Energy Arts - Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts

Energy Arts - Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts digital download. Info: [WEBRip - 102 MP4s - 11PDFs - 4MP3s] | 3.181 GB. Whether you want to recharge your...

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Energy Arts - Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts

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Hi folks,
Welcome to our online program, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts.

This qigong course features Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel who has been teaching for nearly 20 years. He has created a program that takes five specific exercises that every serious student must learn and master to be good and eventually great at qigong, tai chi and bagua.

You could also call these Five Key exercises the Secrets to Longevity or the Secrets to Great Qigong, Tai Chi and Bagua.

Paul is a gifted teacher who is fully dedicated to these arts, teaching and traveling full time in Europe. I have seen him help others build extraordinary energetic foundations in their bodies. Paul is able to embody the arts and break them down into easy steps, so that you have the best chance of success and progress to great depths with these powerful Taoist energy arts.

The Five Keys take one core exercise from each of my foundational qigong sets, applying the Pareto principle states that 80 percent of the results come from 20 pecent of the work. With these Five Keys you will learn practices that are at the core of each qigong set, tai chi and bagua. This program also serves as an excellent introduction to see what Tao arts and qigong sets you are naturally drawn toward studying.

There is an old saying, “It is better to do one thing well then a thousand things poorly.” I truly believe this program can help you learn core fundamental principles, that if done well, will better your practice. This is true for beginners and especially if you are interested in advancing to the highest levels. If you already practice any of the sets that are part of this program, you will discover deeper and deeper layers, rooting out your weaknesses and growing your potential each week.

Whether you want to recharge your current practice or learn the fundamentals for the first time, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts is great way to create a daily practice ritual now to keep your body energetically fit and healthy.

Enjoy the course,

Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts

Energy Arts - Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts I’ve had the great opportunity to partner with my teacher, Bruce, to create a ten-week programme that will systematically build your foundation for all qi gong, tai chi and bagua forms—incredibly detailed and multifaceted arts considered to be lifelong practices.

Each of the keys can be practiced alone or in tandem with any or all other keys to boost the benefits of Tao arts training.

Over this ten-week course, you will learn each of the Five Keys in-depth and weave in specific aspects of the horizontal (turning and twisting) and vertical (bending and stretching) planes of motion, supercharging and strengthening your core with each progressive lesson.

Working with the horizontal and vertical planes together is what allows you deeper access to your insides. It also forms the basis for circularity and eventually spherical work in the internal arts, which all dedicated internal arts students aim to achieve.