Forex Freedom Course (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

Forex Freedom Course (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders) digital download.

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Forex Freedom Course (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Simpler Traders

Simpler Traders - Forex Freedom Course (PREMIUM)

Simpler Traders - Forex Freedom Course (PREMIUM)

Start winning in the largest market in the world. That’s the goal for Raghee Horner’s Forex Freedom class. This is your chance to discover not only the basics of Forex (from the ground up), but also “beyond” Forex… this is the part that will carry you on to be a successful trader in any other market. Many traders don’t understand Central Banks (much less their massive importance on the rest of the markets). This course is designed to provide you with everything you need, including Raghee’s time tested tools, to successfully trade the world’s largest market. This is crucial for any trader because once you understand currency, you’ll realize why it’s the gateway to other markets and be able to use that information to improve your trading across the board.

What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy: Raghee Horner

What: Join Raghee as she takes you on a deep dive into the universe of Forex.  Forex can be intimidating to the uninitiated. Why not have a seasoned veteran show you the ropes?  She’ll walk you through everything from the basics of setting up an account and placing your first trade, to macroeconomic cycles and how they affect the landscape of currencies.  Cut through the noise, spot unique opportunities and participate in the largest marketplace in the world. With Raghee as your guide, step into Forex and transform your trading.

Includes: GRaB Candles and Propulsion Dots

The GRaB candles are painted candles based on the relationship between the close of a candle and these averages. With the premium version of the indicator, you can set custom alerts to trigger based on the current or change in color on the GRaB candles. In addition, we’ve added both the 13 and 21 period EMA.

- A candle paints green when it closes above the 34-bar EMA of the high.
- A candle paints red when it closes below the 34-bar EMA of the low.
- A candle paints blue when it closes between the 34-bar EMA of the high and 34-bar EMA of the low.

GRaB candles are a visual aid in identifying not only the trend but also the sentiment and momentum in the market on any time frame. The colors of the GRaB candles still reflect traditional Japanese candlesticks with lighter and darker shades of green, red and blue. The lighter shades are akin to hollow or “up close” Japanese candles while the darker shades are akin to shaded or “down close” candles.

Asset Class/Markets: Foreign Exchange

Skill Level: Basic to advanced

Why Buy This Class:  In this Forex Freedom class you’ll learn:

  • How to always find a bull OR bear trend (depending on which one you want to trade)
  • How to pick the best Forex Pair regardless of market condition
  • The best Forex brokerage for you to use based on your trading style (and where to find all of them)
  • How to better understand currency, Gold, and Bonds (which are shaping up to be some of the hottest setups of 2020)
  • The what, where, how, and why of Forex (and “beyond”)

Course Breakdown

    • Chapter 1: Forex Market Overview and Lingo: 45 minutes
    • Chapter 2: The Pillars of Forex Trading Success: 35 minutes
    • Chapter 3: Justin Hertzberg, CEO of Forest Park FX: 39 minutes
    • Chapter 4: Trend Structure, Macro Made Simple: 34 minutes
    • Chapter 5: Entries, Targets, Stop Losses, Conditional Orders: 52 minutes
    • Chapter 6: Chart Examples, Q&A: 28 minutes
    • 2-Days Pro Live Trading Sessions (Recorded)

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