Dr Anissa Holmes - Facebook Bootcamp Of Dentists

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Dr Anissa Holmes - Facebook Bootcamp Of Dentists. Learn how to get 30+ new patients per month in the chair, all through the power of Facebook marketing! “G...
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Dr Anissa Holmes - Facebook Bootcamp Of DentistsDr Anissa Holmes - Facebook Bootcamp Of Dentists

Learn how to get 30+ new patients per month in the chair, all through the power of Facebook marketing!

“Growing your dental practice doesn’t have to be a grind.”

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You’re smart.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s what got you through dental school, and that’s what’s going to get you through the challenges of building a dental practice.

…If you’ve just gotten started, well, you don’t want to spend 20 years trying to figure it out. You want success, right away.

…If you’ve been trying to build your dental practice for awhile, you’ve been smart enough to try everything you can.

Courses, seminars, conventions…maybe you’ve picked up a good tip here or there, but you really can’t waste any more time trying to figure out online marketing, too. 

You’ve got patients to see, and you need to get more through the door,

Let Me Guess…

  • You’re struggling to find a consistent source of new patients
  • You’re nervous about the debt you’re racking up to build your practice (not to mention dental school)
  • You’re also training that new staff member you just hired (yet another thing no one taught you how to do)
  • You’re losing sleep at night because your to-do list keeps growing, but your practice isn’t growing fast enough
  • AND you have a patient waiting to see you in the chair
  • If you’ve been through this before, or if you’re going through it right now, I’m here to tell you:
  • It’s not your fault
  • We’re dentists!
  • We were trained to fill crowns, not write Facebook ads.
  • (And P.S., there was no marketing class in dental school.)
  • That’s where I come in.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Well, let me put it this way — I’ve learned that Facebook ads are the quickest, most affordable way to get new patients through the door, STAT.

Because I know that busy dentists don’t have time for a lot of trial and error when it comes to growing their businesses.

We’ve got expensive equipment to pay for, student loans to pay off, and that dental practice is not just going to build itself.

That’s why I want to take some of the struggle off your plate so you can just focus on what you do best — making patients’ lives (and smiles!) better.

Imagine a dental practice where…

  • You’re able to put your marketing on autopilot to consistently, effortlessly bring new patients into your practice
  • You’re profitable, and you can feel confident that your bills are paid AND those debts will soon be a thing of the past
  • You have the time to build a staff of rock stars, because you’re no longer struggling to make ends meet
  • You sleep like a baby at night, knowing your business is on track
  • You always have an ideal patient waiting to see you in the chair, ready to agree to the best treatment you can offer!

FACEBOOK BOOTCAMP is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart your Facebook marketing strategy and start bringing new patients into your practice, right away!

You’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to run high-converting Facebook ad campaigns — the images, the ads, the funnels — and be able to apply them to your business in less than an hour!

Session-by-Session Breakdown

All sessions are ONLINE and RECORDED for future playback.

SESSION 1: The 3 Secrets To Facebook Success/FB Funnels/FB Live

Find out my top three secrets to success for Facebook, including how to build a profitable sales funnel through Facebook, and how to utilize Facebook Live to grow your social media presence and attract an adoring audience of potential patients!

SESSION 2: Creating Audiences to Target High-Income Earners and Ideal New Patients

It’s one thing to bring patients through the door. It’s yet another to bring patients through the door who will agree to treatment. In this session, learn how to appeal to the high-income earner patient base, and dazzle them with the very best treatments you can offer.

SESSION 3: Creating High-Converting Campaigns and New Patient Acquisition Funnels

Through years of training with the best of the best in online marketing, I’ve built successful campaigns to bring in new patients that have worked for dental practices of all shapes and sizes, and I want yours to be one of them. Learn my best practices and utilize my proven ad formats!

What You’re Gonna Get…

  • 3 SessionFacebook Bootcamp Masterclass($2298 Value)
  • Facebook High-Income Targeting Secrets ($1097 Value)
  • Instagram Secrets Training ($997 Value)
  • Plug-ln-Play Ads- Invisalign, Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and More

($3,248 Value)

  • Done For You Image Library ($997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Automated Client Acquisition Funnel so you can fill in the blanks and run ads to acquire new clients on auto pilot. ($3248 Value)
  • BONUS#2:The 2 Question Close so you can easily close clients over the phone by asking 2 simple questions. This technique gives me over 80% close ratios. ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Access to the Private Student Group so you can strategize and get help from previous students that are killing it. (PRICELESS)

Get Dr Anissa Holmes - Facebook Bootcamp Of Dentists at the sunlurn

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