Elma Mayer - The Seven Transformations

Elma Mayer - The Seven Transformations.    The Seven Transformations…Space, Time, and the ElementsAlign your Whole Life - Not just the “Problem” Areas...
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Elma Mayer - The Seven Transformations

 Elma Mayer - The Seven Transformations



The Seven Transformations…
Space, Time, and the Elements

Align your Whole Life - Not just the “Problem” Areas!

To activate The Seven Transformations, you “apply” them to whatever you want to improve. Then everything Aligns… the Feng Shui of your home, your daily patterns, your body, thoughts, emotions, relationships, finances, etc. It’s like running a program to upgrade your Whole Life - not just one part of your life.

It’s all inter-related! Applying a Transformation in one area affects all other areas. The old-paradigm way treats each pain, pattern or “problem” separately. But things are not separate! Clearing all the hidden entanglements is much more effective - and much faster.

Shifts happen at the speed of light - because we work with Morphic Fields, Energy and Information, not Matter or Mind! No need to analyze the “problem” or pinpoint the “root cause.” Just apply The Seven Transformations!