Dr. Walsh - The Flat Loss Dilemma + Importance of Detox

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Dr. Walsh - The Flat Loss Dilemma + Importance of DetoxDr. Walsh - The Flat Loss Dilemma + Importance of Detox

Fat Loss Is Generally A Good Thing

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know and understand that being overweight is considered to be unhealthy and is associated with several negative health outcomes. Everything from type II diabetes, to cardiovascular disease, arthritis, poor sleep quality, mental health issues, and even cancer have been associated with being overweight.

Therefore, if we are overweight, we should all try to lose weight and shed those pounds, right?

Not so fast. According to the scientific literature, it is not that simple.

Most People, Including Practitioners, Are Doing It Wrong

Everyone knows how to lose weight, right? Eat less, move more, drink water, and make sure to get adequate sleep and whamo - weight loss! But anyone that has tried to lose weight before, knows it isn’t that easy. First, there are the plateaus. Your client diets for a few weeks, drops a couple of pounds, and then their progress stalls. So you increase the exercise, decrease the calories, add in some cheat days, and hopefully, they will continue to lose weight.

What if we told you that there is pretty strong evidence that when your client diets or restricts calories, xenobiotics are mobilized and increase in their blood. And what if we told you some studies clearly show that when the level of xenobiotics go up, metabolism and fat burning go down.

You May Be Unhealthier Than Before You Started

We hate to say it, but it gets worse. There is scientific evidence that dieting, fasting, and calorie reduction results in a flood of xenobiotic exposure that may exacerbate and contribute to chronic disease later in life. Think about this for a second. Numerous chronic diseases - everything from type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, to neurodegenerative disease and dementia - have been linked to xenobiotics. Therefore, when the body gets flooded with xenobiotics when someone diets or tries to lose weight, there may be significant downstream consequences. In the short term, this may mean sluggish weight loss, but in the long term, this could contribute to chronic disease.

Detoxification Is The Key To Healthy Fat Loss

The missing piece of modern-day fat loss programs for most people is that they must make sure they are detoxifying excess xenobiotics properly. The research is clear that xenobiotic levels go up when we diet or significantly lower calories, and if you cannot adequately get rid of those toxins, they can be deposited into other tissues and contribute to chronic disease.

This is why practitioners must ensure that their clients’ detoxification pathways are working properly before they start a weight loss program AND support detoxification pathways during their weight loss. Not doing so may contribute to serious health consequences down the road.

However, not all detoxification programs are created equal.

Most Detoxification Programs Don’t Work

We know that is kind of a bold statement, but it’s true.

Dr. Walsh - The Flat Loss Dilemma + Importance of Detox

There are three things, or principles, that must be followed for the body to successfully and safely detoxify something from your body, and most detoxification programs lack, or even inhibit, at least one of them. This makes most detoxification programs sub-optimal at best, and completely ineffective at worst. We’ve sort of revolutionized the detoxification industry with information a lot of experts agree that our approach to detoxification is very much needed in the industry.

But not only do most detoxification programs not work, but many fat loss supplements also make detoxification worse!

It’s true. Ingredients commonly found in fat loss supplements, like green tea extract and curcumin, actually inhibit detoxification pathways!

There Is A Better, Healthier Way To Lose Weight

When you combine the vast amount of scientific literature on this subject, a basic knowledge of physiology and biochemical pathways, as well as personal clinical experience, it becomes clear there is a better, safer, and healthier way to lose weight. In fact, in today’s modern society, this is the ONLY way to safely and successfully lose weight.

If you are a health care practitioner who recommends weight loss to any clients, you can NOT miss this 1.5 hour workshop that is guaranteed to change your practice AND how you view weight loss.

We are going to present the latest scientific research on how toxic we are, how xenobiotics contribute to obesity and difficult fat loss, how fat loss may contribute to chronic disease due to xenobiotic release, and most importantly, how to modify weight loss programs to be safer and more effective for your patients and clients.

In this Workshop, You will Learn:

✅ How Toxic We Are

✅ What happens with toxins when we lower calories or fast

✅ How Toxins shut down our metabolism

✅ How weight loss may increase chronic disease risk, due to toxin exposure!

✅ What every weight loss program needs to be more effective and less damaging

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Dr. Walsh - The Flat Loss Dilemma + Importance of Detox

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