Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss digital download. Info: [19 PDF + 60 MP4 + 1 MOV + 3 FLV + 3 MP3 + 1 TXT] | 3.230 GB. Neuro Strength & Fa...

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Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss

Type: Digital download

Format: [19 PDF + 60 MP4 + 1 MOV + 3 FLV + 3 MP3 + 1 TXT]

File size: 3.230 GB

Salepage: http://doubleedgedfatloss.com/Special_Deal_For_Vince_Delmonte_Friends.html

Archive: https://archive.ph/G5hJf

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss

Right now, you're about to gain access to 2 EXCLUSIVE Neuro Strength Bonuses that teach you how to shatter strength barriers within 30 days... all because you're friends with
Vince Delmonte.

Vince is one of my best friends...
so YOU benefit in a HUGE way!

Bonus #1: Foundations In Compound Movement ($67 value)

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss
Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri - Double Edged Fat Loss

When you devour this step-by-step, idiot-proof downloadable DVD you’ll discover:

  • “Weird” Strength Tricks With Simple Exercises - why your muscles are actually rejecting you and stopping you from gaining size as fast as you deserve...
  • 10 Strength Commandments - you’ll discover which 10 exercises produce 90% of all bulk result.
  • How to Wake Up Each Individual Muscle You Work... this is the “nuclear option” of Strength training and will supercharge your muscle building results.
  • The ‘MSM’ For Strength Gains - you’ll learn how to develop better signals to your muscles every time you lift weights by understanding and implementing this one principle.

This features the Top 10 Muscle Growth Exercises, & I'm going to show you how to make the most of each one. By the time you finish with Foundations In Compound Movement, you're going to make the trainers in your gym look like weaklings...

This premium bonus was created to teach you how to learn some of the most difficult exercises with perfect form. Why waste another minute trying to guess your way around an exercise, thereby limiting any potential strength gains you can make for that day?

When you devour this Downloadable DVD, you’ll see that I take you through the most important gym movements you should know if you want to recruit as much muscle as possible & get stronger, faster.

Bonus #2: Muscle 101: How To Go From
Beginner To Jacked Expert In 5 Easy Steps
($67 value)

Everyone needs to start somewhere. However, some people learn slowly and others model success. I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you. In 5 easy steps, you’ll be integrating Neuro Strength concepts & building a better center for strength in your own body. You’re going to want to watch this twice (at least!)

You’ll learn:

  1. The Pec Performance Method - get ripped, but don’t forget your chest. In this section, you’ll learn how to build a bigger chest without having gain any extra size.
  2. Neuro Strengthening - 30-50% of your strength gains are being left on the table (even if you’re advanced) until you understand this one principle.
  3. ‘Muscle Combustion’- you’ll see how to gain so much activity with each muscle from each rep you do that you’ll almost feel like you’re exploding. There’s a trick, and I’m going to teach you.
  4. Bulking Blocks - the foundation for any strength program lies in one area. I’m going to show you how to best target this area and realize your true bulk capacity.
  5. Periodization Principles - understanding ‘when’ to do ‘what’ is arguably more important than any exercise you choose in order to turn heads when you walk down the street and have people quote ‘Deuce Bigalowe’ while they say ‘That Guy’s A Beast!”

This is the Cheat Sheet When It Comes To Muscle.

You should know...

These EXCLUSIVE NEURO STRENGTH bonuses reveal the most cutting-edge strength principles & exercise routines available in the muscle building marketplace, anywhere.

As many of you know, Vince is one of my good friends. I had an opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with him talking about the integration of NNMB and DEFL, and we’ve come up with a master plan (which will be included in your program).

Vince & I both believe your body requires that you strengthen it in a specific sequence, and we’re ready to help you ‘unlock’ your muscular potential through proper nervous system communication and a killer muscle building program. We’re going to help you along the way, and we’re going to show the whole world how much easier it is to gain size when you do things this way...

If you're ready to learn how to properly communicate with your CNS and start reaping the benefits of Neuro Strength & Fat Loss in 4 short weeks, then I implore you to START NOW!

By combining Double Edged Fat Loss with Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program, you are essentially taking a missile to a gun fight. There's really no way to fail, and you CAN look forward to a brand new strength potential within 30 days. Exercises are just going to get easier. You're going to move better, feel great, and, most importantly, be shocked by 'the new you' when you catch a glance in the mirror.

Neuro Strength & Fat Loss is founded upon the principle of training neurological recruitment of more muscle. Each and every repetition you do is worth more when you train this way. This means that you’ll be able to work out for less time and gain more from each workout at the same time.

Think & Grow Strong...

I bet you never even considered improving your nervous system for strength before. I hadn’t either... but since I developed this technique, the game has changed. Size is easy. Strength is easy. Six pack abs are easy (granted, intense workouts, but the process is easy to follow & the results are guaranteed.)

When you start Double Edged Neuro Strength & Fat Loss Training, you’ll see:

  • Enhanced neural signaling in your body and you’ll BOOST YOUR METABOLISM.
  • Improved coordination and increased strength.
  • Greater ability to focus on a muscle and gain 30% contractile strength.
    (hence, ‘Think & Grow Strong’)
  • Rapid fat loss workouts get results two to three times faster from now on when you’re so desperate to shred down and start bulking again...
  • You really haven’t tapped your full exercise potential yet (and I’m going to show you how to do this)

Plain and simple, get ready to EXPLODE YOUR STRENGTH WITHIN 30 DAYS!