Developyourenergy - Multi Course Energy Development

Developyourenergy - Multi Course Energy Development digital download. Info: [Various Files] | 1.410 GB. This course include: Energy Healing, 5-Elements ...

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Developyourenergy - Multi Course Energy Development

Type: Digital download

Format: [Various Files]

File size: 1.410 GB

Multi Course Energy Development

Energy Healing

Imagine being able to become an energy healer now. In the past you would have to study for at least 3 to 5 years to be powerful enough to practice as an energy healer or at least powerful enough to practice healing on others with effectiveness. We are proud to Offer a course that brings together 13 healing concepts. This course uses Qigong and other techniques to increase health and build powerful energy for yourself, which you can use to treat potential clients.

5-Elements & 9-Esoteric seals

This course provides all the information needed to self initiate, practice and perform the 5-elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Space) and the 9-esoteric hand seals known as Jiuzi Miling in China and Kuji-In in Japan. Although today, this practice is often associated with the Japanese Ninja, its origins are actually Hindu and later became a Buddhist practice that spread throughout Tibet, China and Japan. This practice is an ancient yet more remarkable form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as the practitioner activates spiritual energy (Chi) in coordination with a specific emotional state, chakra awareness, sound activation or mantra, creative visualization and specific focused intention. Both warriors and priests practiced the 9 esoteric hand seals due to the systems unique efficiency to stimulate and awaken the Vajra power within the practitioner. Each seal is associated with a particular chakra and internal ability. The 1st seal generates great physical and mental strength. The 2nd seal generates internal energy. The 3rd seal harmonizes the first two seals along with stimulating overall harmony with nature, body and mind. The 4th seal activates energetic healing ability. The 5th seal heightens the intuitive capabilities of the mind. The 6th seal increases overall awareness and premonition of danger. The 7th seal removes the veil of time and space and integrates the dimensionally free dream mind with the conscious mind. The 8th seal stimulates the 3rd eye to open and the 9th seal opens the crown center to merge one’s sense of limited identity with the infinite universe.

Meditations for Manifesting

This course has been updated with new content from "The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Mind Training Series". It has the audio files presented in the first course along with supplemental videos for empowerment. It also has 3 pdfs for download about the Law of Attraction.

Meditation for manifesting is one of the most popular reasons for meditating. The question is, why meditate to manifest? The answer is probably for the same reason you have arrived at this particular website. You are looking for something more in life and you believe that somehow you can do something to change your life’s situation. Meditation manifesting is a powerful way to mold and shape your own reality. Decide what you want to be in life and manifest that situation through a meditation system that has been proven to work for hundreds of years. Wait before you read on, we want to put a warning on all the material in our courses and information.

Mental Telepathy

When the subject of mental telepathy comes up it is one of those thing that you think might be possible, but you just might not be able to prove. Well chances are that if you are reading this page you believe that it may be possible. But the major question is if the opportunity to learn and master this skill was offered would you take it?

Open Your Third Eye - Anja Chakra

Open Your Third Eye In as Little as 30-days! Why You ABSOLUTELY MUST Have This Course Today! No Prior Experience Needed.

It will work regardless of your prior background.

* Minimal Time Commitment! Just 15 to 30 minutes each day for the main exercise. There are many other technique secrets revealed, but if you just do the main practice, your 3rd eye will open. Once your eye is opened you’ll have plenty of extra exercises to play with. This Course is filled with the real meat and potatoes, not unwanted side dishes.

* Discover There Is Infinitely Much MORE To YOU.

* Begin to Access Your Latent Inner Powers.

* Develop Enhanced Memory Often Photographic

* Dramatically Improve your ability to visualize anything. Enhance Your Creativity!

* Experience Many Mystical Phenomenon For Yourself First Hand. (Lucid Dreams, Astral Travel, ESP, Intuition, Déjà vu, Remote View, Out of Body Experience)

* Learn How To Go Way Beyond The Ordinary Everyday Into The Extraordinary.

* Access The Higher Dimensions of Your Limitless Awareness or Higher-Self Easily!

* Discover Many Things That Once Seemed Hidden In Nature & Life Around You.

* Have More Energy, Vitality, Happiness & Compassion.

* Reduce Stress Levels and Achieve a Much Calmer State of Being.

* Become More Attuned With Those Around You Including Plants and Animals.

* See Auras and Other Energy Patterns, Especially as People Interact.

* Achieve Greater WELL BEING Mentally, Physically and Spiritually!

* Bring Greater Sense of Meaning & Purpose to You Life.

* The Only Way to Fail is Laziness. Real Work, Simply Works!

Tenaga Dalam Ilahi

DSI (Daya Sejati Insani) or initiation level Tenaga Dalam Ilahi known as TENDAI or Cosmic Inner Energy is not a martial arts discipline nor is it an internal energy training system that will enable you to walk on fire, eat glass, become bullet proof or shatter rocks & bricks with your bare hands. TENDAI is a closely guarded secret, which has existed for several hundred years primarily originating from the Malay islands archipelago (Malaysia, Indonesia)