Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton Ph.D. - Get Your Shift Together (Vol 1)

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Get Your Shift Together Vol. 1: The Science of Personal and Global

This captivating collaboration between two of the most inspiring teachers, highlights their unique paths as they explore latest scientific studies and how this information can empower you. Through great passion and humor, Dr. Joe and Dr. Lipton convey compelling information to bridge the scientific gap between biology, philosophy and neurology and you!

6-CD Audio Box Set. Approximate Run Time: 6 hrs 18 minutes.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist, chiropractor, New York Times bestselling author, and lecturer who creatively bridges the gap between the science of our brain, mind and human potential, shares information and recent scientific studies regarding how you can rewire your brain to create a new reality and truly change from the inside out.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., internationally renowned cellular biologist, bestselling author and speaker, passionately shares his information and ground breaking scientific studies regarding epigenetics and how you have the ability to heal yourself and have a fulfilling healthy life.