Duston McGroarty - Affiliate Ground Zero

Duston McGroarty - Affiliate Ground Zero. From: Duston McGroarty Where: Dripping Springs, TXIf I lost everything, THIS is what I would do. I mean everything.N...
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Duston McGroarty - Affiliate Ground Zero

Duston McGroarty - Affiliate Ground Zero

From: Duston McGroarty
Where: Dripping Springs, TX

If I lost everything, THIS is what I would do. I mean everything.

No email list. No existing traffic streams. No social media following.

No clout with anyone in the business. No products to sell. No audience of any kind to sell to.

No websites already built. Nothing.

If I woke up tomorrow with nothing… how would I get back on my feet ASAP?

In not so many words, I had a subscriber ask me this question recently. I started and stopped my reply to them no less than five times.

It stumped me. It’s a great question. I’m so thankful they asked too. I often forget how much I struggled when I first got started.

We tend to complicate things in our mind to a point that we freeze. We think we need to create our product. We need upsells. We need downsells.

Complicated, automated funnels with automated emails. Massive ad budgets, split-testing and tracking software.

And the list goes on and on.

However, when asked this question last week, it made me stop and think about all that crap I mentioned above.

If I had nothing… wiped clean of everything… and let’s say my goal was to build a $10k/mo business as fast as possible…

I Wouldn’t Use ANYTHING Complicated

No funnel software, or split-testing software, or tracking software.
I wouldn’t waste time creating my own products, no upsells, no downsells.
Instead, I would focus 100% of my time, energy, and whatever money I had… on ONE thing.
An email list. It’s the only “sure thing” I can rely on as a marketer. I would urge you to adopt the same belief.
Here’s why:
We could all wake up tomorrow to a news report about Facebook closing their advertising platform. Maybe Google follows a week later.
Maybe laws get passed banning paid advertising of any kind online. (Unlikely, I know, but hey, it could happen.)
The only “sure thing” are the assets you own. Those can’t be taken from you and they can’t be governed (for the most part).
Your email list? That’s YOURS. You own it.
You put your blood, sweat, and tears into building it. Ain’t nobody gonna rip it outta your hands.

Your Email List Is A Virtual ATM Machine

You need money?
Send an email and watch as it spits some out.
Where am I going with this?
Well, when they asked me what I would do if I lost everything… I eventually replied (after starting and stopping a few times) with what I just told you.
That was just the beginning of our email conversation though. They were quick to reply with, “yeah but how do I go about building an email list?”
I replied back with a few different strategies and they hit me with an onslaught of really good questions…
“How do I set up a website?”
“How do I add my email form to my site?”
“How do I set up my autoresponder messages?”
“Where do I get traffic from and how exactly do I get traffic from there?”
As I’m answering these questions, one by one, I’m thinking to myself…
I bet other people are struggling with these same issues. Left to wonder every step of the way whether they’re on the right track.
Trust me, I get it… I’ve been in that exact same spot before. I just sorta forgot about it these last few years.
A lot of what I’ve been teaching skips over a lot of those basic steps and dives straight into higher-level strategies. Thing is…

To Build A $10k/Month Business…

You Don’t Need “High-Level Strategies”
All you need is a proven plan. A plan with step-by-step instructions. Beginning to end. Nothing left out.
Which is EXACTLY what I’ve decided to do. So, here’s the deal…
Originally, my next promotion was going to cover a number of free traffic sources.
Like, I’m talking LEGIT hardcore free traffic strategies. Stuff very few people are doing. More on that in a sec.
I planned on holding a big webinar this week and at the end offering a $497 coaching program where I would teach these free traffic strategies to a small group of students.
After receiving that email, I got to thinking about how I could help the “beginners”. The people who are just getting started.
Then it hit me.
Free traffic strategies are a perfect fit for beginners. Even better that these specific strategies are easy to implement and produce INSANE results.
Why not spin this free traffic coaching program into a “beginner’s bootcamp”?
Instead of just teaching the traffic strategies by themselves and rambling on about why they work…
Show HOW they work by building an online business from scratch and documenting my progress every step of the way.
It’ll be a virtual bootcamp for beginners. A workshop where you get to build your business right along side of me.
Kinda like a…

Zero To Hero Challenge

Going way back to the basics… starting from absolute scratch… what I would do to build a $10k/mo business.
Everything video recorded on screen for you to see. Absolutely NOTHING left out.
I’m talking EVERYTHING.
From the very beginning…
Buying the domain name…
Signing up for hosting…
Signing up for an autoresponder…
Installing WordPress…
Installing a WordPress theme…
Installing the necessary WordPress plugins…
Creating/getting/adding content…
Adding the email form to the site…
Setting up the autoresponder…
That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
I’ll talk about choosing a niche, choosing a product to promote as an affiliate, the best networks to use to find products, and more.

I’ve Made This So Simple My Mom Can Do It

My mom is about as computer-illiterate as they come. Love ya, Mom, but it’s the truth.
As I document every step of this Zero to $10k/mo bootcamp, I will be imagining my mom on the other end of the video… struggling to figure out how to turn the sound up. Lol! #truth
A recent AGZ student, Mark, felt the same way. Look at what he said about the AGZ experience:
Duston McGroarty - Affiliate Ground Zero
Seriously, though… this is the REAL deal. I should’ve done this YEARS ago. Better late than never, as they say.
This is a “from scratch” walkthrough documenting the creation of an entire online business.
Although, it’s WAAAY more than just a lame video-recorded product.
You will be participating in a life-altering event. Something you’ve never experienced before.
I want this to be as close as we can get to a live workshop setting.
A place where you show up with nothing and by the time you leave you having a fine-tuned digital money machine.
Each day you’ll receive a new lesson. Each lesson will include homework.
The homework will be to complete the steps taught during that day’s lesson.
So that by the end of the virtual bootcamp, you will already be getting a steady flow of free traffic to your site, a percentage of that traffic will turn into email subscribers, and a percentage of those email subscribers will purchase the affiliate product you’re promoting.

You’ll Be Well On Your Way To Your Own $10k/Month Business

Armed with everything you need to make it happen.
Sound good? Good. Now let’s talk traffic. FREE traffic, that is.
I have three, yes THREE, free traffic strategies that’ll knock your socks off.
Do you need to use all three of them? No, absolutely not. One is plenty.
Before I dive in and tell you about them, let me preface this by saying…
I hate most free traffic strategies because of the following “either/or” conditions:
They either provide long-term, delayed results…
They provide immediate, short-term results.
I don’t like either of those options. I’m sure you don’t either. We want the best of both worlds, right?
Here are a few examples of the typical free traffic strategies:
  • Creating unique content on your blog for organic SEO traffic—in a month or two your content might rank and eventually you’ll start getting consistent traffic from it.
Those are long-term, delayed results.
  • Getting a bunch of social media followers and making posts to your profile—the average “half-life” of a Facebook post is 24 hours, then it’s lost in Facebook cyberspace for no one to see again.
Those are immediate, short-term results.
That’s the kinda crap I hate. Sorry, I do.
If I’m gonna spend my time doing something—like implementing a free traffic strategy—I want the result of my time spent to generate immediate, long-term results.
Don’t you??! It just makes sense, right?

That’s Why These Three Free Traffic Strategies Are So Powerful

They all generate immediate, long-term results. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
I don’t teach stuff I would never do myself. Idk, just doesn’t feel right to me. If I wouldn’t do it… I’m not gonna tell you to do it.
Anyhoo, here are some of the results from these three free traffic strategies…
Free Traffic Strategy #1:
  » A brand new site went from 0 to 12,000 visitors per month in less than 4 weeks
  » A different brand new site went from 0 to 70,000 visitors per month in less than 4 months
  » And a third site went from 0 to 285,000 visitors per month in less than a year
Free Traffic Strategy #2:
  » A brand new site went from 0 to $2,580 in only 3 days
  » A different brand new site went from 0 to over 35,000 visitors and over $17,000 in less than 4 weeks
  » And a third brand new site went from 0 to over 100,000 visitors per month in less than a year
Free Traffic Strategy #3:
  » A brand new site went from 0 to over 10,000 visitors, more than 6,000 email subscribers, and over $8,000, in less than 4 weeks
  » A brand new site went from 0 to over 7,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months
  » And a third brand new site went from 0 to over 2,800 email subscribers in less than 2 weeks
Pretty dang sweet, huh?
It gets better…

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