Dennis J. Hessler - The International Trade Connection Compendium

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Dennis J. Hessler - The International Trade Connection Compendium digital download. Info: [ebook (pdf)]. Are you ready to make your fortune in the globa...
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Dennis J. Hessler - The International Trade Connection Compendium

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The International Trade Connection Compendium

Volumes 11, 12, and 13 . . . plus a special bonus!

From Dennis J. Hessler

Are you ready to make your fortune in the global marketplace? Are you sure?

I will show you how. 

For more than 15 years I've provided my best strategies and tactics -- real tips that really work -- in my monthly newsletter, The International Trade Connection. 

And no, this is NOT the same as my free bi-weekly ezine, The Import-Export Entrepreneur (sign up for a complementary subscription to that bi-monthly ezine by clicking here). I save the best for my regular clients and customers in the monthly International Trade Connection newsletter. Here are a few highlights from Volume 11.

  • How to use Trade Shows to sell your products and how to do it on the cheap (MAY 03)
  • The size of typical companies exporting -- surprising and useful information for intermediaries! (AUG 03)
  • How to proceed when you're serious about being an importer – it works! (JUL 03)
  • Internet web sites you can turn into money! (SEP 03)

And that's just a small fraction of what's contained in Volume 11 which includes all issues from March through December 2003! I normally write a cover story and supplement it with other trade tips, great Internet sites, new markets, opportunities and updates to my information products. And every single word is written by me. You won't find any articles pulled down from some free-for-all website. This information is unique and exclusive to my clients. My newsletter subscribers happily pay $79 a year for this information and I used to sell each annual volume of the printed newsletter for $40 each -- and they flew off the shelves! The reason is simple. Look at just some of the topics I covered in Volume 12 of The International Trade Connection:

  • Trends and forecasts that will affect you and your business in the next 20 years (JAN 04)
  • The 4-letter word you must understand if you want to succeed in global trade (AUG 04)
  • What imported products are likely to sell best for you? (JUL 04)
  • Hot Markets! -- some surprises, including Russia. Read all about it! (FEB 04)
  • How to find the very best import suppliers (DEC 04)

How much is all this information worth? Remember, you can recoup your costs many times over in any one issue but if you order through this special offer, you'll receive all 3 volumes of The International Trade Connection -- 36 issues -- by email, usually within the same day. If you ordered the print versions, it would cost you more than $100. Subscribers paid $240 and it took 3 years to receive them all. Now you'll be getting all these money-making tips at one time. Tips like:

  • How to show suppliers that exporting will increase their profits (and yours!) (FEB 05)
  • How one small company used the Internet to sell an unusual product internationally (MAY 05)
  • The key global players today and why you should be dealing with them (JUL 05)
  • Why factoring may give you a competitive advantage (SEP 05)

Okay, enough suspense. All this can be yours today. You don't have to wait 3 years and you don't have to pay $240. Heck, I'm not even going to ask you to pay $100. This ebook -- full of hundreds of pages of money-making tips for the new and experienced international trader, contacts, resources, markets, websites and lots more.