Developyourenergy - Inner Power Empty Force

Developyourenergy - Inner Power Empty Force digital download. Info: [18 PDF] | 4.63 MB. Inner power is a natural ability that appears to be supernatural...

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Developyourenergy - Inner Power Empty Force

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Inner Power Empty Force

Developyourenergy - Inner Power Empty Force

Finally it’s the course that everybody has been asking me for! The Inner Power Training course is here. In many ways, I’m a lot like you and have searched out and read tons of material and purchased internet courses that say they can teach the energy skills & feats you see on YouTube, where there is a master using empty force or chi to push, pull, or move a student at will. This empty force ability is something that is often demonstrated by masters but the actual training seems to be hard to come by. Well the answer to what we have all been waiting for is in this new course that Sifu Dan Ferrera has created. Dan has trained with many internationally renowned Qigong & Qi masters and has been acclaimed to be and I quote: “unnaturally gifted and wired for this stuff” by instructors and masters that are well know and highly respected. Dan has helped me in my own training over several years and the results simply speak for themselves. I have been asking him to write something like this for many years and now he has created the most complete training course that I have ever seen in regards to building empty force (the ability to send people or animals moving or flying backwards by using the chi force)

Inner Power

Inner power is a natural ability that appears to be supernatural in its effects and results. It is like a powerful magnetic shield that will protect you from hostile threats. Understand here and now that the threats have to be real and not sport. Inner power only works when someone has immoral intent directed towards you or even your personal belongings. After having studied inner power training methods with several masters, it can be assured that this is in fact a real power that will protect you when needed. Those attacking you will be thrown and/or powerfully repelled by your inner power. You can even control and manipulate their physical actions (much like a puppet), once they have fallen under the influence of your inner power as a result of their aggression, but you should never abuse this particular situation, as your only objective is nonviolent self-defense, not an all out offensive attack. Compassion is an important quality to cultivate if you are to become a true inner power master.

There are many courses available that will teach you how to build chi or ki but this one not only teaches you how to build and cultivate the chi but also how to refine it and use it to do some amazing things. This course not only gives you the real inner power secrets but also many other well coveted secrets from a variety of traditions that can lead to amazing abilities. In this course you will get the specialized training of the 4 elements: Air, Water Fire and Earth. As many of you have already seen on YouTube, this type of training leads to some pretty amazing abilities. This is the chi gong workout that will take your energy to a paranormal level.

The Amazing results of training in the four Elements

Fire accumulation abilities

There are practitioners in the Orient who have the ability to accumulate and condense the Fire element to such a high degree that they can melt snow and ice, which is physically near them or in some cases even several miles away. There are even some specialized yoga masters that will actually sit on top of large blocks of ice and melt them through the accumulation of Fire or Supreme Yang exercise. They can walk about completely naked and barefoot in extremely cold weather without being affected at all. Even when they are wrapped with cold wet cloth, it dries in a very short time. Others may develop pyrokinesis abilities and can actually cause things such as paper or other items to burst into flames. In theory, this and similar abilities can be produced by you as well as anyone else that spends enough time mastering this element. Spending time doing these chi gong workouts will amaze you in ways you will have to do to believe.

Air accumulation Through continuous practice of this exercise, the practitioner may achieve great physical speed and the ability to jump extremely high as well as potentially developing mystical phenomena associated with advanced spiritual development such as levitation or the ability to walk on water. It is also possible to make other objects lighter, or even levitate them by mentally accumulating the air element directly into the target source.

Water accumulation– Practitioners of this exercise in the Orient have achieved many great phenomena through their control of the Water element. One of the simplest applications is to keep yourself cool on a hot day but there are many other benefits for you to discover. Some of the paranormal effects of this exercise are: out-of-body experience, distant viewing, lucid dreaming, spiritual visions or premonitions, greater intuition or ESP, connection with other dimensional beings, astral travel, telepathy and other mystical or psychic experiences.

Earth element accumulation Through the practice of this exercise, you can make your body immovable and extremely dense and hard (see Iron Chi Gung). You may also develop the ability to make other people or objects feel or seem heavier by mentally filling them up with the earth element. There are also other abilities that you will discover in time, through continued practice of this particular chi gong meditation.

Empty force

What is empty force? Empty Force is the ability to move people and animals without touching them via chi projection or manipulation. This phenomenon is exhibited by individuals that have built super powerful energy. They can use it to push and pull opponents at will, which can be utilized for non-violent self-defense. This inner force is present in those that have cultivated their energy with the correct training methods. Imagine being able to physically manipulate and move someone with your thought power alone. This inner power course can teach you exactly how to correctly cultivate chi yourself to do just that. The empty force can also be used for healing yourself and others. Even over great distances.

Spiritual Power Training

Ilmu Batin

The word “Batin” is an old Aramaic word that refers to one of the many attributes of GOD. It means hidden or unknown and as a result it should be understood that all paranormal abilities as well as spiritual protection come from GOD or a higher spiritual power if you prefer. Healing and helping others is another means to developing spiritual power, which will be discussed in our course. So many people want to know if what we teach is based on religious denomination. The simple answer to that question is no. We teach about developing the life force energy, which in many cases brings the practitioner closer to the creator regardless of religious beliefs. The life force or energy that we are developing belongs to the creator and is a hidden or unseen part of the creator. The more we work with this energy having good moral intentions the closer to the creator we become. The divine is something that is within us, not separate from us.

This course also teaches one how to use their energy to protect their personal property, loved ones and pets. Most of us who get into this type of esoteric study typically come form a martial arts background. Our sole aim is often to simply protect ourselves and others that we love or care about. It is through this love or caring that we can develop to our greatest greatness. Whether its learning how to move objects without touching them or the secrets of levitation, the Inner power training course will give you the information and training methods that have been utilized by masters for thousands of years to do extra-ordinary things.

Keep in mind that the claims we make will vary from person to person as each individual is unique and it may take years of training to cultivate the chi power necessary to do the parlor tricks (moving objects, levitation, or mind reading) that potentially can be learned with this information. However we warn against training to just get power over others and/or to only do these stunts. This type of mind-set will only lead to a lack of progress that will result in a negative attitude towards your training. But if you are one of the those rare students that trains with a good heart and good intentions you will progress and see many goals become realized. Heck, if you want to begin moving an object with your chi, just visit or build your own psi wheel and start playing with it.

Converting Sexual energy to increase the power of ones chi

In this course we show you methods that are simple yet highly functional for converting sexual or reproductive energy into a powerful vital force for the entire body. In addition to having tremendous health benefits, this practice will also strengthen inner power development and will give you a more practical application to use this energy as opposed to wasting it on lustful indulgences outside of serious relationships.

The reproductive energy is a powerful creative force that may be taken up in the body and transmuted into strength, health and vitality for the purpose of regenerating and invigorating the system instead of wasting it with no intention to produce a child. The transmutation or conversion of sexual energy gives great vitality to those practicing this method. It results in tremendous inner power, which can outwardly manifest as irresistible charm, personal magnetism and charisma in your everyday life. The practice itself is simple and effective. The energy once converted can be directed towards other channels or objectives and utilized with great advantage by the practitioner. Nature has condensed one of its most powerful forms of Chi (The power to create) into reproductive energy. Placing tremendous power in a small space, as the reproductive battery and urge to procreate is strong in all animal life.

Thought projection

We now approach a phase of the general subject of inner power, which is highly important, as well as most interesting to the student, because of its striking and startling implications. This phase consists of the deliberate, conscious projection of inner power into the aura of another person, or persons; or into the general atmosphere of an entire crowd of people. Imagine being able to send your desire out into a crowd of people or to one person in particular. I have used the techniques for thought projection in this course and trust me they work! This course will give you the instruction you need become a powerful master of your own life force energy. We advise that you always act with good motives when practicing this form of projection. Karma is real and we are all connected. Misuse of your abilities will only end in a backlash. Remember that a man will reap what he sows. Our goal is to teach you how to sow good fruit so that your life will be all that you wish.

This course is for the practitioner that wants to incorporate the powerful life force energy into everything that they do. This course makes the most powerful techniques easy to master and conquer with practice. Make no mistake these are the techniques of masters.

Bonus Reiki training manuals

Not only do you get the inner power course but you also get Reiki and Seichiem training manual, Kundalini Reiki and the Vajra Tummo Reiki manual for level 1,2 and 3. The Vajra Tummo & Kundalini empowerments are quite helpful with the fire element and lightning meditation exercises presented in the course.

This course also includes an empowerment that will stimulate and awaken your inner power immediately! This activation can literally shave off years of training allowing you to obtain some of the protective aspects of this material much quicker than what is typically normal.

Reiki is a gift from the Universe available to us all. It is written in two character symbols “Rei” which means “miracle and “Ki” which means life energy so together their meaning is “miracle life energy” and is the basis for a wonderfully simple yet powerful hands on healing system. Learning how to restore healthy energy levels by means of Reiki is an efficient way of self-healing for many problems. Absolutely everybody can do this, as it is an inherent human ability. Reiki is a simple, direct and natural form of healing that allows you to absorb more life force by applying a gentle “laying on” of hands technique.

Reiki as a natural healing method that vitalizes your Life Force and balances the energies within your body. The Reiki practitioner, or yourself once you master the simple healing techniques, is used as a channel to conduct and transmit the Universal Life Energy. As a result, no personal energy is drawn or drained from the giver, who in contrast will be simultaneously charged and strengthened during the healing session. Also as a result of being a channel for the energy, no negative or diseased energy is ever received by a Reiki healer.

If you seek healing and are open and willing to let this healing power simply flow through you, then it is very easy to become a channel for the Reiki energy. Interestingly, many individuals who are very skeptical of Reiki often experience the flow of channeling the energy nonetheless, and often call it warmth, love or peacefulness.

When you combine all the information we provide in this course you get a powerful transformative energetic mix of chi kung practices and qi gong techniques that are truly life changing. The empowerments alone are worth more than the purchase price. We want to stress the fact that individual results may vary based simply on consistency in practice, natural God-given talent or how hard you train. But if you are willing to use these time-honored methods of building life force energy then you will certainly gain true “Inner Power” hands down!