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Email Marketing Masters - Andre Chaperon

Email Marketing Masters - Andre Chaperon

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How a Dyslexic Business Owner Stumbled Onto a Simple Email System That’s Made Over $100 Million Dollars

You want more sales right?

That’s obvious, and so did Andre. Except he didn’t like doing webinars, interviews, podcasts, YouTube videos, and VSL’s. He was much too afraid to put himself out there. Plus, it requires fancy software and talent to do all of that.

Maybe you’re like Andre, you just want a simple system that doesn’t require expensive software or Hollywood production skills.

You don’t want to be on camera or go out and buy a recording studio’s worth of equipment.

Today, you’re in luck!

Andre refused to do what everyone else said he must. Instead he kept testing and tweaking a simple email writing system. So simple that anyone can do and doesn’t require a single piece of new hardware.

In fact, if you’re sitting here reading this, then you already have all the tools you need for this simple email writing system.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a “writer” either. Andre is dyslexic and if he can do it, anyone can.

But before I explain how his system works, let me introduce you to Andre.

Before publishing the world’s most popular email marketing course, helping thousands of businesses to double their revenue… Andre Chaperon was a regular business owner struggling to get enough sales to cover his bills.

He has never been much of a writer.

In fact, he’s a certified dyslexic. As a kid, they even sent little Andre to remedial school and put him on Ritalin. To this day, he has never been through a copywriting course.

So if you struggle to keep your audience interested in your emails now… and can’t consistently get them to buy every month, imagine Andre’s case when he was just starting out…

But that didn’t stop him from creating an email marketing system that works better than any other. What he lacked in writing, he made up for in storytelling.

The results?

A special email marketing system that provides massive goodwill to your list, gets your prospects excited and BEGGING to buy from you. A system that has been responsible for at least 100 million in extra sales just last year.

As Perry Belcher said at a prestigious marketing event, it’s…

“The only way to write emails where your open rates will actually go up progressively”

Andre’s “trick” uses a screenwriting method that made TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Walking Dead HUGE successes.

But if you’re thinking you need to be a screenwriter or take screenwriting classes to use his trick, you don’t. In this course Andre shows you how he dumbed down the Hollywood methods so that he could use it.

It’s so simple when you see it, you’ll slap your knee for not thinking of it yourself.

It works the elements of good storytelling into email marketing, exploiting a human trait. A trait that’s found in everyone: our deep, intrinsic desire to know what happens next. It forces your prospects to consume more and more of your emails.

But this trick isn’t the only unfair advantage you’ll have when you take this course.

You’ll get much more.

Andre has successfully created countless 6, 7, and even 8 figure email campaigns. His bag of sales increasing, customer-hypnotizing tricks is almost bottomless.

Yet, in Email Marketing Masters he transfers his vast experience to potentially double your revenue with this simple-to-follow video course.

They Said Email Is Dead, But…

Social media experts would love for you to believe email marketing is dead. They want to sell you their latest course or service about Instachat or Snapgram.

The undeniable and verifiable FACT is that email is very much alive. Ask those social media experts why Instagram uses email to notify me of updates and not Instagram. Then watch them stutter and get back to making money with email.

Introducing Email Marketing Masters The Only Course on Email Marketing You’ll Ever Need

This course walks you through how to set up and run a full e-mail marketing system. You will automatically deliver laser-targeted emails packed with so much tension, your list will go crazy with desire to buy from you.

In module 1 you’ll learn all about the AutoResponder Madness (ARM), Andre’s signature course. Inside you’ll see:
- How to automatically deliver the right email to the right person at the right time, so you can boost your revenue whenever you desire
- The secret of staying relevant to every subscriber on your list
- How tiny little email lists can seriously outperform 6-figure monster lists, humiliating your older, more established competitors
- What’s the Soap Opera Sequence, and why it’s responsible for steady streams of sales for thousands of happy business owners
- The Product Launch Sequence that gets you extra revenue on demand if you’re using this system, any time you need quick cash
- Real-life case studies of successful ARM email systems and the exact way they’re set up
- And more

Module 2 starts the more in-depth tour into this system, giving you a big picture strategy:
- How to start using this email system to make sales on demand
- How to produce high-performing emails even if you hate writing and have ZERO experience doing it
- Get an insider’s’ view of both the Soap Opera Sequence and the Product Launch Sequence and learn how to use them to maximize sales
- Repel freebie seekers, while attracting highly qualified leads with this unique philosophy rarely taught anywhere else

Module 3 will help you deeply understand your subscribers, so you can almost read their mind and influence their behavior at will:
- The tools you need to connect with your customers on a deep, emotional level so you can write them impactful, persuasive emails
- How to identify the emotional hot buttons of your leads so you can use and abuse them when necessary
- Get Andre’s Empathy Map system that helps you make your offer irresistible in your buyer’s eyes
- Learn to write this unique kind of email that looks nothing like a sales pitch, yet does a better job converting than anything else

Module 4 gets you writing your first irresistible, open loop infused emails so you can get the sales rolling in:
- Use what you’ve learned and start cranking out emails with tension, drama, and relief that gets them to buy from you
- The game-changing secret of delivering results in advance
- How to develop a great hook, and craft an engaging email story with ZERO creativity, without risking jail time
- Add layers of conflict through a relatable hero and a familiar villain in your story
- After Module 4, you’ll have your first automatic email sequence ready to get you consistent results over time.

Module 5 teaches you all about the “quick sales boost on demand” aspect of this training:
- A proven way to make tons of sales from just a handful of emails, earning you $10, or even $20 PER SUBSCRIBER every time you run one of these
- An extensive swipe file with actual promotions I’ve successfully run, so you can get inspired. Repurpose these at will
- How to time your launches for maximum profits, and other strategies that work
- And more

In Module 6 you’ll get to listen to live critiques I did for my students. These calls alone are worth thousands of dollars. You’ll get to learn from other marketer’s mistakes and improve your own autoresponders.
- Get the real tricks of the trade and learn how other business owners add massive revenues to their bottom line
- Use Andre’s personal insights to make your emails better
- Get your emails to a level where they provide MASSIVE value to your list on their own, so you can get all the sales you desire

Module 7 helps you sort out the technical stuff. We will get into segmenting, automation, and get rid of infuriating tech issues. You better get this out of the way before it costs you thousands. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
- This module takes away all the trial and error from the process for you
- Why it’s absolutely crucial to segment your list and how to avoid the foolish mistake 95% of marketers make
- How Andre creates sublists and email groups in his businesses for simple segmenting
- A behind-the-scenes look at how average business owners improve their sales funnels to get above average results
- By now you will have some sales and email marketing data from having run your first automations.

That’s why Module 8 is all about optimization. You’ll improve the funnel and email sequence you’ve created so far based on your customers’ feedback. You’ll tweak some of your emails when necessary, and you’ll further boost your conversions.
- Learn what you must improve in your sales funnel that yields the biggest revenue boosts for your efforts
- The “no-analytics” way of simple and quick optimizations
- Get 20%, 50%, and even 100% improvements in your sales thanks to simple little tweaks
- And more
Don’t worry, Andre keeps the 80/20 principle in mind during this module. That means the 20% of the stuff you’ll work on will get 80% of your results.

Module 9 gets really advanced, discussing “hypnotic” marketing techniques to stealthily snatch profits from your market:
- How to take advantage of the most powerful NLP patterns in your email
- Use advanced open loop techniques taken from famous screenwriters to trigger an almost hypnotic state in your readers (without them even noticing)
- Become persuasive and exciting, an always welcome guest in your customers’ inbox through these advanced tactics hardly anyone is using

And finally, Module 10 brings you our DMBI-exclusive content… the email marketing deliverability and gamification lessons of Justin Brooke. This module helps you maximize the number of contacts you can reach on your list with insider secrets like:
- The 80/20 rule of deliverability that guarantees a good list hygiene so you can stay out of trouble with your email providers
- The top 3 deliverability boosters that WILL increase your overall open and click through rates
- How to set up your automations so they make sense and you don’t end up cluttering your subscribers’ inbox
- Why refilling your bank account while you’re out having fun isn’t just a matter of having good autoresponders
- List segmentation, link tagging, and link scoring secrets of 6, 7, and 8 figure business giants
- The 2 most important automations you MUST have in your email marketing if you want to double your sales
- An exclusive swipe file of the best 145 emails we used that sold multiple thousands worth of products each
- How to turn your sales funnel into a game where your customers will LITERALLY compete for a chance to buy from you
- Justin’s way of using easy-to-setup gamification to ensure his emails gets opened and clicked through, while his subscribers are having fun (and spending money)
- The only way you can ultimately create desire and turn boring everyday things into fun and play
- And more

That’s it. Our full system that’s capable of doubling your revenue, at your fingertips. Now even if you like what you’ve seen so far, you might still be wondering…

Will This Work For Your Business Today?

There are a couple of things you should know before investing in any DMBI product. We have 5 ways to make sure our system will work for your business, and they’ll work today:

- Free, Regular Updates Whenever Necessary: Any course or system you see on DMBIOnline gets regular updates. You can expect a new version whenever something changes in our industry that affects our systems.
- No Weak Theories, Only Proven, Field-Tested Methods: Our courses are backed by millions of dollars in real life campaign testing, making them the most reliable training on the market
- Ideal For Speed Learners And Busy Professionals: No time? No problem. You can watch courses on the go on your phone, on 1.25x, 1.5x, or even 2x the speed. Then read our course summary and make use of our checklists.
- Ideal For Training Your Staff: If you want to delegate advertising to your employees, you can use our systems to train them. Countless business owners did the same before you.
- These Systems Are Developed With All Business In Mind: With over 3,000 students and counting, we can assure you our methods work across all the different markets and business models you can imagine.

So to sum it up, you and your business will be in good hands. Moving forward, let’s talk about your investment…

This Course Was Once Sold For $1,695, But We’ve Got a Much Better Price For You Today

If you wanted to double your sales through another advanced email marketing solution like this, you’d spend anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 on writing coaches, tech, and automation experts.

It’s just how it is in this industry…

And if you wanted to have 1-on-1 time with Andre, it wouldn’t be cheap either. He charges $500 per hour for consulting with clients.

And me? I don’t even do client work anymore. With both of us teaching you our email marketing best practices through more than 20 hours of content…

You’re easily getting more than $10,000 in pure value.

And this course was sold for $1,695 not long ago.

That’s not even counting my lessons. Or the bonus.

Remember, businesses using these strategies grew to be 6, 7, or even 8 figure behemoths. And you’ll be learning the exact same process to duplicate their success.

I want to make these powerful lessons available to anyone in business. So you can double your revenue and tell your friends about the great deal you’ve just scored.

Making this as affordable as possible, your investment today will only be $498.

For that amount, you get to learn our complete email marketing system that will help you double your revenues.

Get it today, start going through the lessons, and plug our system into your business. Within a month, you’ll have your first automations live, attracting customers and revenue.