Devon White - Anti-Virus - Human Operating System

Devon White - Anti-Virus - Human Operating System digital download. Info: [4 MP3, 1 PDF, 1 AVI] | 238.33 MB. The Anti-Virus audio included is all about ...

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Devon White - Anti-Virus - Human Operating System

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 MP3, 1 PDF, 1 AVI]

File size: 238.33 MB

Anti-Virus - Human Operating System

1 Intro Video.

Anti-Virus - Human Operating System

From Devon White: A couple months ago I asked you and our entire community what you most wanted.

One of the top answers had nothing to do with feeling powerful, or being at your best. It was about how to deal with limitations; Limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, inner judgment, self doubt, self criticism, nagging inner voices, emotional trauma get the point

Well I heard you and here's my response: In the past, I've offered a lot of information on how to be at your best but I haven't been overly explicit on how to get rid of stuff that's been limiting you. In other words, your problems.

Today I'm updating that. The Anti-Virus audio included is all about releasing traumas, eliminating self-judgment, and limiting your limitations. If you experience any of these issues - then you are definitely going to want to hear this.

Here's why: When I started doing this work as an early teenager I only had a handful of books and a burning hunger to self actualize. I didn't have a formal teacher, just my instincts. So I used my life as my experiment. My days and my desires were my laboratory. And at the end of each day I'd find out if! had achieved what I'd set out to do. If I missed the mark on what I'd set out to accomplish I had to figure out why so that I would succeed the next day.

Of course figuring out why was usually more than an intellectual thing. More often than not it had to do with limiting beliefs or negative emotions. In other words, limits I had invisibly placed on myself. Doing this practice every day brought me to a strategy that led to two things:1. The release of personal issues and

2. The subsequent success in achieving my outcomes.

During these experiments I failed a lot But my failures led to successes. Most importantly, they led to one of my biggest successes. In fact, it's one of the biggest successes any yogi or student of awareness can make; The realization that my problems were one of the - if not THEE - single greatest source of healing and empowerment in my life.

Let me say that again. Your Problems are the greatest resource you have for deep healing and personal empowerment. They are real-life signals that are endlessly designed to teach you to succeed inside and out. However, it's not the problems themselves that will help you - it's knowing what you need to do with them that turns them from foes to allies. They are the signs that show you the locked doors you need to open on your hero's journey. Knowing how to think about problems and how to deal with them in practical, actionable ways is what this call will be all about. If I'm sticking with my usual computer metaphor then I'll be delivering the antivirus software that you want to run on your Human Operating System to get rid of the bugs you have and protect you against new ones in the future.

But let me say it a different way: Everybody gets stuck in traps. Each and every one of us is in some trap right now. Most of us are in lots of traps. The trick is to know what to do with the traps when you're in them. Whether those traps are limiting beliefs, a nagging inner voice, lack of confidence, or lethargy

...And of course, you have to remember that sometimes you don't even know what the traps are! All you know is that you've been trying to make something happen for a long time and it's just not working!

That's what I do - I help people get out of traps so that they can start paying attention to what they want. And then ultimately, learning so much about what they want that they tap into the deep current of their life's Purpose. They tap into a kind of power greater than they thought they were capable of. And that's when the real magic starts happening. And the truth is - your traps, your problems, they're the perfect tool to get you there.

Within the AntiVirus audio I address the single greatest issue-releasing technique I know. I'll give you the strategy as well as the tactics on how to use it.

You will also want to listen to: The Reality Bender Install (formerly Installing Inner Game) which is posted at: Devon White - Installing Inner Game v 1.0

The following tracks are referenced for the Anti-Virus materials: Relax for a Change Disk 1:

Track 5: Close Your Eyes

Track 6: Slow Down

Track 11: Relax

Track 12: Stabilize

Relax for a Change Disk 2:

Track 2: What is Progressive Relaxation

Track 4: What are the Benefits

Track 6: How Long Will It Take

Your Assignment: Spend the next week getting rid of a virus in your HOS. Just one. Don't pick the most difficult one - just pick one that you know you have. Then, if you haven't listened to it already, listen to the first call. Read the PDF book chapter. And use the tracks I've provided to relax yourself all the way back to your Default. Use the techniques I've provided in all the above to integrate the traumas, get rid of the bad voices or limit the limitations. Once you've spent some time (a week or more is best) ridding yourself of a trauma or limitation, listen to the 2nd telecall.