Eric Reinholdt RA NCARB - Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit v2.0

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Tools + resources for your entrepreneurial design practice

The to-do list for architecture startups is long. There’s letterhead, logos, business cards, and branding to design; systems to put in place to ensure the brand you’re creating can deliver on its promises. Among all this are questions: how are new clients processed and welcomed? What will you charge? What business structure and revenue model makes the most sense?

All this before you put pen to trace.

Most new businesses cobble together systems ad hoc - on an as needed basis. What if the systems, tools, templates, and worksheets were done for you, available and at the ready when you needed them on day one?

The Architect + Entrepreneur: Startup Toolkit is the foundational resource every startup design practice needs.


Branding Tools

  • Your Brand Plan (A+E Course Excerpt: video + curated resources + Igor naming guide)
  • Branding Workbook (19 page PDF) + Business Model Canvas (PDF/JPG)
  • Branding Assets: Letterhead, Curated Links
  • Business Card Guide + Template (PDF, Images, PSD)

Organizational Tools

  • Choosing a Business Structure + Cheat Sheet (video lesson + PDF) - A+E Course excerpt
  • Revenue Model Guide (video lesson) - A+E Course excerpt
  • Business Folder Structure (.zip)
  • Profit + Hourly Rate Break Even Spreadsheet, Worksheet, + Financial Terms (.xls + PDF)
  • Project Fee Track (.xls)
  • Online Accounting Resources

Email Marketing Tools

  • Email Templates (8 page PDF) + Social Media Icon Pack - B&W (PNGs)
  • Email Capture/Marketing Resources (4 page PDF)

Process Tools + Documents

  • New Client Design Process Guide (13 page PDF)
  • New Client Prequalifying + Interview Questions - (4 page PDF)
  • Architectural Services Proposal + Links (PDF) - (6 page PDF)
  • Business + Project SOP templates
  • Zoning + Code Checklist (4 page PDF/Keynote)
  • New Client Authorization Letter (Word)
  • New Client Questionnaire (12 page PDF)
  • New Client Programming Worksheet + Room Size Guide - (4 page PDF/Excel/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Hardware + Fittings Presentation Documents (8 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Lighting Presentation Documents (9 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Material Palette Presentation Documents (7 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Plumbing Fixture Presentation Documents (8 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • New Client Welcome Checklist (Word) - 2 pages
  • Field Report Template (PDF/Word/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Shop Drawing Stamp (PDF, PSD)
  • General Project Information Document (Word) - 1 page
  • Meeting Notes Document (Word) - 1 pag


Check the curriculum below to see the everything that’s included...


Watch the Toolkit Unboxing Video

See what’s included

Course Curriculum

Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit v2.0

Getting Started

Branding Tools + Resources

The Brand Plan (A+E Course Excerpt) (8:45)

Branding Workbook

Brand Assets (0:16)

Email Templates + Icon Pack

Email Marketing Resources

Organizational Tools + Resources

Choosing Your Business Structure (A+E Course Excerpt) (10:48)

Your Revenue Model (A+E Course Excerpt) (10:58)

Business Folder Structure

Profit + Hourly Rate Spreadsheet

Project Fee Track

Accounting Resources

Process Tools + Resources

Design Process Document

How to Qualify a Potential Client

Architectural Services Proposal

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Code + Zoning Checklist

Potential Client SOP

New Client Onboarding SOP

New Client Authorization Letter

New Client Survey

Programming Documents

Meeting Notes Document

Hardware Presentation Documents

Lighting Presentation Documents

Material Palette Presentation Documents

Plumbing Fixture Presentation Documents

Field Reports

Shop Drawing Stamp

Digital License Stamps

Take it Further

Side Hustle to Full-time Business Owner (11:10)

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