Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0

Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0 digital download.

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Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0

Type: Digital download

Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0

Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0

Google Advertising - You don’t need to be a marketing expert to do this
- Learn how Google Adsense works
- Learn how to create a personal blog
- Learn how to advertise to deliver traffic to your blog
- Learn how to blend that traffic to look natural
- Learn how to deploy and scale the campaigns

What is this BSO about and what can I offer you?:

Over a 6-month period from 2013 into 2014 I made $250k by deploying a specific method that took advantage of the human review process that Adsense puts on accounts, called the Adsense Exploit. Afterwards I moved onto casino exploiting and turned that industry upside down until December of 2014.

Earlier this year I got back into Adsense but wanted to try things differently this time. In March I came up with a new way of exploiting them, a way that people wouldn’t think is possible. After deploying the method for 2 months now I can safely say it works 100% and as such, I’m comfortable creating a BSO for it.

The method isn’t anything illegal or criminal, just against Adsense ToS. It’s not click-jacking, click farms or altering the ads in any way. You are buying real traffic to your site and this has nothing to do with SEO. Site and Adsense account can be brand new. ROI is between 800-1000% with the 2.0 method. Setup is very easy. You can make money faster and easier than with version 1 as there is less work involved and can be scaled immediately.

The 2.0 method takes advantage of a new found weakness in the Adsense system, allowing you to scale immediately while staying under the radar at the same time.

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Elliot - AdSense Exploit 2.0