Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links

Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links digital download. Info: [Script (PHP) + 2 Manuals (PDF)]. "Download the 'Secret Weapon' World Class Affiliate M...

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Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links

Type: Digital download

Format: [Script (PHP) + 2 Manuals (PDF)]


Covert Affiliate Links

"Download the 'Secret Weapon' World Class Affiliate Marketers Use to Dominate Markets and Crush the Competition!"

It takes just a few minutes to make the ugly, amateurish affiliate links look polished and professional.

Step #1: fill out a simple form and hit "Submit" 

Step #2: copy and paste your new link into your promotions

See! Two simple steps to protect your affiliate commissions and boost your click-thrus and sales...

You need to stop using ugly affiliate links if you want to make more money. But that's only half the reason to use Covert Affiliate Links.

After I started using Cover Affiliate Links, ALL KINDS of ideas started coming to mind that could help me profit even more. Now, I would never run my business without them. You shouldn't either, take a look...

Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links Unlimited Tracking Campaigns

Covert Affiliate Links lets you track visitors for multiple campaigns. You'll know how many clicks your links receive for all your promotions.

You can track links in emails and everywhere you post ads on the Web. You'll know immediately which advertising resource are worth pursuing and start focusing your time on the most effective marketing strategies.

Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links Your Personal Affiliate Rolodex

Covert Affiliate Links makes promoting affiliate programs a breeze. It's like having your own personal rolodex of affiliate programs. You can store all of your affiliate program information in one convenient place - promotion tools link, affiliate log-in URL, username and password and much more...

You'll even have one-click access to your affiliate statistics page. This saves so much time and hassle (dealing with passwords) that you will NEVER want to go back to the old way.

Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links Extra Commission Protection

Covert Affiliate Links doesn't just protect your affiliate link from commission thieves once. It provides 100% continuous protection even AFTER the visitor clicks over to the affiliate sales page.

So even though they may be looking at this page: 

...they'll still see your professional link in the address bar:

And get this...even if they view the source of the page, all they will see is a bunch of scrambled code!

If you don't take this extra step, it's like walking away from your car with the engine running and the doors unlocked. People are going to steal from you.

Derrick VanDyke - Covert Affiliate Links Squeeze Page Bypass Feature

Imagine how many sales you lose if your affiliate link sends people to a squeeze page. Many people are just NOT going to give their email address out no matter what you do... and you lose a potential sale.

Covert Affiliate Links gives you the power to send your visitors straight to the sales page (or order page), skipping any squeeze page that might be in the way. It's an instant way to collect more sales. Plus this way you don't have to share your list with someone just to promote their products.

Here's how to get started right now...

Step #1: Switch To Covert Affiliate Links

Step #2: Promote And Profit Like MAD!

Master marketers know it's a no-brainer to use Covert Affiliate Links, a virtually "one click" process for instantly securing your commissions and boosting sales.