Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM)

Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM) digital download.

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Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM)

Type: Digital download

Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM)

Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM)

The 7-Figure BPM System

Facebook Ads Training For Ecommerce & Lead Gen

For brands, dropship, POD, service providers, coaches, courses and more!

Let me show you how I build immunity to Facebook’s constant changes whilst increasing sales and profits!


BPM stands for Brand-driven Performance Marketing.

My 3R Framework for Brand is:

Relevance - Relationship - Rapport.

Brand-driven performance marketing is marrying customer insights, avatars, content, creative psychology and marketing funnels with data, reporting, insights, optimisation and scaling.

It’s simply using old-school marketing for the age of the internet.

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing System is a collection of Frameworks responsible for helping me profitably spend well over $25M since 2014.

The Graduation Framework, including Graduation Testing

The Profitability Framework

The Scaling Framework

The Marketing Foundations Framework

This has been the backbone to my success the last 5 years with Facebook Advertising. In fact my methods are older than Facebook itself…


  1. The 3Rs - Relevance, Relationship, Rapport.

Once you understand that Facebook is just an ads platform, and you need to actually communicate your product or service to prospects well, you’ll realise just how easy Facebook ads can be!

  1. Fast, Continuous Testing

If there’s one thing that holds people back from profiting or scaling, it’s doing testing the right way.

Don’t waste money or time needlessly when my scientific Impressions based testing and automated graded system!

  1. Scaling With Profits

Often it’s not Facebook that’s the problem; it’s your marketing messages, sales funnel, targeting, ads etc etc.

It’s much easier to scale without stress when you know how to give Facebook what it wants!


  • Account setup: business managers, accounts, pixels, data, insights, funnels, templates and more!
  • Audience supercharged: how to get started from scratch to clever use of custom audiences, lookalikes and structured testing PLUS a MEGA LIST of audiences you can use TODAY!
  • Ace your creative games: learn what it takes to make your ads REALLY work in Facebook using tried and tested copywriting guidance and developing the right creative formats to reduce costs and increase conversions.
  • Fast & Furious testing: use the same systems I use to test products, audiences and creatives FAST without wasting time and money. The foundation of successful scaling
  • Laser targeting optimisation: maximise profits with every ad, ad set and campaign to squeeze lower CPA and higher ROAS
  • Sales funnel conversion - a breakdown of tools and techniques to improve results through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel. You’re paying for your traffic so pay close attention to your website!
  • Scaling Strategies - you don’t need to be an expert to setup an account and find winning audiences and creatives, however scaling requires a different approach. I’ll share the techniques I use to scale and more importantly, show you what to look out for when your ad set encounters issues (and they always do!) - including the all new GT-CBO Method that helped us scale to $15M in revenue in just 3 months!
  • Automation & rules - use tech to make the right decisions at the right time without you having to continually check-in giving you valuable time back to work on your creative, marketing and ecom store
  • LTV/ROAS magic: Tricks and tips on increasing profit not just revenue through your store
  • Full videos, swipes, downloads and a course which remains up to date as it’s the same material we use in my agency!

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Depesh Mandalia - 7-Figure Facebook Ads Scaling System (BPM)

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