Dean Sauders - L.M.T Forex Formula

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Dean Sauders - L.M.T Forex Formula digital download. Info: [4 Video (FLV) + 6 workbook (pdf) + 3 indicators (ex4)]. Put simply, my LMT Forex Formula is ...
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Dean Sauders - L.M.T Forex Formula

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 Video (FLV) + 6 workbook (pdf) + 3 indicators (ex4)]


L.M.T Forex Formula

From Dean Sauders

Put simply, my LMT Forex Formula is the only Forex trading package of its kind that's proven to make money for everyone who tries it!

That's a bold statement I know... but it's true.

And here's the part that really matters to you...

For years I have received emails... asking for a risk-free trading system you can profit from but not have to baby sit 10 hours a day.

You asked... I answered.

After allot of persuasion I have decided to release to the public my secret weapon, the one system that has been my bread and butter for longer than I can remember.
This tried and tested system is simple to follow... quick to implement... and easy to generate profit week after week... month after month... for as long as you decide to use it.

You not only turn profit consistently while minimising your risk, but thanks to the exclusive formula which the entire system is based on you do it while working just a few minutes a day!

As I am sure you know, we are in a very deep recession... The recession caused havoc with the currency markets and the currency traders.

One currency which suffered the most was the British Pound selling off and creating a free fall...

Most traders didn't stand a chance... The sell off destroyed them!

Do you want to know what happened to the few people trading the LMT Forex Formula?

They Made A Killing...

“A 2,048 pip Profit During A Recession While Most Traders Are Losing Their Shirts...”

Dean Sauders - L.M.T Forex Formula

“The Real Reasons You Need LMT Right Now...”

  • Finally join the ranks of the elite 4% of Forex traders who make money while they enjoy life.
  • Own the system that obliterates the number one obstacle standing between you and Forex Cash— “trade discipline...”
  • Employ the unique and proven “Dynamic Trailing Stop Method” to catch massive moves in the market and profit, bigtime...
  • Tame a wild and volatile market with perfectly executed “stops” and “take profit” levels...
  • Discover the four simple rules you will follow to know if any trade has an extremely high probability of profit... HOT!
  • Possess the key to consistent gains & the tactic to avoid losses by moving 1 thing. And it's not what you think...
  • Instantly know the exact stops and “take profit” levels! LMT's brand new algorithms predict based on the market's volatility...
  • Discover how and why to only manage positions that are already in profit before you jump in...
  • Quadruple your work to 1 hour a day... and Forex will spit out full time cash like a hacked ATM...
  • Discover the idiot-proof candle strategy that keeps you from jumping into a trade too early...
  • Employ my special formula that computes volume and momentum, then gives you a super accurate entry...
  • Possess the secret “Doji counting strategy” that predicts market direction better than Nostradamus... HOT!
  • Never have to monitor the market again. LMT does it for you... constantly. You're free to live your life...
  • Learn conservative investing for an almost guaranteed profit on every trade...
  • Try your hand at aggressive trading if you want to position yourself for massive jackpots...
  • The simple (but secret) seven rules you must follow on every trade if you ever want to fill your pockets... HOT!
  • How I turned dating advice from my grandfather into a trade managing rule that keeps me profitable all the time...
  • I hand you the secret that can get you a $500.00 bonus when you open your trading account...
  • With the LMT's Simple Visual Indicators, making your next move as easy as glance and click...
  • Profit from an intelligent alert system that separates good trading opportunities from all the rest. No more time wasting...
  • Not a trading robot! You only have money at risk when you want it at risk. And only when that risk is low... HOT!
  • Harness the power of the prevailing trend to profit from massive market moves as big as 2,000 pips... HOT!
  • Discover the 82% laser-accurate entry and exit strategy that is the heart of LMT!
  • Run your trading empire 90% on cruise control. The other 10% is all up to you. That's security... with almost no work...
  • Stress free Forex trading. No more nail-biting. Now you're perfectly poised for any monster-sized market move...

The LMT Forex Formula

Dean Sauders - L.M.T Forex Formula

Unlike so many programs out there, you're not going to see two 300 page e-books and 52 videos in this package. I could have done that. But it defeats the entire purpose of LMT.


LMT was designed to be simple, quick and easy.

So... LMT has been painstakingly streamlined.

You get the custom plug-in indicator package, and every last bit of information you need to transform you into a efficient profitable forex trader.

That's it... nothing else.

No repetition... no useless tactics... no worthless tools... and definitely useless information!

It all starts with the...

The LMT Forex Formula Manual

The foundation is laid down with this straight-to-the-point, instantly downloadable PDF manual.

Considered the engine of the entire LMT Forex Formula...

It's Like Getting Me To Personally Mentor You...
But without the five figure price tag!

Nine years of Forex trading knowledge sliced and diced into 60 rock-solid, step by step pages.

Why only 60 pages?

Because I want you to make money right now. And nobody ever transformed their trading by reading 300 pages of dribble.

Truth is it would have been much easier to make this course 300 pages long. But I couldn't do that to you.

So I honed everything down to simple language anyone can understand... and broke it all up into easy steps a seven year old could follow.

The manual literally takes you by the hand from setting up the system to your first profitable trade... and beyond.

I've already showed you some of what's in here. But here's a little more...

  • The deep inner core workings of the LMT Forex Formula.... everything is revealed. 
  • How to magically manage risk so it's nothing more than the tiny, controllable cost of doing business.

  •  The sneaky two step formula you'll use to figure out how big your next trade should be. 
  • The secret three “visual checks” you'll employ to change your odds from “maybe some profit” to “certain big profit.” 
  • Discover two killer trading methods. One for the cautious part-timer... the other for the more adventurous.

  •  The one thing most traders have trouble identifying, that causes them to trade 180 degrees the wrong way! 
  • My own secret method of closing a trade that turns ordinary gains into 1,000+ pip gains instantly!

The methods contained in this manual need one thing and one thing only to turn you into a Rockstar trader. Luckily that one thing is also included!

The Custom Indicator Package

This is the package that contains all the custom indicators you'll quickly load into the free charting software you download.

You get a timesaving 90% automation, while you maintain full control. It's...

The Best Of Both Worlds

If the manual is the engine of the system, then these indicators are the transmission.

  • Follow the LMT playbook but trade when you want, with indicators that are 100% mechanical. 
  • Plugs right into a widely used free charting application. That means you have no expensive software to buy... ever!

  •  Deadly accurate trend indicator monitors the market so you're always positioned on the right side of a trade. 
  • Not a robot trading when it wants to. Just follow the simple rules and trade when you are ready. 
  • 82% accurate entries mean you have almost perfect entry and exit points for you to skyrocket your profits.

  •  Brand new algorithms deliver you a flexible framework for the highest probability of profit every single time. 
  • A formula which allows you to spend less than 15 minutes at your charts each day... Now you're free to have a life while you're breaking the Forex bank!

And you'll be up and running right away thanks to...

The LMT Forex Formula Video Tutorials

The worst thing you'll encounter with most systems out there is you buy something that's supposed to be easy to understand, but it turns out to be nearly impossible to figure out.

These videos allow me to...

Hold Your Hand Every Step Of The Way...

Concise and pointed quick-start videos that walk you through everything...

  • Choosing the right broker so you keep the lion's share of cash in your pocket... always! 
  • Opening a forex demo account so you can get comfortable trading before putting your money at risk! 
  • Downloading and installing the free charting software you'll use to trade like a pro. 
  • Step by step instructions so you can quickly install the custom indicator package. 
  • Simple and easy to understand explanations of the indicators.
  • Explanation of stops and profit targets that make shooting your bottom line into the stratosphere, simple and quick. 
  • You get step by step trade examples from entry to exit so all your guesswork is gone! 
  • The simple secrets to using the dynamic trailing stop procedure. 
  • The real deal on how you can easily create and maintain an unheard of win percentage in your trades.