Embracing the Christ Within with Bill Bauman

Embracing the Christ Within with Bill Bauman | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !  Salepage : Embracing the Christ Within with Bill BaumanA Powerful Initiation into a More F...
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Embracing the Christ Within with Bill Bauman | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


A Powerful Initiation into a More Full-Spectrum Christhood

How often have you thought of the Christ within as playful? Mischievous? Even primal or instinctual? These false separations that we’ve created literally become a barrier to the Divine emerging more fully into our bodies, breath, and words. The ultimate Christ includes ALL of reality in one pulsing, sacred Heart. And so, all of you welcomed into that dance of reverence, beauty and joy.


As we release false ideas and barriers in our own hearts and minds, we open naturally to the effervescent grace of the Christ presence, which includes an overwhelming, unconditional love, a spirit of blessing and reverence, and the capacity for great wisdom. We truly become servants of Spirit, infused with the power to light up a room with our presence and our love and see others in their highest expression.

Such an emergence is at the heart of the healing that is required in today’s world: authentically Christed beings represent a new kind of change agent that is changing reality from the inside out, engaging in the great tasks of our day to evolve a new culture with a joyfulness that is just plain infectious.

That is the journey that you too can begin when you join Bill in the journey of embracing the Christ within you. During this journey, you’ll dissolve many layers of beliefs and conditioning that prevent you from accessing the full You, the creative intelligence of the universe that lives through you. You’ll open new pathways for loving others and loving yourself. You’ll tunnel through old stories into the radiant joy in your core.

Why We Love Bill So Much

Far from being a Bible-quoting preacher, Bill is a seer of the heart, finding in Jesus a spiritual brother who was calling us into our true divinity, which is also our ultimate humanity. Bill intuitively sees and embraces the majesty in each of us, calling it forward with love and praise and the occasional bit of gentle challenge.

Bill is also like a leprechaun in his playfulness, perpetually joking with others and seeing life as a great unfolding dance. He helps us to integrate a far more full-spectrum, whole, and unconditional relationship with life.

Bill Bauman is a spiritual teacher to many spiritual teachers, often working behind the scenes with more “famous” authors helping them to awaken to the full wonder of their being. That’s why we at The Shift Network are so delighted that he’s agreed to offer this transmission of insight and energy into the mystic Christ publicly for the first time.

What distinguishes this course from others that Bill has taught is that he will dedicate significant time in each class to interacting with you and the other participants-responding to your needs, healing your blocks, expanding your consciousness and awakening your Christ consciousness.

Don’t miss out on a luminous ride that opens your eyes, your heart and your soul!

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

Each teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to engage the Christ Within sustainably.

You’ll emerge with:

  • a more holistic vision of Christ energy and your relation to it
  • greater competence in navigating crises and the “dark night” of the spiritual path
  • a deeper understanding of embodiment, giving you the capacity to increasingly live as love
  • an expanded capacity for utilizing the energy of play in service
  • a profound commitment to bring heaven down to earth

Module 1
The Power of the Christ Within


In this first week we begin the incredible journey of living into our Christ nature. We embrace the joy, power and freedom that underlie our creative explorations and access new powers of self-healing and self-acceptance. Then we open our hearts to these questions:

  • Who and what is the Christ within? Is it you?
  • What’s involved in becoming a Christed being?
  • What qualities do you need to lead yourself into your Christed Self?

This week will also give you a tour of the glorious four dimensions (or worlds) that await your personal participation and mastery as you journey into the Christ within. At the end, you will be guided into the loving arms of your own ultimate Christ Self.

Module 2
Living with Reverence as Unconditional Love


A hallmark of a Christed being is centering in the heart and seeing all of life as an expression. This leads us to live in a state of reverence and awe for all the beauty we’ve been given. As we connect with this quality of our Christ self, we connect with overwhelming gratitude for life and a deep appreciation for the Mystery of existence. With your own spirit leading you into the undiscovered fullness of your Christ nature, this week you will explore and learn to access:

  • Mystery’s beautiful realm - that space “out there” and within you where non-linear magic happens
  • The vast, unending light field of creation, where “waves” mysteriously turn into particles of aliveness and blessings emanate everywhere
  • Creation’s center, both in the multi-verse and within your own soul, wherein you become being itself: the infinite essence and sacred silence that resides at our core and is centered in our hearts.
  • The divinity of every molecule and element of creation, especially of yourself
  • The unity of all creation and your amazing interconnectedness with everything, everywhere
  • The opening of your heart wisdom so that you can see with the eyes of divinity

Module 3
Becoming a Blessing Presence and Expression of Grace


According to the findings of science, you have enough energy in your body to melt all the oceans of the earth. You’re endlessly rich in energy. Yet few of us know how to merge with those energies or express them with such abundance. That is part of what it means to become a blessing presence and expression of grace: you connect with the fullness that is at the core and pour it forth on everyone around you like a fountain. In this module, you will uncover your own your blessing nature and explore its amazing magic to create grace in your life. Specifically, you will:

  • Claim the full aliveness of your body, chakras and auric field and learn to pour it abundantly on life
  • Learn the unique language of energy as you listen with new ears to your “feelings”
  • Completely surrender to the life-force of love, as it invites you into its energetic embrace and transforms you into a love-centered being
  • Enjoy every breath of chi-filled air, feel the heartbeat of the planet in your heart’s beating and celebrate the aliveness of life everywhere
  • Become your powerful feelings where you experience everything: the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, ecstasies and pains - with full embrace, without complaint, with power. Through it all, you will become the liberating power of those feelings.

Module 4
Integrating the Primal Dimension with the Christ Within


Your primal nature is the least explored and understood aspect of being human. Yet, it’s a powerful source of power and fullness; indeed, it’s a true pathway to our Divinity. Hidden within its vast and endless depths-most of which are beautifully alive and well in our lower chakras-are these treasures that you’ll discover:

  • Universal absolute power in the form of your earthy, elemental, primal energies
  • Creative juice and the generative “big bang” of life itself, customized to the special person that you are
  • A mostly undiscovered doorway to the Absolute, a doorway where humanness meets divinity, where three-dimensionality meets multiple-dimensionality
  • Loving gifts of earth’s four elements: earth’s grounding, air’s vitality, fire’s aliveness and water’s flow - you will experience them bringing you alive in ways that renew and invigorate you
  • The possibilities of mastery - yes, mastery, in which you merge with the light within your primal core - it’s completely possible, and we’ll do it

Module 5
Accessing Your Christ Mind


This week you will learn about Bill’s visionary insights into how to open the deeper doorways of our conscious awareness into the “Christ Mind” that allows us to see with the eyes of divinity. As you explore the wondrous dimensions of this awareness, you will be filled with its precious gifts:

  • Spiritual power of your Christ Mind: you will learn how to use the light waves of your mystical nature (think Luke Skywalker here) as you discover how to merge with your mystical consciousness and move it into your humanness
  • Bridging the higher Christ mind with your sub-conscious awareness, which allows you to play in its maya with inventive imagination and play - here is where we have fun!
  • Unexplored power of your conscious awareness: over and above what we already know about our conscious mind’s logic, you will discover untold creativity, imagination and capacity for creating your life.

Module 6
Daring to Claim Your Christhood


Since this course is so experiential and personal, this module’s focus is on the full acceptance and embrace of your Christ nature. In “putting it all together,” we will look deeply into the how-to of you becoming your Christed self-exploring the nitty-gritty of living your ultimate freedom.

Practical exercise and applications will support you as you let go into the sacred fullness of life, embrace the power of your Christhood, accept the gifts of your primal depths, and experience the wonders of your total energy. More specifically, you will:

  • Become more spiritually alive, allowing the infinite love of creation to fill you with the light of your Christ nature
  • Become much more fully identified with your “other” realms of consciousness: the sub-conscious and un-conscious worlds of yet undiscovered blessings
  • Bring every energy - from life’s bigger realms to your own energy field’s richness, into your being-thereby experiencing creation’s innate vitality and beauty
  • Identify with your primal and generative “big bang,” as you witness the lifestream of creation creating you anew like never before

Module 7
Creating Heaven on Earth


This week’s time together may be the best yet. Here is where you finally face, and deal in depth with, those traditionally problematic themes that keep many of us stuck in the historical human mud. These are the gateway for us to literally begin to create heaven on earth.

In this module, you will compassionately look at and begin to master:

  • Human pain and suffering. You’ll get to know pain and suffering in a fresh way and learn to befriend them and use them to create yourself anew every day.
  • Good and evil, light and dark-the story-filled phenomenon that few of us know how to wrap our heads around. We’ll demythologize this story that has been a part of our unconscious beliefs since Adam and Eve, and then re-invent it into a story of creation and possibility.
  • Duality and individuality-most of us try to move beyond these concepts in order to enter a world of oneness and ground ourselves in a state of pure being. You’ll look at a new paradigm: one that brings a unified field and state of pure being into your humanness, to merge with your individuality.

These subjects are at the foundation of how we learn to build heaven on earth by SEEING it as already alive and well, right now. When you see through the dualities with a God’s-eye view, you begin to feel the great blessing force that is available right here, right now.