in one of two categories:

  • Ultra-low fat, ultra simple recipes. The kind where you are told to blend a couple of tomatoes with some celery, pour that on top of some romaine lettuce, add some chopped fruit, and call it a satisfying dinner. It works for some people, but it can get pretty boring.
  • Gourmet recipes. On the other hand of the spectrum, there exists another category of recipes, the ultra-gourmet, ultra high fat recipes. An example with be a “raw” pizza made with a high-fat dehydrated nut crust, some marinated vegetable toppings, a raw pizza sauce and a high-fat cashew cream “cheese”

The problem with this limited approach is that the simple recipes don’t appeal to everybody, while the gourmet recipes are too complicated for every day and not even healthy.

Fortunately, there exists another way.

Introducing — Simple and Healthy Gourmet Raw Cuisine

The recipes presented in this video series are not your typical raw recipes.

Most of them are absolutely delicious, amazing and stunning recipes. Some of them contain absolutely no fat, while others make a moderate use of nuts and seeds, and some seasonings, so that they taste great!

All of the recipes in Savory Raw Dinner Recipes are lower in fat than typical raw food recipes.

You will find some strict simple fat-free recipes, and some with moderate use of nuts, seeds and avocado.

These recipes are COMPLETELY different from my previous Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs which contained almost no seasonings of any kind.

These new recipes have been designed to be as tasty AND as healthy as possible to appeal to your taste buds! They’re the perfect compromise between ultra-low fat and simple recipes that can be repetitive over time, and ultra-gourmet recipes that are too complicated and high in fat.

The recipes are guaranteed to be:

Absolutely delicious and beautiful, perfect to impress friends and family or satisfy your cravings

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Based on fruits and vegetables, NOT just nuts and seeds

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Much lower in fat than similar recipes found in other books, and 100% OIL-FREE

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Frederic Patenaude - Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

What’s the Difference between This and My Previous DVD Series

You May Already Own My Previous DVD Series “The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine.”

The difference between this video series and the previous one is that Savory Raw Dinner Recipes focuses on dinner recipes. You will not learn how to make a single smoothie or fruit salad!

All the recipes are things you would like to make for dinnertime, when you’re looking for something savory and filling.