D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. - Become a Digital Shop Owner

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. - Become a Digital Shop Owner | Instant Download ! Become a Digital Shop OwnerTransform Your Knowledge and Passion into Products and Prog...
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D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. – Become a Digital Shop Owner | Instant Download !

Become a Digital Shop Owner

Transform Your Knowledge and Passion into Products and Programs

Would You Like to Profit Beyond Your Book or Product Sales?

Learn How to Launch an Online Shop – on Etsy – Based on Your Expertise!

As someone who has taught authors and entrepreneurs how to create digital content, such as worksheets, workbooks, eBooks and online courses, I strive to find the simplest and most effective ways to help you get your message to market. With that in mind, I’m delighted to introduce to you: Become a Digital Shop Owner!

  • With all the shop options available today, where do you begin and how do you know which is the best for you? While there are numerous viable options available, many of them are quite expensive and difficult to set up.
  • In this program, we focus on setting up a shop on Etsy, the online shop option that is easiest to set up, which will provide you with the most exposure!
  • In this comprehensive training program, you’ll receive a step by step approach to set up your own Digital Shop with ease!

In Become a Digital Shop Owner, you’ll learn how to set up an online Etsy shop to sell “knowledge-based” digital products such as eBooks, workbooks, worksheets, inspirational quotes from your book and yes… courses! And of course you can apply what you learn to set up a shop based on your interests or hobbies!

You’ll also discover ways to develop digital content for delivery along with strategies for developing an ongoing relationship with your new customers!

Grow Your Business and Your Reach with an Online Etsy Shop

Having an online shop will provide you with a way to increase your credibility and grow your reach. The platform you’ll be learning about in this course is designed to help shop owners to reach a global audience. You’ll discover effective ways to create and sell digital content to new audiences.

  • Explore the possibilities for your business, via this powerful sales channel.
  • Gain exposure for your work and expertise as you grow your business and your sales.
  • Connect with new audiences who are eager to purchase what you have to sell.
  • Gain visibility and credibility across many social networking platforms.
  • Harness the power of Google to get noticed and get sales!

In Become a Digital Shop Owner program, I’ll take you by the hand and help you set up your own online shop as well as guide you in choosing the best products and name for your shop.

In this take-action training program, you’ll receive step by step training the help you:

  • Develop your product ideas and learn exactly how to set up your online shop.
  • Discover a wide variety of digital types of products and receive instruction on creating your own products.
  • Stock your shop and set it up for success. We’ll create shop graphics and discover ways to get your shop discovered.
  • Market and promote your shop via the social networks, using a proven formula to drive traffic to your shop.

Here’s a Course Overview

Module 1: Identify the Perfect Focus and Product for Your Online Shop

Participate in training and exercises to help you get crystal clear on how you can leverage your shop while sharing your knowledge and expertise on a topic of great interest to your ideal audience.

  • Discover ways to increase your income and credibility by teaching what you love.
  • Learn how to research the perfect shop topic as you name your shop.
  • Explore a wide variety of opportunities and how you can harness the power of this platform.
  • Find out how to benefit from your competition.
  • Participate in product research as you get ready to develop your shop.

Module 2: Brand Your Shop with Words and Images

Having an appealing online shop will attract your audience and increase your sales. Providing an enjoyable and pleasurable shopping experience will allow you to grow a relationship with your audience.

  • Discover ways to brand your shop that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Learn how to create attractive shop graphics that will keep your customers coming back time and again.
  • Find out the best places to locate your shop graphics and get them customized.
  • Use the power of the written word to help your customers get to know you and want to buy from you.
  • Add a video component to your shop branding as you engage, educate and entertain your customers.

Module 3: Create Your Products and Stock Your Shop

Creating digital products can be fun and profitable, especially if you know how to streamline your work flow and identify the products your audience would be eager to purchase. In this module you’ll identify a variety of digital products, based on our knowledge, that your audience will be eager to purchase.

  • Discover how to turn your hard drive and digital products into physical cash!
  • Learn how to format your downloadable products so they are easy for your customers to access.
  • Find out how you can position your products in a way that can develop ongoing relationships with your customers.
  • Harness the power of Google and SEO to attract potential customers to your shop.
  • Create virtual window displays that draw in potential buyers.

Module 4: Fine Tune Your Shop and Share it With the World

Your shop provides you with a wonderful platform for selling your products. The thing is, you’ll want to tap into the best ways to optimize your shop and let the world know that you are open for business!

  • Discover Etsy Apps to help you streamline your efforts.
  • Create compelling and visual marketing messages that are designed to attract your ideal customers.
  • Find out how your blog can become a marketing machine and help you expand your credibility and your reach.
  • Discover ways to boost your customer activity with bundles, coupons and sales events.
  • Learn how to tweak and refine your shop content so you remain relevant and high-ranking in the search engines.

Become a Digital Shop Owner Comprehensive Training Program

The Digital Shop Owner Program provides you with a blueprint for setting up your own Online Shop. You receive Tutorials, Worksheets, Checklists, Action Guides and more…

You’ll receive four comprehensive training modules, complete with audios, videos, checklists, worksheets, and action guides.

Lessons are available on-demand, so there are no dates to worry about. You retain ongoing access to the program so you can revisit the lessons whenever you’d like.

  • Discover how to create compelling and visual marketing messages that are designed to attract your ideal customers.
  • Learn how to create digital, downloadable content, that your audience is eager to purchase.
  • Discover effective ways to attract your ideal customers, and have them come back to your shop over and over again.
  • Learn how to tweak and refine your shop content so you remain relevant and high-ranking in the search engines.
  • Special Bonus: When your shop is open to the public, we’ll feature you in our Digital Shop Owner’s Showcase!
  • Special Bonus: You receive access to a private discussion forum, where you’ll receive ongoing support from D’vorah and other Digital Shop Owner members. Get feedback on your shop and shop idea and get your questions answered!

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