Eric Reinholdt RA NCARB - 30X40’s AutoCAD Lighting Plan Template

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Eric Reinholdt RA NCARB – 30X40’s AutoCAD Lighting Plan Template is AVAILABLE instant download at SunLurn
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This template is an expansion pack for 30X40’s AutoCAD template (you’ll need that first) and gives you the hallmark 30X40 minimalist styling for your electrical plans. including notes, symbols, title block + a short walk-through video tutorial with tips on workflow and things to include. You must have 30X40’s AutoCAD template + style settings implemented for this to function properly.

You’ll get:

  • 30X40’s Electrical plan legend + general notes
  • 30X40’s Electrical symbols
  • 30X40’s simple layer system
  • Small sample electrical floor plan to copy and match styles
  • A minimalist, well-designed title block (A1 + Arch D sizes)
  • Short walk-through video demonstrating Eric’s workflow, steps + tips.

Using a template file ensures every drawing begins with the correct settings and standard blocks each time, all with just one click. The included files will help you to replicate the simple, graphic style Eric Reinholdt uses for all his residential architecture CAD work in his studio, 30X40 Design Workshop.

What’s Included?

The following documents are included in a single zip file + are compatible with both MAC + PC versions of AutoCAD (2013/2018 versions included). **Choose from Metric or Imperial units**

AutoCAD Electrical Plan Template (.dwg) - **Metric + Imperial templates**

  • Arch D (24″ x 36″) + A1 (841×594) size title blocks
  • Line weights + line types
  • Text + dimension styles
    • Imperial: 1/4″
    • Metric: 1:50
  • Basic layer setup
  • Typical electrical plan blocks
  • Small sample floor plan (shown above)
  • Short walk-through workflow tutorial + tips

What’s NOT included:

  • 30X40’s AutoCAD base template file (You’ll need to purchase that first to make use of this template)
  • The floor plan shown in the image below. This is simply an example of what it’s possible to achieve with the template.


Electrical Plan as implemented in The Outpost project by 30X40 (this plan is not included)

NOTE: These files are designed to be used with the 2013 (and newer) versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Although it’s possible they may also work with earlier versions and/or other CAD programs designed to read AutoCAD files we can’t guarantee they will.

Course Curriculum

30X40’s AutoCAD Lighting Plan Template
30X40 Design Workshop’s AutoCAD Electrical Template File

Download AutoCAD Electrical Plan template here

Electrical Plan Drawing Steps + Tips (5:51)

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