Derek Vitalio - Masculinity Enhancement (Deep Inner Game)

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Derek Vitalio - Masculinity Enhancement (Deep Inner Game)

Derek Vitalio - Masculinity Enhancement (Deep Inner Game)

Derek Vitalio - Masculinity Enhancement (Deep Inner Game)

Deep Inner Game is that program to BREAK YOU FREE of toxic limiting beliefs that hold you back… to make a TRANSFORMATION in yourself to become a DOMINANT MAN, the kind that beautiful women want.

Deep Inner Game is not about the structure of seduction, routines, or what to say to girls - rather it builds the FOUNDATION of your MASCULINITY that allows everything else to happen.

You see, we all carry “baggage” that holds us back. This program is about letting go of your limiting past and dumping limiting beliefs into the “Recycling Bin” of your brain and setting it to “defrag”.

Think of it as a total “mental FLUSH” of your operating system - a sort of psychological bootcamp ass-kicking if you will.

Deep Inner Game builds a powerful mental foundation to transform yourself into a REAL MAN… supercharged with a playful, social, charismatic presence that women can actually FEEL when you’re near so that…

* …you feel self-confidence and an inner feeling of calm no matter how beautiful the woman or the “social pressure” of the situation.

* …so that you’ll always feel comfortable and perfectly normal in your own skin.

* …so that if things don’t go exactly as planned, you don’t break down or stall out- instead, you bounce back in a cool, playful, and smart way so that your confidence EXPLODES.

* …so that you come across as a real MAN with MASCULINE energy - someone who is a LEADER and comfortable with himself and the world and women around him.

* …so that the inner voice that normally whines and holds you back instead becomes a source of jet fuel PROPULSION.

* …so that instead of living in fear and confusion, you’ll be left with a fresh feeling of looking forward to every new day and every new situation.

And then something strange happens… you start getting into conversations with sexual tension with women after just a few minutes, without even trying, by just being yourself.

Why This Program is Like
NOTHING Else Out There

“Techniques” and “lines” you can learn from a book or a discussion forum… however, your Inner STATE is one of those rare exceptions where traditional “book-learning” won’t cut it AT ALL.

You see, your Inner Game can only be handled starting INSIDE of you, at your deepest core.

If you try to “fix it” by reading a book or temporarily “psyching” yourself up, or use “routines” and “tricks” to cover up your true inner self, you may have success PRETENDING to be someone you’re not… but your OLD self and OLD habits will soon reassert themselves and you’ll ultimately fail.

But what if I told you that you could literally “turn on” your HIDDEN talents, the best part of you just waiting to come out… as easily as you could turn on a light?

Scientists say we only use a small part of our brain’s potential. For in everyone’s mind is a “hidden switch” that allows you to automatically re-program your mind, changing your thought patterns to be the kind of man attractive to women… WITHOUT EFFORT.

That’s what the Deep Inner Game Program does… it directly communicates with your subconscious mind so you can let it know exactly what you want it to do, which means you’ll learn faster, in a completely different manner.

That’s why the Deep Inner Game Program isn’t a lecture. Instead, you’ll be listening to the sound of the voice of my brilliant business partner and trained hypnotist “Damian Transari” in a relaxed altered state, in a deep, deep… trance.

Meet Damian Transari,
Master of Change and

Damian Transari studied hands-on with master hypnotists Richard Bandler and “Major” Mark Cunningham. He’s helped hundreds of men and women to lose weight and quit smoking through altered states of consciousness. This guy is the BEST out there for change work.

Damian and I have put WEEKS of time and energy into recording and creating the vocal tracks and trancy sound effects that will radically transform your Inner Game sticking points… and actually get you real RESULTS.

And Damian has spent YEARS in this area of subconscious training so that you don’t have to… so he’s in the best position as anyone to “translate the code” for you and install it for sexual success.

As soon as you listen to Damian Transari’s voice, you’ll realize that in trance it’s so much easier to learn this way. If you like to learn on a DEEP level, then throw away your books and notes because this program is going to be a MIRACLE for you.

And the best part is, you can accomplish all this with virtually NO effort. If you listen to a single CD session each day for 30 days, your thought patterns WILL be transformed at the deepest possible level and success WILL HAPPEN.

And I personally guarantee that this program is the first of its kind - you won’t find anything else out there even CLOSE to this program. It’s totally DIFFERENT from anything else out there.

It’s the first designed to SPECIFICALLY handle you INNER game for total success with women… by directly teaching your INNER subconscious.