Eliott Hulse - Grounding Man Videocourse

Eliott Hulse - Grounding Man Videocourse digital download. Info: [Webrip – 13 MP4 , 8 PNG , 1 JPG ] | 17.063 GB. How getting injured is an opportunity, a...

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Eliott Hulse - Grounding Man Videocourse

Type: Digital download

Format: [Webrip – 13 MP4 , 8 PNG , 1 JPG ]

File size: 17.063 GB

Salepage: http://www.elliotthulse.co/groundingmancourse39513787?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=d0e00a7b2df7a1236e5a70a0b248b131bc517799-1614738894-0-AXtodC4ZSx60blrKDQ-hoObJ68xSZZLZPYaZkgsvEJ6ZYOcRMPsoWr0Vmtbjo_BLagm0wLhoJivAD7v2uN6p3pgC6wPVz4X0EtG5rG1_yciaLc86BYCSLNU3a3U-MuNgpRAWxAVcPHZt9PXcapA1Dp8EwIVb4RYG4GQ4ARmL5MxcOzqYdCEcMa9XC5FFydKdL9U2rtTLKmaGgYr8_enot-GLZTk81Xw2kef2UB2FYh9sYZMPAO5cDKlMkNAmEUlR9Ub0ZkEt-hhXYlZlJdCrNC6I6woYcmC3WvutbeY9aYaZYGbp2mLVYXfDS5M_IJBhbjDE_lLhS8A_1jKEVrz1ZsTyERGCZe_LRDBhD3BPyO4442qLedGo1wolMuIme063suQWrmhwSkTv8EgzDSwNq-M

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The Grounding Man Video Course!
Eliott Hulse - Grounding Man Videocourse
19 Pieces of Insight You’ll Find in The Grounding Man Video Course
  •  Ideas that are so “dangerous” that they got an esteemed doctor barred from his studies, and virtually ERASED from history
  • ​Discover the roots of toxic masculinity, and how just a simple alteration of the mind can turn toxic masculinity into the attractive, tender-aggressive masculinity
  •  Why the idea of MGTOW is bullshit
  • ​How getting injured is an opportunity, and how to make the most of it
  •  A practical method to finding your grounded, center to access higher thought, without getting anxious
  • ​The four corners of masculinity, how they interact, and how, when healthily integrated, they give you a confident demeanor, deeper voice,
  • and chill, inviting aura
  •  What’s responsible for blocking our guidance from above, intuition, and connection with the spiritual world
  • ​Practical tips for tranquilizing your overactive mind
  • The childhood trauma that makes women avoid you like the plague (and the steps you can take to repair it)
  • ​How your early childhood wounds affect your physiology AS WELL AS your psychology
  •  The actual reason you come up with brilliant ideas, but can never make them come to fruition, despite your best efforts (and how you can address this problem)
  •  Root causes of feelings of powerlessness, depression, and being unsure of your emotions
  • Controversial psychologist's 5 character structures, and how they unconsciously impact every decision and action you take
  • ​Which traumas create each character structure, so you can take steps to address them
  •  Strange reason why some people can’t enjoy sex and resort to kinky fetishes to feel it
  • ​Breathing and movement serves as medicine for the wounded man. Learn how to do it specific in a way to your shadows
  • What causes men to be friend-zoned
  • ​Let go of techniques, books, and ideas. How to let your spontaneity take over for you so everything unfolds perfectly
  • It’s not a matter of getting the calculation right, it’s getting the inspiration right and proving it out with the calculations. How to pull from a pit of endless inspiration, even in your sleep.
And a bunch more…
It’s important to reiterate that only around 100 men have actually experienced Grounding Man,
But ALL of them are using the experience to bring light to themselves
The world…
How Much is Grounding Man?
The usual early bird (lowest pricing) of Grounding Man is $1697.
Seeing as this IS the Grounding Man event, I could charge that amount…
But I won’t
Because, ever since I started YouTube, I’ve been helping men with their struggles, helping them reunite themselves,
And I believe this may be the missing piece men are missing.
I want it in as many hands as possible..