Dougall Fraser - Empowering the Empath

Dougall Fraser - Empowering the Empath digital download. Info: [WebRip - 17 MP3s, 5 PDFs] | 216.96 MB. Everyone wants to know when they will find true l...

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Dougall Fraser - Empowering the Empath

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 17 MP3s, 5 PDFs]

File size: 216.96 MB

Empowering the Empath

Everyone wants to know when they will find true love, if they should change careers, and how to follow their dreams. In short, everyone would like a peek into their future!

Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser is an expert in the business of futures. Whether you want to examine your past, present or beyond, Dougall Fraser has a special ability to tune into your life.

His relatable voice, down to earth humor, and dead-on predictions got him named Best Psychic in Dallas at the age of 20. Thirteen years later he has garnered international recognition in countless media outlets. Dougall knew at a very early age that he saw the world and others differently. He could easily perceive the issues, secrets and desires in people’s lives. This trait was not always welcomed by others (especially at a party). He gave his first reading at the age of 8 and was regularly counseling adults while still in grade school. By the time he was 14, Dougall began to better understand his abilities and how to best use them for the greater good. He has studied meditation, psychology and healing extensively to enhance his natural talent. Dougall has maintained a professional practice for more than fifteen years and is recognized as one of the country’s top psychics. His international clientele ranges from CEOs and celebrities, to people just like you who may need extra insight. Dougall has been featured on many national TV shows, including The Dr. Phil Show, The Real Housewives of O.C., and Dancing with the Stars

The Empowered Empath!

Empathy is the ability to step into another person’s energy and feel their emotions. Connecting with others is a beautiful gift, but it may not feel that way if you get “stuck” with their energy. Do you feel the emotions of other people without even trying? Have you ever struggled with releasing strong feelings after experiencing them? Do you feel like you are too sensitive? Would you like more intuitive guidance?

Now imagine being able to let go other people’s emotions as easily as you feel them. You could use your gift of sensitivity to help others, without their energy “sticking” to you. Imagine being loved unconditionally by a worldwide community of people who support you! Think of the lightness and relief that you would experience. Learn how to maximize your empathy and sensitive nature to connect with those around you. Gain tools to turn your empathy on and off whenever you want. Learn how to quickly clear your mental, emotional, and perceptual centers so that you feel centered and balanced. Join a community of like-minded souls who will support you along your path of spiritual growth.