Don Baker - Back From Distraction

Don Baker - Back From Distraction digital download. Info: [WebRip - 11 PDF, 8 RTF, 3 MP3] | 142.34 MB. What if it were possible to slow your brain down ...

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Don Baker - Back From Distraction

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 11 PDF, 8 RTF, 3 MP3]

File size: 142.34 MB



Back From Distraction - 8 week

Don Baker - Back From Distraction
Real Solutions for Men
With Adult ADD/ADHD

8-Week Online Course
Instructor: Don Baker, MA, LMHC
This course is now underway
Registration Open Through 8 November, 2016

This is the last time this course will be offered at TPI University
What's Going On?

Have you ever sensed there’s something special about you – a difference that is unique, creative, and powerful – yet you’ve never identified what it is or known how to deliberately access it?

This special quality of yours, this difference, appears and dazzles others (including you at times!) in short bursts. It’s elusive. It’s variable. It’s situational. And as a result, it’s difficult to leverage.

Truth is, it’s nearly impossible to slow your brain down long enough to reflect. Somehow something, some thought, some feeling, distracts you from following the thread.

What if it were possible to slow your brain down long enough to focus on this difference / quality of yours, to own it, leverage it, and begin to gain traction using and growing it?

What if there was a way Back From Distraction?

Is This You?

  • You have brilliant ideas.

  • You intuitively understand complex concepts.

  • You easily make connections others don’t.

  • You get laid off, fired from jobs?

  • You suffer from aptitudinal underachievement (perhaps academically or by not reaching “potential” in other arenas).

  • You’re irritable, impatient, inconsistent, and impulsive.

  • You have diminished tolerance for boredom.

  • You’re disorganized with time and space.

  • Your relationships just don’t last.

  • You feel misunderstood.

  • You require last-minute cramming on things that don’t get done without the pressure of a deadline.

  • You’re reactive rather than proactive.

  • You feel demoralized and often anxious.

  • You have trouble focusing on something boring.

  • You find yourself avoiding, even self-isolating.

  • You’re ashamed.

  • Your traits subside when something is interesting.

Take a short ADD test online

Back From Distraction (BFD)

With BFD, you become a “technologist” – traditionally defined as a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.

Consider this: your lack of understanding of your unique brain wiring has been a large chunk of what’s been in the way, of why you may not be moving forward at the pace you’d imagined. Or why you aren’t living the life you’d imagined.

The key is becoming acutely aware of the facets of your “brand,” the way your brain is wired.

Neurodiversity is a relatively new concept that accounts for how different people process information differently. Increasingly, neurodiversity is seen as important to the heath of the human race like biodiversity is to the health of an ecosystem.

Distractibility often has its roots in biology. For example, neuro-imaging is now providing clear data on specific parts of the brain impacted by particular neurotransmitter deficiencies.

Maximizing Your "Brand"

As a technologist of your own “brand” you will learn:

  • How to best “feed”, “nourish” , and optimize your gray matter.

  • How to become a better connoisseur of your focus and attention.

  • How biology interferes with intention / attention.

  • How biology enhances, even activates intention/ attention.

By learning to identify and fully live your brand, you will walk the planet with confidence and give your unique gift to the world.

Another Bright, Shiny Thing?

Join me on this eight-week journey. I guarantee the material in BFD will move you toward change.

Accept that you’ll be distracted along the way, but trust that you'll get better at managing it. I’ve watched my clients gather relevant skills and strategies over the years that have positively impacted their regulation of attention and focus, decreased their distractibility, and allowed them more consistent access to what’s always been true about themselves.

Are you feeling apprehensive about all of this? I get it. Maybe there’s a little rhetoric going on in your head like “I’ve tried this kind of stuff before, and it didn’t work.” Predicting failure before you start? Been there and done that.

You don’t have to do this alone. We’ll work diligently to support each other. Isolation is discouraged. Connection with the group is encouraged. Leveraging the wisdom and brilliance of your tribe-mates is one of the best strategies you can use in the BFD process.

This time we’ll actively build a team to help you navigate your way back from distraction. Imagine a BFD Team with the motto flashing in the distance: “We’ll pull each other through this.” No man left behind.

Even if historically you’ve experienced a strong start but poor finish, this time, I want you to commit to starting, staying, and completing the BFD course. I assure you it’ll be worth it. And you won’t be going it alone.

Don Baker, MA, LMHC


Lesson 1: Understanding ADD/ADHD in Adults

Lesson 2: Remembering to Remember the Big Picture

Lesson 3: What’s Under the Hood? Your Unique Brain Wiring

Lesson 4: Making Connections Between Brain and Behavior

Lesson 5: Self-Control: How to Get What You Want

Lesson 6: The Six Styles of Processing for Learning

Lesson 7: Becoming a Connoisseur of Your Attention and Focus

Lesson 8: Putting It All Together and Putting It to Good Use

About Don Baker

Don Baker - Back From Distraction
Don Baker, MA, LMHC has been a leader in the Seattle ADHD community for over 15 years. He is an inspiring and passionate speaker with an expertise in ADHD. Don has a unique way of making the difficult understandable and offers practical guidance, clear strategies and a unique optimistic perspective based on a wealth of personal and professional experience and education. 

Don has created a series of Groups and Workshops called Life Strategies for Adults Living ADHD and for Couples where one or both live with the diagnosis. He lives and practices in the Greater Seattle Area.