Dennis Stevenson - Mind Over Money

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Dennis Stevenson - Mind Over Money digital download. Info: [6 Videos (MOV) + 52 Audios (MP3) + 108 Manuals (PDF, DOCX)]. This CD-ROM contains an 8 tape...
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Dennis Stevenson - Mind Over Money

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 Videos (MOV) + 52 Audios (MP3) + 108 Manuals (PDF, DOCX)]


Mind Over Money

From Dennis Stevenson

This CD-ROM contains an 8 tape series, a book, a workbook, and a video, and has been created for YOU! The YOU that instinctively knows that YOU can produce any result that YOU want.

It is sometimes called a technology, simply because there is a system or flow to this technology in which the world works and affluence occurs.

It took me years of trial and error, research and observing other people to understand why some have it so easy and other just struggle and effort and never get anywhere and certainly don’t enjoy their lives. I am going to share all this with you.

The purpose of the program (where we are going is that your are going to have the results that you want.) This is not a how-to program. It’s a set of tools that you will use to have the results you want. It’s not about working hard. Its about free flow, affluence, momentum……In other words, getting on a roll in life and staying there. It’s about your getting in touch with how powerful you really are and accepting that unlimited ability…there is no fear of success, there is You trusting you…. Quote Plato….”conquering the self is the greatest of all victories”.

It is my intention in this program that you win. You, no matter who you are, will never be able to convince me that you can’t win in life.