Dr. Walsh - Rethinking Reactive Hypoglycemia

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Dr. Walsh - Rethinking Reactive HypoglycemiaDr. Walsh - Rethinking Reactive Hypoglycemia

Recommending “small frequent meals” is not the solution to reactive hypoglycemia.

Sure, it will help them symptomatically, but what happens if they skip a meal? They go straight back to experiencing symptoms.

That’s not fixing it!

If you’re a health practitioner who sees patients who talk about being “hangry” or experience “shakiness, lightness, or irritability” between meals, you NEED this workshop.

Why? Because it’s a BIG problem for a lot of people and practitioners are missing the boat.

Don’t feel bad if you are, we did too.

When we first started practicing, we were seeing TONS of mostly women who were telling us if they skipped a meal they fell apart. You know, the brain fog, fatigue, feeling like ripping someone’s head off.

And we did what everyone told us to do. We recommended that they “eat small, frequent meals to keep their blood sugar more stable”.

They did, and it worked…or at least it looked like it did.

If they ever skipped a meal, their symptoms returned. Not to mention, it didn’t exactly address the “root cause” we all like to talk about.

We knew we were missing something. There had to be more to the story. As it turns out, there is.

We looked to the science and learned a LOT about hypoglycemic symptoms. For example

  • Low blood sugar does not mean someone will have symptoms
  • People can get hypoglycemic symptoms with normal blood sugar
  • Meals can cause hypoglycemic symptoms, but straight glucose might not!
  • And SO much more, all straight from the scientific literature

And we’re bringing it all to you in this info-packed, one-hour worshop!

In this Workshop, You will Learn:

✅ Critical Players in Glucose Regulation Every Practitioner Must Understand

✅ TEN Evidence-Based Causes of Reactive Hypoglycemia

✅ A Clinical Approach to Evaluating for Each of the Ten Causes of Reactive Hypoglycemia

✅ Clinical Interventions for Each of the Ten Causes of Reactive Hypoglycemia

✅ Our CUSTOM Reactive Hypoglycemia Playbook that Outlines EXACTLY How to Assess Your Clients for this Commonly Misdiagnosed and Mismanaged Issue

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