Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions digital download. Info: [Webrip - 11 mp4, 7 pdf] | 4.475 GB. The fields of strength and conditioning, personal t...

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Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

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Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

A Modern Guide to the Who, What, When, Why, and How of Shoulder Care for Health and High Performance

Dear Coaches, Trainers, and Clinicians,

The fields of strength and conditioning, personal training, and rehabilitation, are incredibly dynamic in nature. In addition to new research that’s published with each passing day, there are a host of anecdotal observations coming to the forefront from coaches and clinicians who are “in the trenches.”

Collectively, these novel ideas lead to both exciting and revolutionary advances. However, they also can lead to substantial confusion as fitness and rehabilitation professionals work to sort through all the information to establish their own philosophies and best practices.  This is especially true in the shoulder girdle, an elaborate series of joints with a complex anatomy and functional demands.

Sturdy Shoulder Solutions seeks to help you cut through the noise, identifying unifying themes across methodologies that are backed up by both research and anecdotal observations. And, more importantly, it aims to boil complex topics down to simple terms and practical case studies so that you can ultimately apply the knowledge you’ve gained to even the most complex client, athlete, and patient scenarios you encounter.

Eric Cressey has become known as a “Shoulder Guy” because of the amount of time and effort he’s put into understanding this complex structure across multiple populations, and in light of his own shoulder injury history. With that in mind, Sturdy Shoulder Solutions covers principles he’s applied in training everyone from teenage athletes, to general fitness clients, to Olympians, to multiple Cy Young Award winners and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of big league arms. The assessments and strategies employed are rooted in his practices for both post-rehab cases and those hoping to avoid ever having to rehab in the first place. In short, when it comes to getting/keeping shoulders healthy and high performing, he practices everything he preaches in this resource.

Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions
Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

Cressey Sports Performance has been a crucial part of the success I have had in my career to this point. The programs have helped me gain velocity as well as put my body in a position to remain healthy throughout a long season.

Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians, 2014 and 2017 American League Cy Young Winner

Eric Cressey - Sturdy Shoulder Solutions

One shoulder can be complex enough to understand and program adequately for on a daily basis. In the world of professional baseball, we can deal with up 200+ in one organization. Eric’s video outlines a great balance between identification and intervention that will help the treatment and programming from the training room to the weight room to the field flow seamlessly. I’d recommend this video to any individual in sports medicine or performance looking to improve their knowledge of the shoulder.

Brandon McDaniel, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Dodgers


Sturdy Shoulder Strategies consists of over six hours of combined lecture and lab presentations with accompanying Powerpoint notes.



Here's what you'll experience:

  • Simplifying Shoulder Health (Webinar)
  • How Posture Impacts Pain and Performance (Webinar)
  • Important Upper Extremity Functional Anatomy Considerations (Webinar)
  • The Proximal-to-Distal Principle (Webinar)
  • Nuances of the Neck (Webinar)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Webinar)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Webinar)
  • Is Upper Trapezius the Devil? (Lab)
  • The Myth of Normal Range of Motion (Lab)
  • Rethinking the Thoracic Spine (Lab)
  • Making Sense of Serratus Anterior (Lab)
  • Good Exercises Gone Bad (Lab)
  • The Myth of Balancing Pushes and Pulls (Lab)